Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hal Turner's Phone Call From Essex County Jail In New Jersey: Describes Arrest, Possible Bail, And Compares His Case To Bill White's Case

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On Friday June 26th 2009, Hal Turner called from the Essex County Jail in New Jersey where he is currently being held pending possible transfer to Chicago, Illinois to begin the process of answering Federal charges that he threatened to assault and murder three Federal judges there because of their ruling upholding a handgun ban. The 12-page Federal complaint is posted HERE in PDF format.

The audio of the call was uploaded to WNTube and has been embedded below:

Alternately, you can also download the audio HERE as an MP3 file, and right click "Save as" if desired.

In case the audio for some reason is pulled down, here's a summary of his call (Update: A precise written transcript has now been posted HERE). First, he is being held in protective custody not only because of his reputation as a White activist, but also because he is virtually the only White man in jail. This means he's locked up for 23 hours per day, allowed out only for one hour for exercise, shower, etc. No books or television.

His lawyer is attempting to work bail for him, and this possibility is also addressed in this story and in another story HERE. Here are the prospective conditions for bail:

-- $200,000 (his mother's house may be used as collateral, now trying to determine whether her house has a market value of $200,000
-- Under house arrest wearing an electronic monitor
-- No Internet access in his house for him and any occupants
-- May not do radio broadcasts
-- Must surrender all radio equipment

Turner also said that he and his wife Phyllis are "no longer working as a team", whatever that means.

Three FBI agents came to arrest him on Wednesday. Turner said the agents quickly discovered that the probable cause was questionable. One of the agents called his superior and attempted to argue him out of the arrest, but the superior threatened to fire the agent if he did not follow through. [Ed. Note: This means that many of the rank and file FBI agents may still be uncorrupted, although the brass has clearly been bought off.]

Turner once again re-asserted his innocence, stating that the charges are 100 percent false, and that he did not personally intend to hurt anyone. He cited the following Supreme Court decisions to support his position:

-- Brandenburg v. Ohio
-- Hess v. Indiana
-- NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware (MS)

He also briefly compared his case to that of Bill White, saying that although the charges are virtually the same, the circumstances are different. Turner stated that he never communicated to anyone any personal matters. Turner did not address the issue of the hollow point bullets found in his home.

Turner is exploring the possibility of turning the Turner Radio Network website over to Jim Wickstrom, Paul Gellar, and Derrick MacThomas so it can stay operational. He also appealed for contributions. Those interested in helping can send cash, check, or money order to:

Hal Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Rd.
North Bergen, NJ 07047-1900

Discussion continues on Stormfront and on the Vanguard News Network Forum.


apollonian said...

White, Christian, Gentile Volk Need More Than Hot-Headed Firebrands For "Leaders"--We Need Serious, Effective Strategy
(Apollonian, 27 Jun 09)

Good story once again, comrade AA. So now Hal has himself in a bind and he expects us to literally "bail" him out--which, I acknowledge, we should try to do.

But what irks me no end is how Hal Turner refuses to do the simple work I urge in building the CHRISTIAN-oriented army of patriots, specifically by means of attacking Judeo-conspiratorial WEAK-POINT, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who are taught Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist).

For that's where we are presently, AA: we need to establish that basic rock-bottom common ground of the people--and build fm there.

That's why all "nazis" must incorporate that Christian element and foundation. For Christianity already contains all the necessary basic anti-semitic "philosophy"--TRUTH and honesty against Jew lies and conspiracy, as per Gosp. JOHN.

"Nazis" then simply supply enforcement and activism.

For every successful Jew-Expulsion of history has required and benefitted fm that Christian inspiration--it's the way to first and most fundamentally unite the people against the Jew monster with queer cohorts.

Nazis without that Christian element only thus encourage the volk to "spin wheels," get distracted, and waste efforts--like Alex Linder, anti-Christ fm, is paid to do.

And u know AA, it isn't difficult for this Christian inspiration, esp. in view of successful ANSWP demonstration at Tulsa, Ok, back 16 Apr 07, but Bill White didn't have the wit to see his best and proper course--noooooo, he had to strike out in his own peevish and narcissistic manner which got him in jail and the rest of us without leadership--same now w. Hal Turner.

CONCLUSION: Now it's just such as u and me left, AA, to inform and exhort the people. It's not just matter of brains--White and Turner have that--but it's WISDOM our volk need, a wisdom based upon hard experience and study of such-like cultural situations. So keep up ur good journalistic/analytic work AA. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

John Taylor Bowles said...

I predicted this awhile back. My former 2008 presidential campaign treasurer/secretary would confirm I have a knack for predicting the moves of the System against White Racialists and pro-White organizations and he was quite amazed at my accuracy. This comes from 35+ years experience in pro-White politics. The problem is no one wants to listen. Therefore, I am just sitting back and watching all my predictions and opinions come true as the elimination(s) begin. Perhaps the ones eliminated and going to be eliminated now wish they would have backed my campaign for the White House in 2008. My the way, the campaign didn't end because of my heart attack. Four days after the heart attack, I was out of the hospital and haven't had a problem since. It was ended because of a lack of support. The bad economic and racial conditions you now see and experience is a result of not backing and electing a pro-White President. It is unfortunate and sad to see my fellow White patriots (no matter how controversial their tactics are) marched into the Gulags under a non-White President and staff.

Hooch said...

"""That's why all "nazis" must incorporate that Christian element and foundation."""

You will NEVER get ANY SUBSTANTIAL following using terms like "nazis" in a light.

The name in itself has been tarnished. This is very similar to some marketing consultancy trying to "rebrand" the product, Patio foods. Everyone knows Patio is basically dog food for people. It doesn't matter if you put Ortega Mexican food in the box. It will still be dog food in peoples minds and they won't grab it unless they are broke.

Once half breeds such as yourself stop this ignorant marketing strategy and start thinking a little the NON movement will take off.

Quite simply, the average Joe doesn't want to associate himself with this garbage.

The time is NOW while Obama is fucking over this country. Get your act together.

And John, please share what the NEXT moves of the System are so I can see if you are right.

John Taylor Bowles said...


I had support; but, not enough. I mean in a country with over 150 million White people all I needed was perhaps 5,000+ people donate $100 or more and I could have made some good progress. It could have been the beginning of building and finally catapulting the pro-White movement into the election process. Being a National Socialist didn't hinder the campaign at all. I campaigned in the upper Plains with my campaign staff in full brownshirt uniform and the people loved it up there and I received nothing but positive publicity. The problem was no other pro-White organizations would support my campaign, i.e., Stormfront was encouraging their members and supporters to pump a huge amount of money into the Ron Paul campaign.

Anyhow, if Bill White and Hal Turner and the others go down it will be because a lack of support too! Nothings changed!

Some of my thoughts and predictions:

a.) The System isn't finished going after Metzger.

b.) The next target of the System will be to go after some of the Posse Comitatus units and pro-White militias throughout America.

It's easy to predict what the Jews will do. You have to understand what they fear! They fear the pro-White movement going underground where they can't "gauge the rage" against them. Notice their present targets are those that could organize and fuel an underground movement. They don't fear the NSM or Aryan Nations because they operate above ground. In fact, they would probably plant their own agents in those groups to keep them alive and above ground for them to observe. Old saying in politics, "If you can't beat it, lead it". That's all I have to say in this thread.

PS. A.A.: I salute you and congratulate you for successfully creating this Blog. Keep up the good work.

apollonian said...

People Still Too Lost For Focus Within Mammonist Cultural Corruption
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 09)

"Hooch" Jew, don't u realize u've been "outed" as a Jew, dis-credited, compromised, exposed? (see previous WhiteReference blogs)--but, like true psychopath, u don't even care, do u? Thus "Hooch" Jew u've become a study in Jew psychopathology. If "Hooch" Jew says nazis are "tarnished"--it means nazis are doing well.

Nazis were heroes, "Hooch" Jew; of course, u as a Jew just want to pretend nazis are "tarnished." Pt. is brave nazis achieve substance as they invoke and practice that Christian honesty--helping to define Christianity properly, as anti-semitic. For that's the WEAK PT. to Judeo-conspiracy, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who so much do that work for Jews, JCs confusing the gentiles.

And what "movement" are u even talking about, "Hooch" Jew?

Thus anti-semitic, pro-white (non-Jew) movement must be understood as Christian at bottom, Christian featuring honesty, reason, etc., starting with anti-semitism, of course. "Nazi" exterior is good for getting attention, a proven winner.

But people still have to register and focus upon that COUNTERFEITING scam at the center of things for all the corruption here in USA, breaking through their present reluctance to see clearly, calling a spade a spade.

CONCLUSION: But nothing works--counterfeiters have done their work so well, paying everyone off--so it looks like only economic disaster, coming soon enough, will suffice to snap people out of their mental doldrums, poor, stupid goons. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Drury said...

Hal Turner was denied bail today (July 1) because of making this phone call.

Hooch said...

John, you're a good man for running and trying to fight for the rights of white people. I've got lots of respect for you.

Michael Turner said...



well Im done sending him money.I just found out some things hal is talking to the fbi about us giving them our checking acct no and other information they were just here today asking me questions.

rally to keep hal in jail said...

look at this derrick the truth came out and nobody trust hal see I knew it would come a time when the truth came out now you and the rest like artie and james wickstrom are all by your self

hal turners worst nightmare said...


the fbi came to your house the other day I wonder what they wanted from you.since Hal turner or better known as barney fife told them about you?