Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fontaine Ferry Park In Louisville, Kentucky Survived Two Wars, A Depression, And A Flood, But Could Not Survive Forced Racial Integration

I read a post on the Kentuckyanna True News blog today that almost broke my heart. McKinley, the editor of the blog, embedded a news video about what was once one of the main attractions of the Greater Louisville area - Fontaine Ferry Park. Discussion of this issue also available on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Triggering the local media interest was a special exhibit on the park which began on May 16th, 2009 and will continue through September. During its heyday, Fontaine Ferry Park offered an inexpensive, safe, and popular place for the local residents to recreate and let off steam. It included a full complement of amusement park rides. It attracted big names from entertainment such as Frank Sinatra and Will Rogers. It represented the best of the classical and quintessential amusement park experience once thoroughly embedded into American culture.

As you watch the video, you'll find that many people remember their experiences at the Park fondly. You'll note that the Park survived nearly every challenge encountered - to include two world wars, a depression, and even a great flood in 1937.

What it couldn't survive was forced racial integration, and it shuttered its doors in 1969. You see, until 1964, Fontaine Ferry Park only admitted White people to its premises. The reporters on the video are surprisingly candid about the effect forced integration eventually had on the park:


The historical record shows that forced integration initially brought few problems. Meanwhile, the demographics of the west side neighborhood in which the park was located had changed steadily. Once a White neighborhood, it had morphed into a Black neighborhood. And in 1968, the first rumblings began. In response to the death of Martin Luther King in 1968, blacks chimped out and rioted all over the country. Louisville was no exception.

But Black rage did not abate in Louisville. On May 4th, 1969, Fontaine Ferry opened for the season as it had so many times before. Late in the day, the park was overrun by Black vandals. Vendors were robbed, people injured and thousands of dollars worth of property stolen or destroyed; damage was eventually estimated at $18,000. However, the worst damage was not near as visible as the broken glass and overturned booths. It quickly became apparent that already reluctant patrons were now afraid to travel to Louisville’s volatile west end. Some accounts label the rioters as common criminals; others blamed pent-up hostility over segregation. Jack Singhiser closed the park the next day. Singhiser, the man, ever concerned about his employees, cited their safety as his reason for closing the park. Singhiser, the businessman, undoubtedly knew that the changing west end was an obstacle too big for the park to overcome.

The buildings and rides sat idle for some time, only to reopen as another amusement park. Opened in 1972, the aptly named "Ghost Town on the River" lasted only three years. The area was also later renamed River Glen Park, but its duration was even shorter: one year.

The facts are inescapable; Blacks showed no gratitude for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the end of forced segregation. Instead, they looked upon it as a sign of weakness on the part of the ruling class and decided to exert "payback". As a result, Whites began avoiding Black neighborhoods and running away from Blacks; this phenomena is more explicitly described in Glenn Miller's essay, "Cowardice is the White Man's Survival Strategy". McKinley, the editor of Kentuckyanna True News, is one of the few who hasn't run. He's an interstate trucker who encounters TNB on a regular basis. In this other post, he summarizes how he's been victimized by TNB over the past five years.

Forced integration killed the Fontaine Ferry Park. Was it worth the price?


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Anonymous said...

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Hooch said...

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It doesn't surprise me that it has taken since 1994 to realize that Mandela was all smoke and mirrors. I wonder how long it will take the people of America to get over the Messiah.

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