Saturday, June 06, 2009

Alleged White Supremacists Ian Davison And Nicky Davison Now Accused Of Terrorism After Suspected Ricin Found In Their Home In The United Kingdom

Good God! This story blew up in a hurry. On June 2nd 2009, I posted about Ian Davison and another then-unidentified man being arrested in County Durham in the United Kingdom for alleged "right-wing extremist" activities.

Now, the unidentified man has been given a name - Nicky Davison - and he is the 18-year-old son of Ian Davison. And both are being held under the Terrorism Act of 2000 over a suspected Ricin poison plot. Ian was arrested first on June 2nd, then Nicky was also arrested at his own home in Grampian Court, Annfield Plain after police found evidence of ricin at his father Ian’s home on Tuesday. The ricin was in a substance kept in a sealed jam jar that has been kept in a kitchen cupboard for as long as two years. The substance has been taken to a government laboratory in Edinburgh for testing, and the results are expected during the upcoming week. Media stories from The Times of London, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail, and Sky News. ITN news video embedded below:

Ricin has been used in plots by suspected al Qaida operatives and former Soviet bloc intelligence operatives, and can be fatal if when inhaled, ingested, or injected. It is made from the beans of the castor oil plant and is 6,000 times more poisonous than cyanide with only quantities as smaller than a grain of salt enough to prove lethal.

Senior police say they believe the two could be part of worldwide terror plot targeting ethnic minorities. Durham’s assistant chief constable Mike Barton said: “This shows that the terrorist threat in the UK is real and present... .We believe the people involved to be white supremacist extremists and one of our lines of inquiry was that they were going to target people from ethnic minorities. There was internet activity including the Anarchists' Cookbook traced to an address and that has given lines of inquiry in this country and abroad". Police had been monitoring access to internet websites containing information which they said is "unhelpful to public safety", but the discovery of ricin came as a complete surprise.

Barton added: “This will spawn an awful lot of intelligence which will then kick start other criminal counter terrorism inquiries elsewhere.” Barton said forensic officers have sealed off Ian Davison’s ’two-up two-down’ as a precaution.

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apollonian said...

Patriots Need To Get Busy On Christian Front For Purpose Of Unity
(Apollonian, 7 Jun 09)

Very interesting story, AA, esp. the last quotation fm Barton, the "asst. senior constable." It really seems oligarchs wants to gin-up the hysteria over terrorism, and now we see "white supremacists" are in the act--Muslims are old hat, evidently.

So the oligarchs want to give greatest publicity for the coming police-state they're determined to impose--VERY SOON--in order to protect themselves during coming, imminent economic MELT-DOWN, hyper-inflation, etc.

So it's almost funny, but there's of course very serious aspect to problem for us patriots--AS WE NEED TO ACHIEVE A MEASURE OF UNITY--which will require a serious CHRISTIAN foundation.

Hence then, we Christians must learn to achieve this UNITY on simple, easy-to-understand grounds like (a) general human reason, and (b) ANTI-SEMITISM. Luckily, we have Ron Paul ( for present day, as well as original American founders as examples.

So therefore, the greatest, immediate enemies for Christians, real Christians, are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, suckers/dupes for the Jews who say Christ was Jew (Talmudist), when truth is obviously completely different.

CONCLUSION: So it's interesting to see things "blowing-up" so quickly and suddenly, as u pt. out--BUT PATRIOTS NEED TO GET BUSY, and to do this with Christian methods for that NECESSARY unity for the people against Judeo-conspirators. Keep up ur good work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Hal Turner, Patriots Must Note Desperation Of ZOG-Mammon And Adopt More Overt Christian Tactics
(Apollonian, 7 Jun 09)

I should have added in above, regarding Hal Turner (, that present situation renders his old provocation tactics rather out-dated--as ZOG now demonstrates they're so willing to break law and just throw patriots into jail upon mere pretexts--as in Hal's case.

And that's why Hal Turner needs to adopt and incorporate, much more overtly Christian tactics and ideals.

For if Turner can impress judge that State of Connecticut is plainly out-of-bounds for their outrageous affront to free-speech, then he will be vindicated somewhat for his tactics--whereas Bill White admitted he made a gross mistake musing on internet about how he might have blown away all those scum (who indeed, deserve it).

But think of it: even if Turner is lucky enough to get a judge to go along, it still doesn't guarantee judges WILL ALWAYS be so willing to follow the law--especially, say, after the next false-flag staged terror-event ZOG-Mammon will surely attempt.

CONCLUSION: So Hal Turner has to get smart--he's got to see how desperate ZOG-Mammon has become, precisely because of patriots like him--Turner has to adapt and to embrace more overt Christian techniques and ideology. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian