Monday, May 11, 2009

TNB Alert: Up To 200 Negroes Riot In Austin, Texas After Cop Fatally Shoots Suspected Black Robber Nathaniel Sanders And Wounds Sir Lawrence Smith

The Austin Police Department failed to obtain advance permission from the black community before attempting to arrest a suspected black robber, triggering a localized chimpout. The result: one person dead, one person wounded, eight police officers with minor injuries, and eight patrol cars damaged. Eighteen-year-old Nathaniel Sanders died at the scene, while the second perp, 21-year-old Sir Lawrence Smith (no, he's not royalty) was in stable condition at University Medical Center in Brackenridge.

The primary story is published by the Austin American-Statesman. Additional stories from KEYE Channel 42 with several video reports. KXAN Channel 4 news video embedded below via YouTube:

The sequence of events began when the mostly-black residents of the Walnut Creek Apartments on 6400 Springdale Road in northeast Austin complained to detectives that people in a champagne-colored Mercedes had been firing shots into the air at the apartments recently. Responding detectives were investigating a series of shootings and robberies, and were trying to determine if the car in question was involved in those incidents.

At about 5 A.M. on May 11th, officers found a car matching that description in the apartment complex parking lot with three people inside it. The driver of the car, who was awake, was immediately detained (he is currently helping police with their enquiries and is not considered a suspect). Two other men were asleep in the car, one in the passenger and another in the back seat. Officers attempted to wake up the man in the back seat, who proved to be Sanders. When they did so, Sanders appeared to make a "movement toward a weapon”. In accordance with his professional training, the officer, identified as senior police officer Leonardo Quintana, immediately opened fire, fatally wounding Sanders.

The other man, Smith, woke up, jumped out of the car and ran toward the officer. That man was also shot and remains in stable condition at Brackenridge Hospital. A gun was found in the back seat. Police Chief Art Acevedo has since revealed that at least one of the police cruisers had a camera which recorded the shooting; that footage is still unavailable.

But the real "fun" was about to begin. Shortly after the shooting, police had to send officers in riot gear to respond to a riot situation containing up to 200 people at the scene (according to KXAN's latest report). Eight police cars were damaged by the crowd, who threw bottles and rocks at the police. Chief Acevedo himself was also hit in the head with a bottle after giving a press conference at the scene. Police have arrested three people in connection with the riots. Yes, these were the same people who called the police in the first place, and now they were trashing the police for doing their job. Watch a KEYE showing a perfect example of textbook Negritude HERE (no longer embedding it because it auto-starts).

Typical black gratitude.

Typical Negro behavior.

Officer Quintana has been an Austin police officer for eight and a half years, and was placed on administrative leave, which is standard policy in such shootings. A short history of his police service is posted HERE.

Discussion available on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

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