Thursday, May 07, 2009

White Nationalist Finnish POW Henrik Holappa To Be Released And Expelled From The United States To Finland; Finns Drop All Charges

On May 7th, 2009, Newsnet14 tells us that, in a letter posted on Scribd, Henrik Holappa, a White Finnish national who has been held on a so-called "immigration violation" has announced that the U.S. government intends to release him from jail and expel him from the United States. Holappa also states that he will accept the decision because the Finnish government announced its intention to drop all outstanding charges against him. As previously posted, the charges and prospective penalties included the following:

1) Two years imprisonment for “incitement of racial hatred”
2) Two years imprisonment for “defaming the honor of the African community of Finland”
3) Six months imprisonment for “copyright violation.” (Holappa had merely scanned a photo of “multiculturalism” from a Finnish newspaper, and sent it as a private email attachment to an American friend. Unbeknownst to Holappa, the American posted it on an American website.)

One of the consequences of this decision is that Holappa will be barred from re-entering the United States for a period of 10 years following his deportation. Holappa also extends profound gratitude to White nationalist scribe John deNugent for hosting him in his home for eight months.

Scribd also allows me to embed the entire letter on this blog, so I have done so below (I was able to mark the document at the original site, but was unable to cut and paste the content):

In reading the letter, one learns that this whole case was politically trumped up from the beginning. In October 2008, Holappa had failed to obtain one necessary signature on his 16-page visa application. Although John deNugent caught it and corrected it the next day, spending $2,000 of his own money, the Feds waited five months before arresting Holappa. And Holappa tells us that when the Feds arrested him, they told him it was really because he was associating with John deNugent and Joe Fields.

Since the Finnish charges were dropped, Holappa announced on April 30th his intent to withdraw his visa application. It is too bad the Jewish-led occupation regime in America behaved so inhospitably towards him, and I hope that many foreigners understand that the American government does not represent the interests of American patriots.

From this account, it is also apparent that there is a lot about John deNugent that we did not know. DeNugent has worn out his welcome on Stormfront and on the Vanguard News Network Forum primarily for his pompous manner of expressing himself, and also his cult references to "Solutreans". Unfortunately, these issues have given the White Nationalist community a distorted impression of deNugent. I have taken him to task myself on VNN Forum, although I also gave him credit for telling Henrik Holappa's story to the world.

This is a perfect illustration as to why we, as White Nationalists, need to better learn to express ourselves using mainstream terminology as much as possible, otherwise we become marginalized. We don't have to water down the message; instead, we professionalize it. Others have done this, including Dr. David Duke, Don Black (although one of his moderators, White Resistance 14, has embarked upon a reign of terror), John Ubele, Jeff Schoep, Erich Gliebe, and others. John deNugent needs to loosen up his style a bit, and drop the Solutrean nonsense altogether. 99.9 percent of the population has never heard of "Solutreans", and the other 0.1 percent are Trekkies who think the Solutreans live in a buffer zone separating the Romulans from the Klingons. Unlike Martin Lindstedt and Hal Turner, John deNugent is clearly intelligent, articulate, and erudite; he has the potential to become another David Duke if he'll lose the tinfoil hat permanently.

But best of all, Henrik Holappa is free now.


Anonymous said...


and good work John Nugent for being a loyal Comrade when needed. All the VERY BEST to you both - a friend. 88

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding. DeNugent got this boys hopes up and lives in an illusion.

Anonymous said...

How come John Taylor Bowles the former 2008 Presidential candidate isn't given credit for being a good White Nationalist leader. Gerhard Lauck is another one along with Rocky Suhayda of the American Nazi Party.