Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jerome Ersland Out On $100,000 Bail; All Three Who Planned And Participated In The Robbery Now In Custody And Are Charged With First-Degree Murder

Pictured from left to right, Jevontia Ingram, Emanuel Mitchell, and Anthony Morrison

Update June 4th: A legal defense fund has been set up for Jerome Ersland:

Payable to: Jerome Ersland Defense Fund
First National Bank and Trust of Chickasha
302 W. Chickasha Ave or P.O. Drawer 1130
Chickasha, OK 73302.

Several new developments since my previous post. Jerome Ersland, charged with first-degree murder for defending himself against two armed robbers, has been released on $100,000 bail on condition he have no access to firearms. District Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure set bail at $100,000 and barred Ersland from any access to guns, knives or other weapons while out on bail. Ersland was then released after a supporter who Ersland had never met arranged for the bail. Discussion continues on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum, HERE and HERE.

But the big news is that all of those who either participated in or planned the robbery of the Pharmacy are now in custody. Jevontia Ingram, who is 14 years old, has been identified as the second person who robbed the pharmacy and who was the actual shooter. He was arrested about 1 p.m. on Thursday at an apartment complex at 706 NE 26 by Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputies. Ingram's mother claims the robbery wasn't Ingram's idea, but he was put up to it by Emanuel Mitchell, who likely promised the teenagers a share of the proceeds.

Oklahoma City police also arrested 31-year-old Emanuel Dewayne Mitchell after a witness followed the robber’s getaway car to the 1400 block of SE 58. Mitchell, who was released from prison last summer after serving nearly 13 years for robbery and kidnapping, was taken into custody on a complaint of possessing a stolen car. The silver Honda he had been driving was reported stolen May 17th from the Old Paris Flea Market.

And now 43-year-old Anthony Devale Morrison has also been arrested. The circumstances of his apprehension have not been publicized. But all three are now charged with first-degree murder. The three are charged under Oklahoma’s felony murder law, which says a robber, kidnapper, rapist, drug trafficker or certain other felons can be guilty of first-degree murder if someone dies as a result of the crime even if the death wasn’t intentional.

Jevontia Ingram has confessed to the robbery and shooting, and has been singing like a canary. He told police he and his friend, Parker, attempted the robbery after Mitchell and Morrison asked for their help on May 19th. Ingram described Morrison as his mother’s friend and Mitchell as Morrison’s cousin. Ingram told police his mother’s friend gave him a gun with no bullets, clothes to wear during the robbery and advised them what to demand inside the store. Ingram also said Mitchell drove him and Parker to the pharmacy in a Honda stolen two days before. He said Morrison and Morrison’s girlfriend were in another Honda parked outside.

After the robbery, Ingram said the plan had been for his mother’s friend, Morrison, to follow Mitchell, then pick him, Mitchell and Parker up so they could leave behind the stolen car. He said Mitchell did drive up as he ran from the pharmacy but that Mitchell jumped out of the stolen car. The boy said he threw the gun in the stolen Honda’s back seat and saw Mitchell return to the car and grab the gun.

Cowards. Too lazy and too scared to do their own work - they've got to go out and get a couple of kids to do the scut work. The two adults ought to be executed if found guilty.


apollonian said...

Christian Soldiers Need Rationalist, Hence Anti-Semitic, Theology
(Apollonian, 30 May 09)

Absolutey AA, u got exactly the right idea: WE'RE AT WAR, and the Jew is primary enemy along w. gentile accomplices, esp. subjectivists and moralists among the gentile accomplices, esp. the leaders of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists.

And the charge which justifies execution is TREASON--to Christian, Western culture and rule-of-law.

Problem for us is we're headed for a horrific CHAOS and confusion, product of a degenerating MAMMON culture--if "culture" is what u call it.

The COUNTERFEITED (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) monetary system, which served Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) for so long, nearly a hundred yrs now, is finally going bust. Thus topmost masterminds must make their get-away, and they're leaving the lower-level Jews and bolsheviks to take brunt of gentile revenge, gentiles unfortunately being so dis-organized.

So what can we gentiles do?--we must try to coalesce on basis of Christian reason, Christianity understood as absolutely anti-semitic--this to best and most explicitly opposing the JCs, the worst traitors and largest single faction of gentiles who aid and support the Jews. Leftists, bolsheviks, and homosexuals are the next most prominent collaborators.

What's common to all these Jew collaborators (as well as Jews) is (a) subjectivism at the base for conception of reality, and (b) the resultant subjectivist MORALISM, esp. "good-evil" Pelagian heresy, founded upon the hubristic perfectly "free" human will.

Thus to achieve this insane "good" which these subjectivists are obsessed with, they try to impose a fascist system, esp. by means of anti-racism, etc.

Immediate target for patriots then is removal of Fed COUNTERFEIT instrument which is strength of Judeo-conspirators. Simultaneously, we must institute new gov. founded upon OBJECTIVE principles and rule-of-law. Original American founders are best models.

Note then it's so difficult for people to be entirely intellectual, most people requiring leadership on sentimentalistic grounds--that's the purpose for Christianity which must be understood as absolutely ANTI-SEMITIC, again, Christianity championing TRUTH and HONESTY against Jew lies and conspiracy.

CONCLUSION: Thus truth requires objectivity as necessary criterion. Thus does philosophy and reason intersect and synthesize most rationally with theology. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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BTW - anyone know what happened to "Biff Eff" of "LA Sucks" - enjoyed his blog - but he hasn't posted since April 08 ?

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Sorry that should have been typed "Big Eff" of LA Sucks