Sunday, May 10, 2009

About 300 Members Of Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi) Greek Patriot Organization Clash With 150 Reds Defending Illegal Alien Squatters In Athens

On May 9th, 2009, approximately 300 members of the Greek nationalist group Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) were attacked by 150 Reds during a rally in front of a disused Athens courthouse which is currently used as a flophouse by an estimated 500 illegal immigrant squatters, mostly from Morocco. Nine police officers and five illegal aliens were injured; three youths were arrested. Photo courtesy of Golden Dawn

Media stories published by Sky News, the Southeast European Times, Deutsche Welle, and Focus News.

The Golden Dawn activists had assembled to protest the presence of the illegal squatters in the building. The squatters have been living there for months amidst piles of fetid rubbish and human waste without electricity, running water or sanitation, and it was rapidly becoming a health hazard. The activists initially waved banners reading "Foreigners mean crime" and "We have become foreigners in our own country". However, when the Golden Dawn activists moved to dislodge the squatters, a group of about 150 anarchists attacked them with stones and Molotov cocktails, while squatters bombarded them with more stones from the upper floors of the courthouse. Police eventually used tear gas to disperse the crowds and restore order.

Afterwards, one of the squatters cried to the media. "We didn't do anything. Why do they treat us like this?" said Fouad, a 33-year-old Moroccan immigrant living in the eight-storey building. "The police did nothing... here in Greece, human rights don't exist." Greek video, which I found on Stormfront, embedded below, all commentary in Greek; they interview two antifa chicks and some Pakistanis. If you don't want to listen to it, slide forward to the 7-minute point where the action begins:

Αντιρατσιστική πορεία 9-5-09 from tv xoris sinora on Vimeo.

Aid workers said conditions at the courthouse had been allowed to spiral out of control and turn into a public health hazard. The building is owned by an insurance fund and has been vacant since 2000. Greece is on a main smuggling route for immigrants heading to Europe, with tens of thousands entering the country every year in search of work. A story since published by Kathiremini better defines the problem; they show that 146,337 migrants were arrested in 2008 crossing into Greece, mostly by boat. During 2008, a record number of traffickers, 2,211, were also caught. That same year, Greece ordered the expulsion of some 88,000 people but only 18,000 were actually expelled, according to police figures. These numbers might seem insignificant to us Americans, since we officially have 12 million illegals in our country. However, Greece's population is only 11.2 million, so 146,000+ illegals is a significant burden for them.

To counter media bias against the Greek patriots, the Golden Dawn blog is available. The Greek-language version is called Xryshaygh, while an English translation is available HERE.


Greek said...

Hail brothers from Greece.
I am a member from nationalist group Golden Dawn.
because i saw you dont have our photos from this rally,i will send you to post them.

Greetings from Greece.
Keep your good work!!

Greek said...
The article (Η ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΑΝΗΚΕΙ ΣΤΟΥΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ! )means Greece belongs only to Greeks,you will see 5 photos from this rally.
Also check :(οne photo)


Αlso:(3 photos)

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks for the links. I have now posted one of the photos. Great job by the Golden Dawn!

sub1% said...

14 new photos....

racial greetings from Hellas!

phalax said...

i am a Greek from Australia, people like you make me proud of my heritage, keep up the good work and as soon as we fix those fyrm, inbreeds the better.Soon I will be back in Xanthi

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Hails from Finland

Keep up the good work. Never surrender!

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