Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jews In Ramapo, New York Yeshiva Perform Barbaric Kosher Slaughter Of Cow In Residential Neighborhood; Neighbors Outraged And Rabbi Apologizes

On May 5th, 2009, reports that police and health inspectors are investigating today after students and teachers at a yeshiva on Route 306 slaughtered a cow in the school's backyard on the evening of May 4th. Also discussed on Stormfront.

Ramapo police were called to 609 Route 306 shortly before 7 p.m. after neighbors called to report that students and teachers at Yeshiva Bobover had tied a cow to a tree and were slaughtering it. When police arrived they found a dead cow in the backyard. No criminal charges have been filed yet. But the incident was referred to both the Rockland Department of Health as well as town officials. The cow had apparently been purchased from a livestock company in Monticello, N.Y.

Neighbor Carol Friedman saw adults and teens from the school lead the cow from a brown van into the backyard shortly after 5 P.M. She did not see what happened in the yard, but another neighbor told her that the animal was tied to a tree and slaughtered with knives. "It's the most horrendous, barbaric thing I have ever heard of," she said. "I can't believe they would slaughter a cow in a backyard in a residential neighborhood."

Neither Rabbi Gershon Bornfreund, the operator of the yeshiva, nor Pearl River lawyer Mark Kurzmann, who is representing the school in an ongoing zoning dispute with the town, was not immediately available for comment. But he later told an Orthodox Jewish Internet site that a group of people used the yeshiva's yard to practice the rules of kosher slaughtering without permission. He said he wouldn't have allowed it.

Thomas Micelli, director of environmental heath for the Rockland Department of Health, said officials were notified of the incident on May 4th. Inspectors visited the school, located in a residential neighborhood bordering the villages of Wesley Hills and Pomona, on May 5th. Apparently, the site had been scrubbed down since the police visited the previous day, because officials found no evidence of fresh cow blood on the ground. There also was no evidence found that the meat from the cow was being consumed.

Apparently there is nothing in the county sanitary codes that addresses slaughtering animals in residential neighborhoods. But since the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates animal slaughter, the county Department of Health is providing information about the incident to state officials, who then have the option of notifying the USDA.

Since this story first broke, Rabbi Bornfreund has hand-delivered a letter of apology to people who live near the school at 609 Route 306, bordering the villages of Pomona and Wesley Hills. "The unfortunate incident that took place on Monday evening on our school property was totally not within parameters of our school charter or mission purpose," states the letter signed by Rabbi Gershon Bornfreund, administrator of the Bobover Yeshiva of Monsey. "Ritual animal slaughter is beyond the scope of elementary school education."

The yeshiva, in a Colonial-style house that town officials maintain is being illegally used as a school, will go before the town's Zoning Board next week to seek variances to allow the construction of a building on the property to serve 250 students. The 2-acre site also has a nursery school.

If you find the practice of kosher slaughter barbaric and repulsive, click HERE to sign a petition to get it banned. Read more about kosher slaughter by Dr. David Duke, who correctly anticipated the abuses at the Postville, Iowa Agriprocessors plant four years before the fact.

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Animal Rights activist and people who detest animal cruelty should unite against Jewish Kosher torture - but they just don't have the belly for it - yet.