Friday, May 08, 2009

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Blinks, Will Allow National Alliance Cincinnati Unit To Continue The Adopt-A-Highway Contract In Florence, Kentucky

The good guys win for a change. The simmering dispute between the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC) and the National Alliance has been resolved once and for all - and KTC blinked. They will not be canceling the National Alliance contract to participate in its Adopt-A-Highway program.

Two weeks ago, the local media exposed the fact that the National Alliance's Cincinnati Unit had adopted a highway for litter control on Mall Road in Florence, Kentucky. The sign put up memorialized National Alliance founder Dr. William Pierce. KTC, fearing pressure from civil rights groups, tentatively canceled the contract. They admitted that the National Alliance kept up its end of the bargain and kept the road clean, but considered its agenda "discriminatory" and in violation of the agency's standards. But after National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe and a host of pro-White bloggers publicly spoke of legal action, KTC backed down, fearing that a lawsuit over First Amendment rights directed against them might be successful. KTC spokesman Chuck Wolfe admitted the state would likely lose such a lawsuit, based upon the precedent set by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Yarnell v. Cuffley case.

In response, Cincinnati Unit Coordinator Robert Ransdell reacted magnaminously, saying that the state's first response was simply a knee-jerk reaction to bad publicity and expressing his satisfaction that First Amendment rights prevailed. That same reaction was also posted on the National Alliance News site.


apollonian said...

Jew-Expulsion Is The Only Answer, Only Solution, No Use In "Sugar-Coating"
(Apollonian, 8 May 09)

Another interesting follow-up for a significant story (see 3 May WhiteReference blog, "Kentucky Authorities...") by AA, and it's amazing to hear the Jews backed-down--I guess they found they hadn't enough COUNTERFEITED (see below note) funds allocated to pursue the possible case through the courts. Maybe Jews wanted to reduce their public "profile."

But fact remains these Jew psychopaths are un-questionably on the offensive--as I note fm the WhiteReference blog (for Thurs., 7 May, "White Nationalist...") on Finnish patriot, Henrik Holappa, who is being prosecuted in his homeland by a Jews' lackey by name of Illman who is determined to "crush racism."

Indeed, Jews are determined to "crush" racism, nationalism, and national sovereignty, the white race, Western culture, human reason, and all/any rule-of-law in favor of their Mammonist Empire-of-lies featuring COUNTERFEITING fraud (like US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed])--see and for expo/ref.--basis of their practical power on earth.

So that's what it's down to: Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy in accord with Gosp. JOHN, and people have to have this understood most clearly in order for them, the gentile and Christian people, to have serious chance to survive.

And there's simply no way to being "nice guys" (regardless of "professionalism") about it as there aren't and can't be any such thing as "good" Jews--they're all enemies, necessarily, to Christian truth and people--AND THIS MUST BE UNDERSTOOD. We need Jew-expulsion, pure and simple, get it straight.

Ron Paul (, Dave Duke (, and AA all need to understand there's no other way--BUT JEW-EXPULSION, nothing less will do. We the people simply now need heavy doses of TRUTH and honesty--which have been overthrown by "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, gross hubris by over-populated gentiles, and especially that horrific Pelagianism ("good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy) rampant since days of J.J. Rousseau, Eng. Utilitarianism, and esp. Immanuel Kant.

So there are at least two specific things to be done by patriots and anti-semites: (a) more anti-semitic demonstrations at "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist places, as I've advocated (see previous WhiteReference blogs), and as demonstrated by heroic Pastor Carlson of

(b) On the secularist front, we need more emphasis upon the explicit COUNTERFEITING nature of Fed, which Fed and its operations are otherwise so ABSTRACT, hence not well understood by the people. "COUNTERFEITING" characterization makes it concrete so that even child can understand. "Usury" and charging of "interest," for example, is really side-issue to more important COUNTERFEITING.

Note and don't doubt we're also fighting the proverbial clock as US Dollar is getting ready to collapse, only now months away, chances dimming evermore for survival prospects of evermore people. Note I'm seriously talking 10, 15, and 20 dollar per gallon gasoline--get ready for third-world economic conditions--this is no joke, no exaggeration, comrades.

CONCLUSION: There's no way to sugar-coat the "UGLY TRUTH"--Jews are simply psychopaths (Talmudists), and they gotta GO--by means of Jew-expulsion, period. And all this business for fight for Western survival only depends upon that rational analysis, that's all--Jews are Talmudists, Talmud being ritualized murder of gentiles--see,, and for expo/ref. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Small they may be, the national alliance is light years ahead of the NSM retards...

Anonymous said...

It's still not right for White activists picking up other people's trash. The IDEA is to prevent people from littering in the first place.