Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Conway & Whitman Interview Vanguard News Network's Alex Linder On FM 91.7 In Los Angeles

Just discovered an excellent interview posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum. Alex Linder was interviewed by phone by Conway & Whitman, who have an interview show on FM 91.7 in Los Angeles. While neither Conway nor Whitman identify as Jewish, they initially behaved in a very snarky manner towards Linder. But Linder calmly took their insults, brushed them aside, and focused upon the message of White Nationalism. He estimates that no more than 200,000 Jews died in what is called the "Holocaust". Although a lengthy interview, it is definitely worth the time; towards the end, there are call-in guests.

The date of the interview was not disclosed, but it was posted on VNN Forum on May 12th, 2009, so it must be of recent vintage.


Hooch said...

Interesting, Apolo it appears that Alex disagrees with you as he feels that there was a holocaust but not as many of the Jews were killed as reported.

I like this Alex guy. Seems like the type of person you would want to sit around and drink a beer with.

However I would like to debate with him on his beliefs that Jews are more of a danger to society than blacks or gays. I would have to say it was liberals.

apollonian said...

Linder/VNN: Major Embarrassment For Patriot Movement, White Liberation
(Apollonian, 13 May 09)

"Hoochie" Jew, u piece-of-shit, u're back. Golly, but I thought ur MOSSAD controllers had informed u u were counter-productive with ur stupidity and ignorance--like blaming Muslims for Koran, but not Jews for Talmud, getting shown-up for Jew financing of pol. parties, 60% for Dems, 35% for Reps., this confirmed by Prof. James Petras in his work, "The Power Of Israel In The US."

Of course we know, "Hooch"-Jew, ur very purpose and reason for appearing is to serve ur Jew masters--which u've even admitted, though u pretended to be joking.

Alex Linder/VNN (VanguardNewsNetwork.com) is a known, avowed, and professed Satanist and anti-Christ--I don't know why AA/WhiteReference gives him standing, featuring Linder as on this blog--Linder/VNN is essentially embarrassment to patriot movement, and he really has nothing of substance to say or report in these radio recordings on obvious Jew-queer programs where he merely lends himself to gross, idiotic Jew-queer abuse--though it was interesting, I thought, for the one lady who told of how much she agreed with Linder.

We Christians suspect Linder/VNN is getting significant Jew funding for purpose of embarrassing and subverting white racialistic patriots, ISOLATING whites against all the rest of people, thus allowing Jews to pretend they're among the people being oppressed or "targeted" by whites.

There seem to be various different shows featured for the blog's embedded link. Again, I don't understand the purpose or use of Linder's appearing upon such queer radio-show where he's abused, baited, interrupted, harassed, etc.

CONCLUSION: If any readers want to ck "Hooch" Jew's sort of dialectic and lies, all he needs do is refer back to previous WhiteReference blogs where there 20 or more comment entries--which indicate "Hooch" Jew's numerous attempts to "debate" the mighty Apollonian. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Question said...

When did Alex Linder "profess" to being a satanist?

Hooch said...

I doubt he did, Apolo is a notorious liar who wishes that child molestation was accepted, thinks that there was no holocaust at all and not a single Jew was emaciated or killed by the Russians, Poles or Germans, wishes to team up with negros and wet backs to fight the Jews, and a bunch of other stupid ideas.

Kyle said...

this was at least 2 years old, before the Knoxville incidence.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is two years old. Alex got interviewed after we dropped the Aryan Alternative all around multi million dollar homes in Hollywood!!!