Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whoop-Dee-Doo! Missouri Rep. Sara Lampe Renames NSM's Adopt-A-Highway Road Section In Springfield After A Jewish Rabbi Who Marched With MLK

Missouri House District 138 Representative Sara Lampe (D-Springfield) was offended by the fact that the National Socialist Movement's Springfield Unit adopted a section of the West Bypass road in the Springfield area to police up litter. And the NSM initiative wasn't just for show, either; the NSM cadre actually go out and police up the litter on a regular basis.

But Rep. Lampe didn't try to get the contract revoked. Instead, she got this bright idea that she was going to spite them - by renaming the stretch of highway after a Jewish rabbi. So, according to the Springfield News-Leader, she asked Jewish groups to nominate a religious figure to counter the Springfield unit of the National Socialist Movement, which adopted the section of road. According to Lampe, she was "countering the hate" and "leveling the playing field".

After getting her nomination, Rep. Lampe then got an amendment added to a transportation bill to rename the portion of West Bypass from Farm Road 142 to West Sunshine the "Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel Memorial Highway". Heschel marched with Martin Luther King Jr. at the Selma, Alabama civil rights march in 1965.

Bet she thought that would really get the NSM's goat, huh? Not quite. A member of the NSM Springfield Unit posted a comment to the News-Leader story, and he was distinctly unimpressed:

nsm88cyn wrote:

Do they honestly think this is going to stop us from doing what we do? I don't care what the name of the highway is. We are still going to go do our clean up and we are still going to have our signs out there. We are still going to wear our swastikas, we are still going to fight for a white America, and we will someday win! You can't stop us, knock us off our square, or hold us back. We are America's Nazi Party and we are growing in numbers every single day. Our organization is not about hate...it is about love. Love for our race. Love for our people. Love for our heritage. Love for our family. If you really want to know about us then come to a meeting and find out. Call the Library and they will tell you when we are going to be there. Sieg Heil!

5/17/2009 11:59:27 AM

Bright idea, huh? This Sara Lampe seems like a rather dim bulb. But then again, that should be no surprise; she's a typical liberal Democratic chick who's into "causes". According to her bio on VoteSmart, she's a member of the NAACP. Divorced with three kids, she's Christian - not Jewish. And what about her ratings from special interest groups? She gets low scores from Missouri Right to Life, but 100 percent ratings from the AFL-CIO, the NEA, and various environmental groups. Astoundingly, the National Rifle Association graded her an A- (another reason for patriots to switch their support to the Gun Owners of America; the NRA has sold out). You can check out her voting record HERE and HERE, where there is a graph showing her legislative effectiveness sinking like a stone.

Surely the good folk of District 138 can do better than to return this four-eyed twit to Jefferson City to represent them again in the next election.


Anonymous said...

This is a good example of why the NSM will fail: using stupid tactics. Picking up trash is a good tactic. Maybe their New York Unit can scoop up doggy-dutie and make the newspaper. Lesson to be learned here: stop trying to act like you're part of the System and squeeky clean.

Michael Burks said...

NSM is growing? That is true, among inmates. I wonder how many of their Springfield unit are sex offenders?

apollonian said...

White Tried--Even If He Didn't Succeed Too Terribly Much--Mikey-Mike Rather Stinks
(Apollonian, 19 May 09)

Great story AA--and look--we got this piece-of-shit, mud-race, puke here again, Mikey Mike Burks. Burks says NSM is NOT growing--but something must be at work--especially in view of on-going developments, like about Barry Soetoro, the usurper.

So Mikey-Mike, u know by now we all know u're just mud-race shit who wants to see to the rape and destruction of real white people--evidently, so then u can think we're dragged down to ur level of "dignity" and mixed-racedness.

Thus Mikey-mike, u're just a stinking RAPIST, that's all--for that's what u work for--rape and destruction of white folk.

Hey Mikey-mike, did u hear?--u're glorious leader, "Obama," the nigger, is also known as Barry Soetoro--at least when he attended Occidental College in California. And he rec'd funds fm US gov. and tax-payers as foreign student--so what do u think about that?--tell us.

So obviously Obama-Soetoro couldn't possibly be "natural-born" as is Constitutionally necessary and obligatory. So what's going on, Mikey-mike?--do tell us.

Is USA a legitimate nation w. rule-of-law?--and is that not US Constitution? And are whites not justified in fighting for that nation and law?--and if not, why?

So tell us Mikey-mike--what in heck are u trying to do, anyway?--pretend u're Christian (hence in favor of TRUTH and honesty)?--upholding law?--like what law?--is it law of United Nations or what?

Do u think Christ is Jew?--or what? Tell us ur version of "big picture" so we can begin to try to figure out the real Mikey-mike, u piece-of-shit.

Bill White made a big, huge mistake when he ever took obvious mud-race filth like u, Mikey-mike, seriously, imagining u could be truly white, that's for sure.

Then instead of heeding my advice and following-up on the ANSWP Tulsa, Ok, demo of 16 Apr 07, White insisted on directly defying ZOG-Mammon risking all his funds to be spent upon lawyers to defend him now for alleged terrorism, this when ZOG-Mammon is sure to pack jury with non-whites and anti-whites, w. Jew judge, as we see--very poor judgment for a leader.

So Bill White showed us all HOW NOT TO DOING IT for leadership, I say--which doesn't diminish his strict case for freedom of speech, etc. But White could have used better judgment, I say, and spent his capital more wisely, more effectively. Christianity is key to heart of people, I say.

So u see Mikey-mike, for the large cause for the white race, Bill White is mere side-show. Evermore people--not just whites--understand evermore the farcical traitors US Gov. is infiltrated with--like Barry Soetoro who's quite a lot like u, eh Mikey-mike, with a manifold "personality."

So again Mikey-mike--tell us what/how u think--do u imagine white folk should or will just lie down for this travesty of government we're oppressed with? Bill White has to follow law--but not Barry Soetoro?

CONCLUSION: So Mikey-mike, do u doubt we white folk consider u scummy, filthy piece-of-shit? Bill White could have done better, perhaps, but u--u stink, Mikey-mike--at least Bill White tried to do something. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

The National Socialist Party is a white nationalist movement with strict guidlines on who may be a part of the movement, and who may not.

The ACTUAL NSM, has branches all across the US, and in order to become a member you must submit information for a background check. No sex offenders are allowed to join, what so ever, first of all.

Second of all, they have legal rights to all their gatherings, speaches and meetings. The NSM goes out of their way for protection and civil control. Theres nothing illegal happening at their events. This organization is dedicated to white nationalism. This is not a criminal organization.

Third, anyone can claim anything. I could say I am an active member of the modern day Manson party, and thats not proof that I am a member, or that such a party exists. True members of the NSM lead a clean path.

You people need to look into what you talk trash about. There wont be an active member of the NSM acting how they are portrayed.

Look it up.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 6:06 A.M. - The NSM knows that different people are motivated by different factors. Consequently, they employ a wide variety of activist techniques to attract the greatest amount of interest. And considering that the NSM is the most publicly-active pro-White group in the country today, their tactics are working.

Besides, picking up trash benefits the community.

do-do for brains said...

Their tactics are working? Where? They don't have a poltical headquarters! They don't have candidates running for office! Everytime you turn around they have a scandal.

Anonymous said...

The NSM will be dissolved and Jeff Schoep is going to prison, The feds have him in their crosshairs.Jeff, you will soon be in prison taking black dick up the ass. You only escape is suicide.

Michael Burks said...

As for Bill White, here is a news flash - there will be more charges in another state against White. Anyone care to call me a liar once more? As for Obama, lol, I didn't vote for Obama. I may have quit this joke white power movement, but I'm no commie. I didn't vote for Obama and won't vote for him the second time around.

Hooch said...

Why don't you shut your hole and leave narco? No one here gives a shit about you or your spic girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

What other state and what other charges for bill? enquirering minds want to know...