Wednesday, May 27, 2009

White Oklahoma City Pharmacist Jerome Ersland Charged With Murder For Defending Himself Against Feral Black Thugs Who Robbed His Pharmacy

Update May 30th: Ersland out on bail, three other suspects identified and charged. Updated post HERE.

On May 27th, 2009, the Daily Oklahoman reports that a White Oklahoma City pharmacist was charged today with first-degree murder in the May 19th shooting death of a feral Negro thug who attempted to rob his workplace. This case has triggered much interest within the alternative White media, to include Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

The charge alleges that 57-year-old Jerome Ersland shot 16-year-old Antwun Parker while he was incapacitated and lying on his back. Ersland’s account of the incident doesn’t match the video or the evidence collected at the scene, according to the affidavit written by Oklahoma City Police Detective David Jacobson. Parker was shot once in the head and five times in the stomach area. The autopsy found Parker was still alive after the head shot and died from the stomach wounds. Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater is the heavy pressing the case.

The affidavit of probable cause can be read HERE (loads slowly). Surveillance video embedded below:

According to a previous story, on May 19th, Ersland was one of three employees on duty at the Reliable Discount Pharmacy located near SW 59th and Pennsylvania Avenue when two men in ski masks burst in around 5:50 P.M., demanding cash and drugs. The two women working with him immediately fled. However, Ersland, being a disabled Army veteran from Desert Storm, wearing a cumbersome back brace and having just had back surgery six weeks ago, could not flee, and so he pulled out a semiautomatic pistol (Kel-Tec .380) which was in his pocket (the shop had been previously robbed two years ago) and shot one of the robbers, Antwun Parker, in the head. He then grabbed a second gun (Taurus "Judge") to pursue the other robber, but Parker tried to get up and resist, so Ersland, in legitimate fear of his safety, emptied the Kel-Tec .380 into Parker's chest. Meanwhile, the other robber, along with a third person who was a getaway driver, escaped. Ersland firmly maintains he acted in self defense when he shot Parker to foil the robbery attempt. While he regrets that Parker got killed, he said the alternative was the he and his co-workers might have gotten killed.

Ersland maintains it was an organized hit. "We have a very good security system,” Ersland said, motioning to the magnetic door locks that won’t let anyone in or out of the store without permission. "The door locks, and they (robbers) knew that. They had cased it because they knew exactly what time to hit us when we’d have all of our narcotics out and our money out.”

But as the news of the shooting spread on May 19th, a herd of the local Negroes showed up at the pharmacy to terrorize the owner and Ersland. The Negroes were shouting that he was a racist who unnecessarily took Antwun Parker's life, claiming that Parker was a good student at the Seeworth Academy charter school which he attended. Parker's sister, Brittany Baldwin, tried to whitewash her brother's conduct. “For a wrong cause, we can accept any responsibility. We can own up to that. But for him to lay my brother in the ground was absolutely wrong”, Baldwin said. Fortunately, the confrontation remained verbal, and died down after a while.

Later on, Parker's mother, Cleta Jennings, went into full-scale whitewash mode. Jennings said that she’s certain that her son didn’t plan to rob Reliable Pharmacy. She said he may have become involved with the wrong crowd. "He was my baby,” she said. Jennings also said that Parker loved to play basketball and draw pictures. She said she didn’t care that Ersland said he didn’t mean to kill anyone because his actions took away a loving boy.

And Brittany Baldwin sounded off some more. “He needs to know that he killed our brother and know the hurt and the pain we feel,” said Baldwin. “My brother didn’t have intentions of robbing that store.” Baldwin also said her family is having a hard believing what police said about the circumstances surrounding Antwun's death. "I know my brother is not capable of even thinking about holding a gun to someone's head or trying to rob their store," she said. "If (Ersland) would have called the cops, I would rather him be in jail than on that table."

Gag me with a spoon! These fucking worthless niggers are in full-scale denial.

Police have not identified anyone else involved in the robbery attempt, but the investigation is ongoing. The second robber is described as a black man in his 20s, about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and weighing about 175 pounds. He was last seen wearing a red shirt and dark pants. Late on May 28th, this perp was apprehended; he is a 14-year-old boy. After the district attorney announced the charges, Ersland's lawyer said they will fight the charges "to the very end". Ersland has now been released on $100,000 bail, which was paid by a supporter who he's never met before. A condition of his bail is that he is not to be in the presence of firearms.

What a way for a country to pay back a veteran who shed blood for this country!


Anonymous said...

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Hooch said...

That's interesting, so you wait for the robbers to get a bullet in you before providing equal and deadly force. Even if the niglet robbed the store with no weapon he should be killed on the spot. Others would think twice about doing the same.

Fatty said...

He "believed" they were going to rob the store..."
Gee, maybe charging in with guns drawn might have aided him in this "belief."
Another of the MILLIONS of instances where the media take the side of CRIMINALS or INVADERS rather than be impartial, or take the side of decent Americans!
This war on whites by black thugs is the SINGLE MOST DANGEROUS element most whites will encounter in their lives, yet our GOVERNMEDIA say it's not happening!
"White Racism", which is ill-defined at best, is considered REAL, yet genuine examples of it are rare.
Black criminality, which is easy to define, is all around us, all the time, yet we're supposed to ignore it, or use large words in order to blame the whites themselves for the black violence against them!
The blacks and browns and wiggs now outnumber us! Hence our national bankruptcy!
Wake-up America!

apollonian said...

Perfect Case-In-Point Example For Large Cultural Jew Problem
(Apollonian, 28 May 09)

Exactly as u say, comrade "Fatty": WE WHITES ARE AT WAR. Who is it making war against the white Christian natives of this land?--who else?--but the enemy of mankind, Jews, masters of lies, who run the foremost fraud--COUNTERFEITING, as of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and for expo/ref.

The "prosecutor" lies when he asserts nigger was "un-conscious" and "harmless," as there's no evidence of that whatever, prosecutor giving none, prosecutor merely taking money and instructions fm his Jew masters.

Note nigger forfeited his life, having committed act of war, and must be responsible for consequences which he initiated. How was Jerome Ersland to know nigger was "harmless"?--there's obviously no way. Nigger demonstrated his enmity against white humanity, forfeiting, again.

So now Ersland will be on trial, and he'll have to pay lawyer big-time, the Jews exacting their toll upon the gentile people once again.

Comrades, niggers are only symptom to Jew disease--did u catch that bullshit by the prosecutor about it (the nigger thug) being a "child"?--this comes fm Jews--only Jews would even attempt to perpetrate such effrontery and lies.

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CONCLUSION: Specific incidents like the present with poor Jerome Erslund can only be handled on best-we-can-do basis--the great overall necessity is the larger cultural program for Jew-expulsion and serious Christianity (hence anti-semitism), once again, never doubt. Ck for more Apollonian cultural expo at under "commentary." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

If you saw the video, then you know that old cracker is going to prison. Only an inept skinhead wannabe can't tell the difference between self defense and being a vigilante.

John Smith said...

The problem for the prosecutor is that he has to PROVE that Ersland shot Antwon while he was incapacitated. Antwon was outside the video when he was shot in the chest, so it is hard for the prosecutor to use the video to prove Ersland's guilt. Maybe Antwon was getting back up when he got shot again. Maybe Antwon was incapacitated when he was shot again. The burden of proof is on the prosecutor, not Ersland. Innocent until proven guilty.

Anonymous said...

You have video of Ersland appearing confident and in control by his running after one guy and turning his back on the wounded teen. You also have an autopsy, which concluded that the teen was killed by the second set of gunshots. Lastly, Ersland's story did not match the events on the video. Prosecutors have evidence by the bucket load. The problem for the prosecutor is the jury's justifiably negative view of Ersland serving a long sentence.

Anonymous said...

It is what it is... he should not have unloaded on someone shot in the head, but maybe manslaughter should be the charge.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I want to say that all of you racists should keep your damn opinions to yourself. There is no need to call anyone crackers or niggers or refer to Jews in a negative manner. It makes you look so ignorant. And no one uses the word comrads anymore. And for you uneducated people, black people only comprise <15% of the total population of America while wite people have >74% so if there is a national debt you can take the blame for that too. As for the pharmacist, he had his full right to shoot the robbers to defend himself but he went overboard with five extra shots. Even if he was getting up, which all of you know he wasn't, your just racist, he could have shot him once or twice more in the legs. The guy didn't even have a gun. It's like in football you can hit a guy as hard as you want but after the play it's over or you get a penalty. STOP BEING RACIST. EVERYONE IS EQUAL. Sometimes people can make me so angry with their ignorance. There is a freedom of speech as long as it doesn't harm others. Harassment. They should take your posts down or at least mark out the racism.

Anonymous said...

And also their is NO WAR on america by black thugs. I agree with anonymous here. You people are closed minded and probably grew up with racist parents. This is horrible. Whomever lives in America it is their home and they are not waging war on their home... that would be terrorism. And also there are almost 25 more times white crime then any other race. Stop writing bullshit and get your facts straight. Paranoid -son-of-a-bitchs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the victim!

The pharmacist was simply protecting himself from just another savage attack by a negro criminal.

He did the right thing and is being punished by the corrupt powers that be. If he is found guilty whites should riot and burn down black neighborhoods and shoot anyone who tries to interfere as a lesson to the corrupt powers that be that we are not going to take it anymore.

I would have killed the negro also. It is what he deserved, good riddance!

non whites are not in charge, whites are you had better learn or get shot like this nigger.

Anonymous said...

I am going to open a business one day.

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America is a white nation.

I will shoot to kill. If the nigger does not die, I will kick him to death on camera then post it on youtube for all the world to see.

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Bunny Olesen said...

HAHAAA so he should have just called the cops while two hyped up blacks with a gun pointed at him robbed him. XD XD oh man, oh man, that is fucking insane.

Anonymous said...

This page is unbelievable. Yes, the two young men should not have robbed the store. That's why I have no problem with the first shot that left Antwon unconscious; however, Jerome (who was supposedly only interested in protecting the women hiding in back) left Antwon on the floor and chased the other young man down the sidewalk. He continued to shoot once on the street endangering a woman and her child. This woman testified against Jerome at trial. Do they teach you to run down a public street firing at a robber who is trying to get away from you in the military? This left Antwon in the store with the two women. Since Antwon was unconscious though the women were not in danger at that point. This trained war veteran returned to the store with the gun in his non-shooting hand, turned his back on Atwon, and didn't check on the two women. He then retrieved a second gun and shot Antwon 5 times at close range. It is important to know that Jerome fired the only shots that day. Jerome was not shot. There was no exchange of gun fire. Antwon was unarmed and unconscious when Jerome killed him. Jerome lied to police about what happened that day. He even lied about his military history. This "war hero" was never in combat and certainly never shed blood for me or for you. This all came out at trial. The defense attorney even acknowledged the lies told by Jerome. The jury got it right when they found him guilt and recommended a life sentence. This is a horrible site but if you're looking for some model white guy to further your cause, you should find someone better than Jerome!

Anonymous said...

This story really ticks me off. Erland shouldn't have been charged with murder because he was just protecting himself and his co-workers. If anyone should have gotten charged with a life sentence it should have been the stupid ass's that tried to rob him... Fucking stupid niggers thinks we are being racist.. well news flash, WE AREN'T WE JUST KNOW NOT TO BE A FUCKING STUPID ASS AND ROB A STORE!