Monday, June 22, 2009

Anti-White Discrimination For Racial Balancing Reported At The U.S. Naval Academy In Annapolis By USNA English Professor Bruce Fleming

Rampant discrimination against Whites in the U.S. Naval Academy's selection and admission program is being reported. I first discovered this information on a Stormfront thread, which cites a post on Occidental Observer, which in turn cites a June 14th opinion column in HometownAnnapolis.

Bruce Fleming, a highly accomplished professor of English at USNA, wrote in the Annapolis newspaper that the Naval Academy revealed that it had an incoming class that was more diverse than ever before: 35 percent minority. Sounds good, only this comes with a huge price tag. He then reveals the extent and gross unfairness (toward Whites) of the process. Fleming bluntly admits that “applicants checked a box on their application that says they are Hispanic, African American, Native American” — and now Asian. This comes as a result of the leadership commitment to the multicultural commandment, as expressed by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead: "Diversity is the number one priority." As Fleming states, “Everyone understands that diversity here means nonwhite skins.” In practice, he explains, this means that a completely different set of rules applies for non-Whites. The result is that minority applicants qualify with lower standards and are automatically accepted. Whites, on the other hand, have higher standards for qualifying and then only one in ten is admitted.

Here's how it works. Midshipmen are admitted by two tracks. White applicants out of high school who are not also athletic recruits typically need grades of A and B and minimum SAT scores of 600 on each part for the Board to vote them "qualified." Athletics and leadership also count. But a vote of "qualified" for a White applicant doesn't mean the applicant's being admitted; it merely means the applicant can then compete to win the "slate" of up to 10 nominations that (most typically) a Congress(wo)man draws up. That means that nine "qualified" White applicants are rejected. SAT scores below 600 or C grades almost always produce a vote of "not qualified" for White applicants.

For applicants who self-identify as one of the minorities, a different set of rules apply. Their cases are briefed separately to the board, and SAT scores to the mid-500s with quite a few Cs in classes (and no visible athletics or leadership) typically produce a vote of "qualified" for them, with direct admission to Annapolis. They're in, and are given a pro forma nomination to make it legit.

The bottom line - White applicants must clear two hurdles during this process to be admitted, while nonwhite applicants only need to clear one hurdle. Diversity trumps competency.

To deal with the profoundly lower test scores of the bulk of minority students, the Academy uses tax money for a remedial school, the Naval Academy Preparatory School. From there, it is pro forma that they will enter the Academy proper. Yet despite all this gaming in favor of nonwhites, they still graduate at about a 10 percent lower rate than the whole class, which of course includes them.

USNA Superintendent Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler openly and unashamedly admits that he wants to have Annapolis graduates who looked like the Fleet, where enlisted people are about 42 percent nonwhite, largely African American and Hispanic. His statement that diversity is most important implies that he considers it more important than competency. This poses a significant risk to the national security of the United States and infringes upon our ability to wage war successfully.

White Nationalist pundit John de Nugent posted a comment to the HometownAnnapolis story, which is replicated below (I have broken it into paragraphs to improve readability):

Von Brunn's ire over this issue - June 20, 2009

Many here may recognize my name as the acquaintance by phone of James von Brunn, who went into the Naval Academy not long ago to protest this issue of the gradual minority takeover of the Academy. Obtaining no hearing there, he snapped. Now we are seeing a minority takeover of the entire society, including the very White House, where besids Barry Soetoro we see his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel -- literally an Israeli-US dual citizen. The Sec'y of Homeland Security, Napolitano, is an overt lesbian. Her mother's maiden name was Winer. The Attorney General is black, Holder, and his first speech accused America of being "cowardly" about race (i.e. black complaints).

I note that the author of this article, a USNA professor, refuses to use his name. [Ed. Note: False; Fleming identifies himself as the USNA professor.] It is exactly this climate of FEAR, of ever-growing fear especialy since Obama entered the White House -- the man who cannot simply produce his birth certificate or any evidence of US citizenship, and never wore the US uniform -- it is this craven FEAR by fellow citizens that made James von Brunn snap -- a decorated Navy PT boat captain in World War II. Woe to this country when only 89-year-old men say what is on their mind and, when no one listens, they turn to a gun. Someday there may be a conflict with China, and woe to a US Navy full of C-student officers. The Chinese skippers will NOT be C-student officers, and they will be firing lots of stolen US technology at us that Chinese-American procured for them. I myself had three meritorious promotions in the Marine Corps reserve while at Georgetown and was strongly urged to apply for Marine Officer Candidate School. But when my white civil rights concerns were discovered, I was rejected, regardless of qualifications. (My father fought at Iwo Jima and in Korea as a Marine officer; I was eager to follow in his footsteps.)

I then pursued the pre-med program at Georgetown and did very well. One day, crossing the green, I chatted with a black female fellow student, also in pre-med. She told me that she could get into Georgetown Medical School with a C+ average. Woe to the patient being treated by a C+ doctor. Woe to a nation too afraid to use its name or speak out before it is too late. I WILL speak out, so these von Brunn incidents can be avoided and white Americans have a voice for their civil rights.

John de Nugent - Sarver , PA - Karma: Neutral

While de Nugent's comment is lengthy and wanders off topic a bit, it provides some useful additional perspective and is part of his mainstreaming publicity blitz for the Cause.

One of the most flagrant backfires of affirmative action in the Navy was the fatal crash of an F-14 piloted by Kara Spears Hultgreen in 1994. Despite Naval efforts to find a mechanical excuse, it was ultimately determined to be pilot error combined with left engine failure in what was a routine maneuver. It was alleged that Hultgreen's certification was rubber-stamped and that she was placed in the cockpit before she was ready so the Navy could claim they were pushing female fighter pilots.


apollonian said...

So What's New In ZOG-Mammon Empire Of Lies, Death, Hubris, And COUNTERFEIT "Prosperity"?
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 09)

Yes AA, I've seen this article--and ur pt. is? So the war against white people continues, doesn't it?--did u notice we have a nigger "president"?--and this nigger, pretending to be pres. IS NOT a "natural born" citizen as required by US Const. So what do u expect in an empire without rule-of-law?

Do u think war against white people is parallel w. war against rationality?--and the war against Christianity? And did u see the non-queer endorsing Miss California was fired? I understand there were no less than three queers on the judges panel for that "beauty" contest.

So whites continue to commit suicide--why?--well, for one thing it's simply the fashion, isn't it?--and then the other is MORALITY--the "morality" of an utterly irrational HUBRISTIC society of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus we observe people achieve "prosperity" and "success"--which then causes them to think they're God, capable of changing and manipulating reality, etc.--this by means of "free will."

And these hubristic, corrupted scum then indulge in "morality," insisting it's so sublime to feel guilty about things--like "racism" which is now understood (by stupid people) to be "evil."

So now we have a LITERALLY irrational society which practices a so-called "MORALITY" of anti-Christ dis-honesty attempting to subordinate reality to this "good-evil" Pelagian hereticalism built upon guilt indulgence and esp., as we see, anti-racism.

Now AA, I ask u--why is this programmatic irrationality not only tolerated, but actually ENCOURAGED?--do u think it might be because it goes along with and sustains a criminal enterprise which wouldn't otherwise be tolerated within a regime of rule-of-law and Christian honesty?--would that be the Fed COUNTERFEIT conspiracy?--see,, and for expo/ref.

And who then runs this large ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies?--would that be Jews?--along w. similarly thinking gentiles? And how then are these Jews sustained?--would it be because the official anti-semitic Christian culture is defunct and de-activated?

So that's what we need, comrade AA: a general Christian, hence rationalistic revival--it will pick up impetus as things progressively get worse and worse, US Dollar getting ready to collapse, all hell breaking loose when that happens.

CONCLUSION: So that's just the great irony of life within a CYCLIC reality: things suck as it now seems so "prosperous" to be indulging a nigger usurper for president and the non-whites displacing a nearly totally, thoroughly corrupted, queer-infested white population which finds it so expedient to commit suicide, all in the name of "morality." It DOESN'T "suck," however, if u're a queer. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

This is actually great news - an incompetent Navy to go along with a dysfunctional Army - the Air Force is probably doing the same thing - as a Aryan I hope the Han blow the stinking US Navy out of the sea - just think of the screw ups being committed and to be committed ! American Whites are too cowardly to react - so I root for China, where the majority does rule !

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - the point is that even the military is openly and flagrantly stacking the deck against Whites. It's been done unofficially for years - now it's become open and the brass are even saying it's a desirable goal.

If this can happen in the military, no sector of society is exempt.

Anonymous said...

A real message.

I am an American, a white Anglo Saxon. My people built America, and continue to sustain her through blood, sweat, tears, piss, & shit. We will continue to march toward the future as breath in our lungs permit, despite the fact that our nation is being taken over & plunged into a dark age by monsters, as we go so goes the world. We who are loyal, diligent, & reliable shall do what we can to the best of our ability. Remember that during the worst of times the worst shall do their worst and the best shall do their best to clean up after them. We are the light in the darkness.

I am joining the airforce, the powers that be have robbed my family of the privileges earned through hard work & dedication so I must do this to rebuild, to help my father. I will do what I can for my folk. Although I will have to be clever about it, keep my head down, move covertly against these dark forces. I must build up a bio electrical charge to shape my reality with. This I shall bleed for whether I want to or not.

The time shall come for me if I survive the artificial hell created by my racial enemies to use whatever power I manage to manifest as a result of this decision. I will use it for my folk, for my people. That is all I can do.

So for the next decade or two, I shall suffer in silence. My mind shall be plagued by the lies of my enemies as my body shall be broken by their sins. If I emerge victorious on the other side of that hole. I will be able to take action.

But for now, I must suppress my natural instinct and allow them to rape my soul. I am ready. I fear no one.

If you are a white nationalist, brothers and sisters, we must infiltrate our enemies camps, we must erode their power by taking back what is ours. It is ours, they control it, they control everything on the jew owned American plantation where every white child is royalty made slaves. Our nation has been sold, lock stock and barrel, we dont own anything, we are just slaves living in the matrix, this is the horrible truth. The sins of previous generations give poisonous fruit. Fruit my generation shall throw to the ground & kick to kill.


Here my prophecy that the future is ours for the taking. Take to heart & try to live long enough to see the great revival of our people. The COMING renaissance of the global white commonwealth, the only global civilization the world has ever known made up of sovereign white nations, working together in brotherhood this shall be accomplished.

You friend can assist this process by being a master of your reality. Live happily ever after. Use what power you have to make your reality a better place by using energy to give life to thought forms, your dreams. Assert your dominion.

Together we can accomplish goals that we as individuals normally cannot. The illusion of control is great, however it is just that, an illusion meant to trick you into believing you are powerless to them. You are not...THEY FEAR YOUR INNER POWER!


They fear you, but you do not fear them.

They need us, but we do not need them, not a single one of them.

That is the truth.

When you find yourself on your knees broken by them covered in pain, know that you are not alone, you are LEGION, you are many. You are a beautiful creature the result of the sacrifices of countless generations existing in an ocean of energy, of spilled blood.

Never give up the fight, the world is ours for the taking.

Know that you are loved, by me. No matter what is said or done. You are loved.

See with your third eye, your mind, through their lies.