Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jewish Media Mogul Barry Diller Wants To Transform The Entire Internet Into A Piggybank, Foresees The End Of The Free Internet In 5 Years

"Big Jew" is notorious for wanting to extract blood from a stone. And now "Big Jew" wants to extract every possible shekel from the Internet. According to an article first spotted on Stormfront but published on June 10th, 2009 by ZDnet, Jewish media mogul Barry Diller predicts the Internet will become a paid system, possibly within five years.

“I absolutely believe the Internet is passing from its free days into a paid system. Inevitably, I promise you, it will be paid. Not every single thing, but anything of value“, said Diller.

Diller made the observation during a keynote discussion opening up the Advertising 2.0 conference recently held at his company’s headquarters in Manhattan. Diller, who is the chairman and chief executive of IAC, the interactive services company which operates a collection of more than 30 Internet sites which produce $1.5 billion a year in revenue, claims that the days of the free Internet will draw to a close over the next five years. The only missing link is a good billing system, akin to Amazon’s “one-click” button or the Apple iPhone’s slick downloading of paid applications. The right billing system, broadly applied, would remove one of the greatest bars of buying anything” which “is the steps it takes” to complete a purchase. In his purview, the entire Internet would become an app, or "content" supermarket.

Diller believes that most content and services on the Internet are free is “an accident of historical moment that will be corrected” during an era of “creative chaos” that will span the next three to five years. Most suppliers were afraid to charge for fear of being considered "dinosaurs" and being left behind. But he sees signs of change. For example, the New York Times likely will have to go beyond the “pay wall” in order to cover the cost of its worldwide reporting corps, even if it means having 1, 2 or 3 million paid subscribers, instead of 20 million unique visitors a month. And he insists people will pay, as long as it's for quality, simply because people have always paid for content.

Diller's not the first to suggest that "free" Internet may soon be a thing of the past. News Corp's Rupert Murdoch suggested the same thing back in May. While Murdoch himself is not Jewish, one of his primary lieutenants, Peter Chernin, is a member of the Tribe.

The increasing trend of newspapers to charge for premium access to content is spawning this speculation. Media News Group, which includes the Salt Lake Tribune, has already decided to start charging for some content, although they've not finalized their plans and set a start date. Others will follow suit; too many papers are losing money and too many have ceased operations for the industry to continue providing 100 percent free content.

But Big Jew may be overreaching himself here. Too many people have become far too accustomed to free content to be suddenly persuaded to pay. And the Salt Lake Tribune's efforts to charge money may backfire; their local competition is the Deseret News, owned by the LDS Church. The Church is willing to pour money - lots of money - into the Deseret News, because it's not only a newspaper to them, but also an implicit missionary outreach resource. And some media resources may partner with other, more profitable corporations who may use the media websites as loss leaders to attract business - and keep access to those sites free. For many years, the Voice of the Times in Anchorage, Alaska was an adjunct of Veco Corporation; this was a classic example of a corporate media partnership.

And then there's the vast array of government websites that will not, or, because of information access laws, cannot charge for access. They will continue to satisfy the needs of many for basic essential information. What we can look for, and what we need to alert lawmakers to, are efforts by media moguls to lobby lawmakers to change laws which would stack the deck more in favor of the industry, to the detriment of the consumer.

And our mission, as White nationalists, is to make sure everyone knows who's behind it. "Big Jew" - and their allies. Read this special section of the Vanguard News Network Forum to ensure you're up to speed on the issue.


Anonymous said...

Murdoch is a "mamzer" jew

Anchorage Activist said...

I just checked Jew Watch as well as Altermedia, and that would seem to be correct, since his mother, Elisabeth Green, is a Jew herself. And under Israel's Law of Return, having a Jewish mother automatically qualifies one for Israeli citizenship.

Good catch.

Hooch said...

There is no way they will be able to make everything on the internet cost money. And so what if the NY Times charges to view their site. There are thousands of other news related options and many people who will pay to go to their site and leak the stories everywhere rendering their containment useless.

So who here believes that Rev Wright is being blocked by the Jews as he says instead of the higher likelihood that Obama is keeping his distance because the Rev. will cause heavy damage to his approval rating.

I already know you do Apolo as you will side with a nigger over a Jew any day.,0,7603283.story

Anonymous said...

Right on Hooch - most people won't pay to to read the pulp edition of the Jew Owned media, much less pay to read it on line - the only way they can suppress the internet is to create a Soviet type state - and considering the radicals in power that might not be too far fetched to consider.

Hooch said...

You've got a point. These radical leftists will oppress us as much as they possibly can.

Soft tyranny takes time. One little thing at a time is taken away from us. Slowly to keep from an immediate uprising of the people.

I've got respect for the towel heads that are protesting against their government in Iran right now. WITH the government shooting them. Too many people in America that just go with the flow due to fear of the government.