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New Zealand White Activist Kyle Chapman Retires From The Cause, Marries A Mormon Woman, But Will Still Speak Out Against Anti-White Discrimination

All of a sudden, I started getting beaucoup hits from New Zealand on this blog. The hits were on a previous post about longtime New Zealand White activist Kyle Chapman. So I Googled his name, and sure enough, he's back in the news - in a big way.

According to, Kyle Chapman (pictured above left with his new bride) is retiring from active leadership of and involvement in the pro-White movement in New Zealand and has married Claire Clifford, a woman who is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From the media account, it wasn't a full-blown temple marriage, which is contracted for both time and eternity, but an ordinary temporal marriage at the chapel on Tuhikaramea Road. Chapman himself is also a Mormon, but drifted away from church activity during his period of White activism. A non-embeddable news video from TVNZ is also available HERE.

This is definitely a marriage of faith. Although Kyle and Claire have been corresponding for 3 1/2 years, the marriage cermerony was only the second time the two physically laid eyes upon one another. The couple will live on her lifestyle block on the outskirts of Hamilton.

The pair first met in Christchurch nearly four years ago when Ms Clifford was serving an LDS mission. They lost contact over the past three years and met again on the social networking website Facebook a month ago. They spent 80 hours on the phone in two weeks, decided to marry and Mr Chapman flew into the city yesterday morning.

Mr Chapman had already resigned as leader of the National Front in 2005, citing pressure on his children, who were being shunned at school. But now he's also quitting his roles with the Nationalist Alliance and The Survive Club, and hopes the people of the Waikato will give him a chance. But he's not banking on it. He has fears for his and Claire's safety and still holds some of the beliefs that made him a reviled figure. "A lot of people still have aggressive ideals towards me," he said.

The 38-year-old father of five by four different women, including one ex-wife, is a former skinhead who was addicted to alcohol and drugs. In his younger days in Invercargill he admitted to a series of arsons between 1987 and 1992, including fire-bombing a marae. His time in the National Front gained him plenty of media coverage and notoriety, the most memorable incident a clash on the streets of Wellington where 50 of his supporters, many skinheads, got into a bloody battle with 800 marchers from the Multicultural Aotearoa rally.

And as recently in January 2009, Chapman revealed plans for a commune-style mini-state in North Canterbury for "like-minded Europeans", referred to in the Stormfront community as a "PLE" (Pioneer Little Europe), to have training areas for sport fighting, a protected community and gatherings for active nationalists. Chapman expects the PLE plans to continue without him.

Now, Mr Chapman wants to focus on his marriage more than anything else. "I intend to live a calm lifestyle; I can't do that as the leader of anything. I'm about to move my whole life here. I'm about to walk away from a two-year contract in the middle of a recession. This is all based on faith.", said Chapman.

He had quit his job as a storeman at an electrical company in Christchurch and would look for work in Hamilton. "I've found that the lifestyle many people live in the extreme right-wing movement is not what I want to live."

Mr Chapman, who has not drunk alcohol since he was 21, hoped his former supporters would understand. "I'm the example of the Mormon who believes in the church but has been swayed away and has made mistakes." But he's concerned that some might see him as a sellout. "Most of them will be happy for me though they'll be bummed out I'm not with them. I love those guys, they are my brothers. This is no easy thing". But if reaction on Stormfront Downunder is an indicator, that shouldn't be a problem. Every poster on the thread, to a man, respects his decision and wishes him well.

As for Ms Clifford, she said church leaders were happy with her choice of husband. "They trust me, they're really happy for me. We've (Kyle and her) prayed about it and it feels totally right. LDS church leaders in the Priesthood chain of command (bishops, stake presidents, etc.) believe that they have the power of discernment via the Holy Ghost, so they can get vibes as to whether a decision is right or not. Kyle and Claire plan to start a family and eventually serve a mission together.

But here's the key. Alhough Mr Chapman repeatedly said he had moderated and that extreme National Front policies like repatriation of Asians and Polynesians were the group's, not his, he is NOT going to turn anti-racist. "I still have concerns that all white people don't have the same rights as some other people. But that's irrelevant if we're not finding a way of getting back to God". This means he will still speak out against anti-White discrimination when it occurs.

Actually, Kyle Chapman hasn't completely retired from White activism. He's merely exchanged one form of activism for another. Building a White family with a White woman is indeed a form of activism - and considering the declining White birth rate, it's a form of activism we can use much more of at this point in time. Chapman's decision is worthy of honor and respect.

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apollonian said...

What Is Mormonism?
(Apollonian, 4 May 09)

Interesting story AA, but u know, I have to wonder about the Mormon religion itself--IS IT REALLY CHRISTIAN? If u can give link references, that would be good, but it's also good to hear fm a Mormon himself, in his own words. For if a Mormon cannot say anything about what he says he believes in, then what good is he or it?

I read a biography of Joseph Smith (by Robert Remini), and it was very troubling. Mormons were hated, like Jews were hated, wherever they went throughout America, New York, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri, till they finally migrated wayyyyy out west to Utah.

For I always like to refer back to Gosp. JOHN, most philosophic of all the New Test. (NT) works: the human struggle is for TRUTH, this against Jew lies and conspiracy. Thus Christianity upholds the Greek-Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality, necessary criterion for such truth and which such objectivity Jews deny, Jews adhering to a mere collective subjectivity, truth being only what rabbis say it is, this for collective good of Jews. See,, and for best Talmudic expo.

Such then, in strictest philosophic terms, is the basic struggle: objective vs. subjective; truth vs. lies; Christian vs. Jew. Another good descriptive dichotomy is reason vs. mysticism.

What's troubling about Mormons then AA, as I'm given to understand, is Mormons teach that human can become God, hence that there's such thing, for example, as absolutely free will of the human, etc.--and that Christ and God the Father are just a couple out of many others for other "universes."

Needless to say, if above summary of Mormonism is true, then it's just another variant of the same old putrid Judaism whence Jews make themselves God. Surely u understand AA, this HUBRIS issue, humans making themselves God, perfectly free will, goes to the heart of the issue regarding Christianity and its necessary meaning. Thanks for ur comments. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian