Thursday, June 25, 2009

Federal ATF Jackboots Raid The Warsaw, Indiana Home Of White Aryan Resistance Founder Tom Metzger, But Do Not Arrest Him

Coming just one day after the arrest of White Nationalist blogger and radio host Hal Turner, this has got to be suspicious. One must wonder if the Feds, irate over the Holocaust Museum shooting, are using that incident to attempt to decapitate the leadership of the White Nationalist movement in the United States. Now Tom Metzger has been targeted and victimized.

WANE Channel 15 reports that Tom Metzger, the founder of White Aryan Resistance and the operator of the website, had his home in Warsaw, Indiana raided by ATF agents on June 25th, 2009. The ATF has not released details of what agents were looking for, but it's known that Metzger was allowed to leave his home while the search was underway. He has not been arrested, although it's been reported that the Feds took Metzger's three computers. Metzger's website currently has a link to the text of James von Brunn's book "Kill the Best Gentiles" (over 400 pages, may take a minute to load), which was written in an attempt to refute exaggerations and outright myths of the Holocaust. A similar story about the arrest, with no additional details, has been published by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum and Stormfront. Another more balanced account appears on TruthInOurTimes.

WNDU Channel 16 has picked up the story, and solicits public comments. Registration not required to post comments, but the site is moderated, and comments don't appear immediately. Have at it anyway; too many people are bashing Metzger, and we need to counter it with the truth. WNDU news video, via Podblanc, embedded below:

Metzger was one of the earliest victims of the Southern Poverty Law Center's campaign of judicial terrorism, in which the SPLC uses the civil justice system to deliberately bankrupt White activists who run afoul of them. In 1990, SPLC trial counsel Morris Dees seduced an Oregon jury into rendering a $12.5 million judgment against Metzger and his son for supposedly inciting the murder of an Ethiopian immigrant by neo-Nazi skinheads; the SPLC posted its own summary HERE. Had it not been for this judgment, it is widely believed that Metzger would have become just as prominent in the greater society as Dr. David Duke, since Metzger possessed similar political skills. In 1980, Metzger won a Democratic primary election, although losing in the general election. In 1982, he garnered 75,000 votes in a U.S. Senate campaign in which he ran on an openly racialist white workers rights platform. Politically, he considers himself a third positionist.

Tom Metzger is the most prominent advocate of the Lone Wolf Strategy, further discussed HERE. His premise is that activists should blend in and adopt the protective coloration of the system while preparing for the day when it might be necessary to take action against the system, either defensively or otherwise. Metzger's Lone Wolf Strategy was recently discussed again on Stormfront.

With Bill White and Hal Turner now in Federal custody, and Tom Metzger having just been victimized by an ATF invasion of his home, it looks like his Lone Wolf Strategy takes on renewed importance.

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David Drury said...

Metzger is nother nutcase of the pro-White movement that ranks up there with White & Turner. He is another one that has set a bad example and needs to be removed. Let's see who else: race-mixer Schoep, anti-Christian Linder, goofy Krebs, retarded Don Black and whoremonger Duke needs to go to. All of them are a disgrace to the White Race and have bad character.