Thursday, May 21, 2009

White Patriots Distribute The Aryan Alternative #4 Newspaper In Crozet And Waynesboro, Virginia For The Vanguard News Network

Early on Thursday May 21st, 2009, White activists acting on behalf of the Vanguard News Network distributed copies of its newest newspaper, The Aryan Alternative #4, in Crozet and Waynesboro, Virginia (in Augusta and Albemarle Counties near Charlottesville), and the usual suspects are up in arms. A Vanguard News Network Forum thread is devoted to discussion of this activism. Active Topix Forum thread HERE.

Media stories from the following sources:

-- Hate mail delivered to Central Virginia, WVIR Channel 29, May 21st, 2009 (with video)
-- Residents find white supremacist newspaper on stoops, WHSV Channel 3, May 21st, 2009
-- Aryan Paper Shows Up in Crozet; Some Residents Angry, Scared, WCAV Channel 19, May 21st, 2009

Click HERE to view the 16-page Aryan Alternative in PDF format. May take a couple of minutes to load. [Ed. Note: Because Podblanc is off line, I have removed the references to the three Podblanc videos previously embedded.]

A white female named Toni Conley acted quite offended and claimed the authors and distributors are "very sick people". [Ed. Note: That's true, they're sick alright - sick of TNB, TSB, TKB, TQB, and all other manifestations of forced diversity.] Crozet even insists that if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your beliefs to yourself.

Billy Gorman characterized the paper is nothing but racist hate speech. "Some things that come to mind are fear, kind of fear mongering which is a common strategy but upsetting is the emotional part of it," said Gorman. Others, who remained unindentified, claimed they found the delivery "unsettling" and "upsetting" in a neighborhood full of kids.

An individual who posted on RealCrozetVA also reacted badly and claimed county police told him that throwing newspapers in driveways constituted littering, and that each newspaper thrown in such a fashion would constitute one count of littering.

But Josh Wheeler, the Associate Director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Protection of Free Expression, was quick to remind the public that the newspaper distribution is still legal, even if some take offense. "There is no unprotected category of speech called 'hate speech,' it is in fact protected by the first amendment," said Wheeler. He added that unless the words are threatening or encourage illegal behavior, they're fair game, saying that government is not entitled to punish us just for our thoughts.

VNN Distribution Coordinator Glenn Miller told local media representatives that anyone who objected to the newspaper needed only to call him, and he would ensure they received no more copies. He also added that although "We don't like to upset people, we tell the truth. If the truth upsets people, what the hell are you going to do about it".

According to, Crozet, a community of 2,820 people west of Charlottesville about halfway between there and Waynesboro, is 91 percent White, while Waynesboro itself, a community of 19,520, is 85 percent White. It's easy to rhapsodize about diversity when you don't have to live amongst it.

To either order a number of newspapers or merely to financially contribute to the project, send cash, check, or money order to:

Glenn Miller
PO Box 3861
Springfield, MO 65808

Telephone: 417-463-7703

100 copies. . . $8.00
200 copies. . . $16.00
500 copies. . . $40.00

Printing cost is 6 cents per copy, and shipping cost is about 2 cents per copy (maybe more since postage went up since our latest edition). No salaries. No profits. All for the Cause.


apollonian said...

Proper Immediate Point Is Education Regarding Jew Counterfeit Conspiracy--The Fed
(Apollonian, 22 May 09)

Excellent reporting on this Aryan Alternative yet once again, AA. Of course these "news" reports fm local stations are actually just Jew-sponsored and -financed hysteria campaigns and hatefulness directed towards white people and white patriots, etc.

Slowly but steadily a good and growing percentage of people are going to take ever-greater notice there really is a Jew problem which really is a danger to white people and all Christians. Proper pt. then is in helping people to focus accurately, in useful context.

The only problem I see is as Aryan Alternative worked rather to ISOLATE whites, rather than Jews, and didn't do enough of a job genuinely EDUCATING people against Jews--which Linder/VNN (, and Aryan Alternative, DO NOT DO.

Specifically, the immediate pt. is in educating people as to COUNTERFEIT conspiracy and consequences of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), which again, Linder/VNN and Aryan Alternative do not do. Fullest CONTEXT then is provided with expo upon Jew Talmudism, the ritualist murder/enslavement of gentiles. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

For remember topmost Jews who are most interested in preserving their COUNTERFEITING scam will gladly try to DIVERT people's attention to Jews--NOT Fed scam--that's purpose for mindless "race-baiting" which lacks focus, as in case of Linder/VNN.

So it's a mixed-bag AA, regarding this Aryan Alternative publication effort. Alex Linder/VNN is NOT a white man, and he works for Jew interests--even though he may be genuinely anti-semitic in his way.

CONCLUSION: Linder should be regarded as a FLAKE, not a real white patriot who should be highly regarded by the white and Christian volk. Keep up ur excellent journalistic work by all means. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Drury said...


Why do you report about the losers in the pro-White Movement like race-mixer Schoep, stool-pigeon Miller, anarchist White, DeNugent Linder, etc.

There are very intelligent and brilliant non-corrupted White leaders like Lauck of the NSDAP, Ramm of zogsnightmare, Suhayda of the American Nazi Party, former 2008 Presidential candidate Bowles

Hooch said...

Apolo, I am not sure why exactly that you worship Hal Turner but on the other hand hate Alex Linder who seems to be a pretty good guy who is actually doing some things. At least you know that he is not a narc like Burks or an informant like Hal.

I think it is all directly related to your finding out that Alex thinks that a Holocaust happened but not nearly to the scale that they say. I agree with him here. Get over it.

On another note, here is a long but intriguing video about something you are interested in. This video proves, in many ways, Obamas association with the Bidelberg Group, AKA the Federal Reserve Bank.

Drury, I don't know all of those people you mentioned but from what I hear Jim Ramm is a complete psychopath and definitely not in the category of an intelligent individual. He was also in control of that Bill White Watch web site which is a little weird.

Anchorage Activist said...

David Drury - Gary Lauck and John Taylor Bowles obviously have redeeming characteristics. But Linder, Schoep, and Miller are more productive right now, and those three obey the law. So their activism is worthwhile, regardless of their detractors.

As for DeNugent, I merely gave him credit for helping Henrik Holappa, which he deserves, even if he (DeNugent) is a bit of a cult figure with his obsession with "Solutreans".

David Drury said...

Okay, you have some good points. How do you measure productive? My definition of productive (my opinion) is when an organization comes a step closer to utilizing a tactic and strategy that brings it closer to political power or getting the message out in a positive sense. Now, Lauck has set up a network (especially in Europe) of getting NS material out for distribution, Ramm has set up a website where people can read and be educated about the IDEA without any cost, Bowles ran for President as a National Socialist and was the first one to do so and did it without getting any fines or bad publicity, Suhayda has been an activist for over 30 years and doesn't have DRAMA in his American Nazi Party and sets a good example as a National Socialist.

apollonian said...

Jew Psychopath Imagines He Fools Anyone
(Apollonian, 23 May 09)

Comrades: just above entry by "Hooch" Jew (see expo on "Hooch" in previous WhiteReference blogs where there are 20 or more entries) is perfect example of Jew psychopathology, and absolutely obsessive insistence for pushing Jew agenda--which is ISOLATION OF REAL WHITE PEOPLE (which doesn't include Jews like "Hooch") against all others, including the mud races, black and Hispanic, Jews pretending to be included as "white."

For obvious proper patriot effort must be all humanity against Jew (Talmudic) monsters and psychopaths, non-Jew humans (gentiles) united on basis of reason, Christianity, and thus racial separatism (nationalism).

Thus blacks can be distinguished fm niggers--which "Hooch" Jew and his cohorts desperately refuse to doing.

Observe the obligatory "Hooch" Jew sympathy for Jew liars insisting upon holohoax, "Hooch" Jew's "evidence" being doctored photos (ck previous WhiteReference blogs, comments sections)--and absolutely nothing else (aside fm notorious Jew liar "testimony," evidently).

And typically, "Hooch" Jew lying and slander, as against heroic Hal Turner (, is not substantiated, "Hooch" Jew psychopath not even broaching any kind of reference.

CONCLUSION: It's amazing this "Hooch" Jew psychopath imagines he isn't perfectly well known and understood by WhiteReference fans as Jew troll and infiltrator he really and obviously is; stupid Jew psychopath just continues blithely along with his idiotic lies and lying. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see what A.A. does when he discovers that NSM Commander Jeff Schoep invited blacks to participate at the NSM Arizona Rally.

From the NSM website:

This Rally will be different than any other Rally the NSM has ever sponsored before, because we are inviting everyone that has an issue with the illegals being in our Nation! Yes, everyone! This means if Militia or Citizen Patrol groups wants to attend, they are welcome. This means if Klan and Skinhead Crews want to attend they are welcome. This means if Black groups want to attend they are welcome.

apollonian said...

"Pro-White" Means Being Anti-Semitic, Not Against All Other Gentiles--REASON
(Apollonian, 23 May 09)

Again, Note the idea is to UNITE all gentiles AGAINST JEWS--it's not just exclusive "white thing." Jews are Talmudic enemies of all humanity, never doubt. Whites are friends, benefactors, as hist. well and eminently demonstrates.

It's perfectly rational for white patriots like NSM or anyone to take lead for all humans against Jew psychopaths and Talmudists (redundancy).

And as long as reason rules--hence racial separation in accord with 5th of original Ten Commandments ("honor thy race" [Parentage])--there's no reason all gentiles cannot in fact successfully unite against infernal Jews--as during early 4th cent. under St. Constantine the Great.

(a) That's why we don't want Jews using such as Linder/VNN ( ISOLATING whites against everyone else.

(b) It's why "supremacism" is counter-productive if attached to whites as it rather groups all others against whites who are thus isolated. "Separatism" (hence nationalism) makes far more sense.

(c) And it's why whites must be consistent w. culture, hence reason and Christianity--so as to remain non-isolated against Jews--ready and willing to take lead in human coalition against Jew monsters.

(d) And it's why Linder/VNN is dis-qualified and indeed, dis-credited, as he's against both Christianity and reason as primary cultural ideals. Again, patriots must note Linder/VNN is effective agent of Jews, regardless he abides by strict law or is actually sincerely anti-semitic in his own mind.

CONCLUSION: Thus NSM, "nazis," skinheads, or anyone can take lead for organizing gentiles under Christian aegis--or in accord w. strict reason--against psychopathic Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 11:50 A.M. - That is a bombshell! I would have expected something like this from EAU or EURO long before the NSM.

However, it would also be useful to quote the remainder of their press release to get the full picture. The NSM also said, "To our NSM Brothers and Sisters, no we are not going soft, nor are we compromising our ideals. Our ideals, values, Political standpoints, etc. remain exactly the same and fully in tact. The NSM Forms up for this Rally like any other, and true to form we will be a seperate force alongside our usual allies from the Pro-White Movement. What is different this time is we are calling upon other Citizen groups to rally on the same day, regardless of our differences with them, or their differences with us. On this day those differences will be set aside for a COMMON STRUGGLE ( A CITIZENS STRUGGLE), AND IN THAT STRUGGLE MAY BE THE VERY FATE OF OUR NATION! We can set aside our differences for a day for the fate and future of our Nation". This means they still embrace the principle of racial separatism.

But it looks like the NSM is embracing the notion that, even under separation, America can be shared with others rather than be exclusively White. That may be a tough sell to traditionalists. Good thing they're announcing this rally early; this will provide adequate time for feedback.

Anchorage Activist said...

David Drury: Your definition of "productive" is a good start, but a necessary additional element, whether we like it or not, is media publicity. If it doesn't break the media's radar screen, the reach remains limited.

Nevertheless, media publicity is not an end unto itself; but it opens doors for follow-up.

The agitprop strategy of the NSM opens up additional opportunities for the rest of us. Likewise, the TAA4 distribution can serve the same purpose.

Anonymous said...

Ha, so Julio and his fat White trash wife don't approve. No shown are the people that did - but you know how those dumbass reporters all - all feminine and swooney - being a cry baby seems to be much of the so called "American Character" in modern JSA. BTW, why does VNN waste copies in Appalachia ? West Va was disloyal to Dixie in the WBTS and has lived on Federal welfare ever since.

Hooch said...

This is fantastic news to Apolo. He has always spoken very highly of the negroid race and loves the idea of teaming up with them and the Spics to fight the evil "Jew Monster".

apollonian said...

Main Enemy Is Jews, Especially Masterminds Behind Fed Counterfeit Scam
(Apollonian, 24 May 09)

Well "Hooch" Jew, I'd say while not exactly, precisely right, u DO have the general idea--ISOLATION OF THE MAIN ENEMY, the Jew, first and most, just as u generally indicate--not letting Jew isolate whites, with Jews then mixed in with "whites," as BNP and David Duke.

So we're not so much "teamed" with negroids and spics, but rather separate fm them, they having their governments, and we ours. Anti-white niggers will be exterminated as niggers are pets and creatures of Jews anyway. Illegal aliens will be removed--very simple, eh?--and all sanctioned by means of (a) Christianity, and (b) reason.

And I submit and maintain my plan/idea is coherent, most rational, workable, with excellent precedent in history as model, esp. St. Constantine the Great, etc.

Interesting that Dave Duke AND Hal Turner both sympathize with BNP. I think Hal Turner makes honest mistake. For BNP is total Jew operation, funded by Jews. Give-away is while BNP denounces the dark-skins, it says NOT A WORD about Jews or the COUNTERFEITING scam.

Never forget the entire pt. to things regards that COUNTERFEITING Fed weapon (see and for expo/ref.) which so totally, completely RULES this ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies now waging Orwellian "perpetual war" as in Iraq and Afganistan.

And incredible irony is Fed masterminds are now destructing pathetically, US Dollar collapsing, Dollar dumped few days ago as reserve currency by Russians; the end is nigh, 15-20 dollar/gallon gas coming soon.

CONCLUSION: Even Jews masterminds at top, directly behind Fed, is willing, ultimately, to diverting attention to lower-level Jews, like u, "Hooch" (as before/during WWII) And look how so perfectly willing u are to playing their (masterminds') game. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian