Saturday, April 18, 2009

Up To 100 Patriots Participate In National Socialist Movement 35th Anniversary Rally Under The Gateway Arch In St. Louis, Opposed By 150 Anti-Racists

"In the center of the picture, wearing the traditional SA uniform, is Cliff Herrington. He is the former Chairman of the NSM and was invited for historical purposes. It would have been disrespectful to leave him out, since it's an anniversary celebration. Herrington has been the source of some controversy in the past."

The highly-touted 35th anniversary rally by the National Socialist Movement took place on April 18th, 2009 under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The reported number of patriots participating varies, with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporting 70, while local broadcast media outlets report up to 100.

Media sources:

-- St. Louis Post-Dispatch
-- KMOV Channel 4: Bank of 25 photos HERE, non-embeddable news video HERE.
-- KTVI Channel 2
-- Belleville (IL) News-Democrat

KTVI news video finally available and embedded below:

KMOV Channel 4 news video, now embeddable thanks to YouTube

KSDK Channel 5 news video embedded below (included interview with Commander Jeff Schoep):

The rally, which is a part of the NSM's National Meeting commemorating the 35th anniversary of the NSM's existence, lasted from 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. But a half-hour before the rally officially began, one Negro male was arrested for creating a public disturbance. The Negro male broke through a barrier where the NSM were preparing for the start of the rally and approached the NSM cadre, shouting profanities at them. He was immediately tackled by police, handcuffed and taken from the scene.

The rally began in earnest at 2 P.M., with the NSM contingent marching into the sequestered area. They shouted "USA! USA!," "Immigrants Go Home!" and "Sieg Heil." Opposing them at the scene were approximately 150 anti-racists who gathered outside the barricades. The antis yelled obscenities and extended middle fingers. An estimated 40 Park Service rangers and St. Louis police officers were on hand to keep order.

In a statement posted on the Internet, Steven Boswell, the NSM leader in Missouri, said the purpose of the rally is to send a message from St. Louis to Washington. "When the average American has absolutely no voice; it is high time we stand up. It is high time we defend ourselves. It is high time we take our country back," the statement said.

A second anti-racist counter-rally, originally organized by the Anti-Defamation League, took place at nearby Forest Park at the bottom of Art Hill. This counter-rally featured area clergy and assorted other groups protesting the NSM's presence in St. Louis.

Discussion threads on New Nation News and Stormfront. Another fine job by the NSM. A lot of people within the WN community bitch about them, but they get out there and get the job done.


CromForever77 said...
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Michael Burks said...

Who cares if they were flagless? NSM is a disgrace. "White power" ? People like this are on of many reasons I have no desire to be pro-white. NSM is one of many reasons I quit the movement. Their leader is a deadbeat dad. One of their members is on the run from police. Many of their ex members were Satanists. And who can forget all the sodmomites within NSM. Anyone reading this, do yourself a favor. Get away from the Nazi movement. Do something useful with your life.

Anonymous said...

National Socialist Movement satanists?

Hess is rolling around in his grave!

How dare these devil loving shitheads poison the good name of National Socialism with their satanic bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Being on the run from the JudaeoUS legal system doesn't make one unfit now does it ? I haven't heard of NSM conducting "Bohemian Grove" type ceremonies. Probably many are not "Christians" and may indulge in Odinism, some are probably simply diest - at least they have the balls to stand up and stand out. The time is NOW to go with an aggressive White only organization - the candy ass Republicans just aren't going to hack it ! Looking for perfection ? I suppose Michael aka "Martin" L King, noted plagiarizer, whore monger and all round Red was a problem for the Commies ?

apollonian said...

Don't, Don't, Don't Listen To NSM--Repeat After Me: They're "Insignificant"
(Apollonian, 19 Apr 09)

Great journalism once again, AA. I ck'd the two "mainstream" -type sources u give (Post-Dispatch and News-Democrat), and urs is by far the most detailed and in-depth reporting with the real info. No wonder those anti-social (pro-Jew) rags are all going out of business--what good are they to anyone human?

There were some cute girls in with the NSM folks, I see by the videos, who thus did most excellent work. Jews still have everyone so psyched out. Poor people don't realize what's about to hit them, coming soon (collapse of US Dollar).

I notice that worthless, platitudinizing punk at AccessStLouis has the usual nothing to say or report--what a loser. The little bastard there (Access...) told me back on 13th Apr I'm in for "surprise"--but I'm not surprised I haven't been surprised. Little bastard doesn't like me commenting on his nowhere blog for nobody, poor little scum-ball.

So now how should I begin the commentary?--well, my usual Christian invocation will surely be understood for WhiteReference fans and regulars--Christian component gives greatest possible cultural/psychologic depth for things. Christians are the original nazis and anti-semites, never forget. And Gosp. JOHN makes things simple and most RATIONAL for folks: Christian TRUTH (hence honesty) vs. Jew lies and conspiracy.

But aside fm Christian commentary, I note most interestingly, once again, for all our fans and respondents, how so EXTREMELY important and urgent it is for ADL, queers, and "anti-racist" scum (mainly Jews and queers, again) to make it such a pt. to show how "insignificant" are such as nazis and NSM, etc. By golly, but they (Jews, et al.) sure did succeed, I'll say.

Thus the whites and Christians, I'm sure, are all saying to themselves, "right on NSM." We even got Mike Burks, that pure traitorous filth, to chime in trying to persuade us NSM and nazis are so "insignificant." Right on Burks, if u say so it surely must be true, u piece of shit that stinks.

The next step is for such as NSM and other dedicated folks to get out to "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) places on Sundays and pt. out how JCs are being betrayed and lied-to by their leaders and Jews. Christ was ABSOLUTELY anti-semitic (anti-Talmudic as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), etc.

This simple Christian-oriented activity is what will be most effective, in the long-run, by far. And it's something such as NSM people can well do and accomplish with greatest of ease--THEY DON'T GOTTA PREACH "CHRISTIANITY" SO Much--all they need do is speak against Jews and the JC leaders who are lying to the poor JC people--that's all. "Jews" are Talmudists, and NOT NOT NOT same as Judeans or Israelites, for goodness sakes.

CONCLUSION: And pt. is, again, there IS definite doomsday coming up, imminent, looming ever-nearer--the day when US Dollar finally collapses--and that's going to be FOREVER, AA. Keep up ur great work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Drury said...

I don't believe Herrington was invited for annivarsary purposes. He was kicked out by Jeff Schoep and Col. Tim Bishop when it was discovered he had Satanist connections along with his wife. Great damage was done because of the scandal. He's back and probably pulling NSM strings because Schoep is a fuc*ed up leader.

Anonymous said...

If you want to join a honorable racialist group that is actually going somewhere check out the NSALP:

They don't even charge membership dues!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - I am aware of the NSALP. They just purchased Zog's Nightmare and are leaving its vast racial library intact.

Anonymous said...

Hail the NSM! That is pathetic how the former members spread rumors and lies about the National Socialist Movement. The NSM is a real patriot group, and I don't care about the rumors and lies. I don't care about the TMZ neither.


Anonymous said...

Former members spread lies? So Herrington isn't a devil worshipper?

Your the one spreading lies Joanna

Anonymous said...

Why do the degenerates that were thrown out of the NSM keep consuming themseleves with drama about everything the NSM does?

The rejects that keep up the drama were thrown from the NSM for doing the same thing in the ranks, causing division, and now they are gone and the Party is stronger without them and their ilk.

Now that Bill White's drama has stopped the NSLAP, and the rejects booted from the NSM have taken up the drama queen torch, instead of doing real actions they follow around the work of the NSM and stir filth, no different than the ARA, actually if they are not anti-racist action themselves, then why else would they discourage actions of the NSM.

When these bottom feeding turds do a demo with 1/2 the men and women the NSM can bring then maybe they have the right to talk, oh whooops, wait a second, none of the NSLAP's, or NSOA or whatever the new faction of the day is people have done any rallys, or events anywhere, just pretend events with no photo's of events that never happened.

Its one thing to be disgruntled ex-members of a group, but its quite another to be acting like anti-racist scum attacking other Pro-White groups whether you like them or not.

Nice to see the Illinois NS and NSM cooperating in the streets of Skokie also, seems both groups wish to move forward and stood together against the real enemy. HEIL HITLER! From the streets of DETROIT

Anonymous said...

Heil the NSM! Heil our Chairman Herrington! Togehter with the powers of lucifer we will smash the jews! All heil satan! Lucifer is lord of all!

dog said...

Jeff Schoep is an anti-racist jew who runs an anti-racist organization...who give a shit how many freaks, devil worshipers and faggots attend their circus?

The NSM has a history of train wrecks, scandals and drunken stupidity. Dozens of informants have infiltrated, Dave Gletty and Justin Boyer are two that come to mind.

Yes the NSM numbers are growing, thanks to Chairman Herrington's Joy Of Satan followers. Hitler would have had them all shot!

Now that Herrington and his unholy hordes are taking over jeffie's group, he has nothing left but cheap vodka and sodomy with his non-white, big nosed & fat-assed mistress.

Remember How Jewboy Jeffie discarded his common-law wife and Angela? He also discarged six children, This act of dishonor forced Bishop to resign. If you can't be loyal to your family you can't be loyal to any cause.

Jeff's first wife, shannon Simon was a jew he married when she was 16! He had knocked her up!

Yes the NSM will continue to grown, as more and more satanists put on the devil-black uniform for lucifer.

They all should be shot!

Anonymous said...

What you said is all true: The NSM do the work of the jew and the jew media.

Satanism and National Socialist are about as compatible as Communism and National Socialism.

None can deny Clifford's attraction Lucifer. I see the NSM supporter here, instead of admitting it they avoids the issue.

Dick Cheney said...

I bet Jeff goes to the Synagogue every Saturday...

Mark Hart said...

The NSM is a group of lies. The say their for National Socialism while they act very unnational socialistic. The movement be better off if the NSM leadership would kill themselves, such behavior is worthy of death.

Boy George said...

But I have met the cutest guys with the tightest butts in the NSM! Wilson is quite the Butt stud!

Anonymous said...

NSALP is a net nazi group, they bought zogsnightmare because they are nothing, and needed a boast.

They claim to be christians, and not a hate group, but they still say the "N" word but are not acting like christians.

Be warned this group is a fence for the jews.

They are taking your names and information for the goverment, they report to ADL, that is why they are not listed there.

Yes no membership dues, but you are to give "donations"

I know all of this, cause I use to be a member of NSALP.

I left because they kept on attacking what another group like NSM does and Aryan Nations

They are wanting the coverage but never will because they are just a net nazi group, sitting on line doing nothing but talking, wanting "donations", from their members.

Stay away from NSALP !

Anonymous said...

I waa a member too, they are a joke to the movement, if Hitler was alive the nsalp would be sitting in the ovens now.

I'm glad I got out, cause I was tired of being laughed at.

If you attack another group like AN, NSM and only do this cause you are wanting to be little them. It is wrong, cause they are not doing anything but hurt white america.

When I heard the Chairman Kreps talk about AN and them being a Social Socialist front only to be used cause they are full of feds, I knew this guy is crazy !

I agree stay away from this jew site full of net nazis known as NSALP

Anonymous said...


NSALP is a front working with ADL?

Thanks for the warning.

Anonymous said...

Sorry boys, I am sure those of you who bash the NSALP and who claim to be "former" Members are those whom didn't pass standards or were ignored or kicked out. NSALP turns down far more than they accept. Unlike the NSM, , the NSALP will never have sex offenders, perverts, rapists, pedophiles in its organization, nor will the NSALP merge with a Sataic Cult, or recruit from prisons to boost its membership because it cannot compete in the battle of ideas. Atleast the NSALP Membership can vote, unlike the felons in the NSM.

Finally, the NSALP, is far from a net-naz- group. In terms of per capita growth and organization, it is larger than the NSM and ANP, and has far more quality Members. And unlike the NSM, the NSALP Leadership has no crimonal records and did not walk out on their children. The bogus lie that the NSALP is in bed with the ADL, that his bunk to perhaps you all should ask yourselves about the l;arge number of NSM Members who have left that Organization due to Plea Agreements with the Feds and who are currently talking to the Feds.

The difference between the NSALP and the street gang type wanne bee groupies that you all are, is that the NSALP operates as a truye National Socialist Political entity, no freaks, no criminals, and and no flakes who have to spread lies in order to be self imortant because they lack the basic ambition to even masturbate or move out of momma's house.

Anonymous said...

By the way, what does the NSM do with the Membership Dues that are required? The difference between a Donantion and dues, is that dues are Mandatory or you cannot be a Member. So, I would think that anyone who is a dues paying Member can ask for a Audited Financial Statement of the Organization. Given that the NSM, is a Dues Collecting Entity. Has the NSM filed the proper Reports?

Anonymous said...

The NSM is a front for satanism which is far from the original ideals of National Socialism. I believe my chairman when it comes to the truth about these National Socialist impersonators. They are Such fakes so don't for the sake of the nation, be fooled by these guys.

Anonymous said...

these f***ing ahole's are nothing but satinist's and nazi wana bees if you want a real national socialist group join us at the nsalp we are a real political group with very high standard's for membership not like the pedophile's and criminal's at the nsm they are led by a dead beat dad and just allied with the joy of satan what a bunch of losers

Anonymous said...

WTF I wouldn't put ole Schoeppe in charge of taking care of my garbage, wouldn't know what he would do with it. I say if you want to join a real group, join the NSALP, Chairman Krebs standards are way higher, just to get in. And the satanist, and jew run NSM need to get their people and group in order, or get the he^^ out of the game. Not only will you lose, but you will lose everything. And you will have noone to blame but yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I,am also a member of the NSALP and they are NOT a fence for the jews! If you are wondering about the NSALP. I can tell you there is no better REAL PARTY out there. Rev.Hamilton & Chairman Kreps are two of the best a party can have! I,am over 50 a caregiver to my 87 year old mom. Chairman C. Kreps send me gifts for her! , Would any other Chairman take the time to do that!!? or would they just ask for $$$!! They are GOOD people & I,am proud to be a member of the NSALP!! Gott mit uns Erik e.

Anonymous said...

I joined the real NS American Labor Party at yahoo groups.

Bran was the one that founded NSALP who is chairman krebs? Some guy Bran kicked out as you read on the yahoo group, he kicked him out because his ties with jews in his business. And I heard his kids are have jewish in them, what is up with this.

The real NSALP is not a jewish group and the only reason why we are not so active is cause founder Bran is working on getting us waived as a hate group, him and his wife are working hard to keep us off the ADL site.

Chair man Krebs is fighing in court to keep some of the remaining profits from the start of NSALP. And all of Brans money goes to this causs.

And stay away from splitter groups like the fraud of one that bought a website like zogskitemare.

Anonymous said...

You mean to say they bought zogsnightmare.

Why is it thay say they are not a hate group, and still you the niggers, and kikes and so foul lang
and still they are not a hate group?

I was looking at the ADL jew site, and they have nothing at all about this group.

Now before any one says that is because they are not a hate grouo.

I saw a list of Christian groups listed there as well, and other poltical grassroot groups there as well, like the ones that speak against Obama, gays, etc.. they are listed.

But NSALP and zogsnightmere is not????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

strange if you ask me.

Sounds like they are trying to make other groups look silly.

Chairman jew and Matt will get his in hell, and anybody who thinks other wise,

An eye for a Eye!

Anonymous said...

I was not even going to reply to such garbage, but I think I must to defend NSALP.

NSALP is the only group out there to join. Yes it is true we do not expect our members to send in "donations".

But open gifts.

It is like the group G. Bush was in college the "skulls"

We expect all out members to help us out in the asspects that we are the new NS in America, in the World.

Yes we bought the wonderful site zogsnightmare because they have many hits and you know what this is non of you stupid mother fucking business how I run my group.

I am the chairman and I demand fucking respect.

And no non of my children nor wife is jewish.

Stop talking about this fucking stupid shit, or I will get you at the end of the day and fuck your world over.

Fuck Bran and his old lady.

NSALP is not a jew grouo.

We are a political group and we are active everyday.

The reason why you don't see us as much is cause we are building our group up, everyday many are calling the phone line, the phones are ringing off the hook.

So shut your stupid mouths up and burn in hell.

"The time is yours. What happens with it depends on You."

Christoper Krebs
General Chairman
National Socialist American Labor Party

Anonymous said...



just say no to krebs and his dope selling life styles said...

who is chairman krebs and what is nsap. he does dope?

Matt said...

What has NSALP, and ZogsNightMare done for the White Race?

Are they recruiting members to gain money to line their own pockets up with.

Most likely they are even though they say membership is free.

But at the end of the day they request donations to be sent to this Party.

So therefore membership is not free as they said before.

I read the guy who runs zogsnightmare as the webmaster is a informant with the jews.

NSALP says they are not a hate group, but after looking at thier zogsnightmare website. I see they reall are one. And everything else at there other website is just a cover up.

Why have two websites?

Maybe to cater to two different sides.

I don't think Chairman Crebs sniffs coke.

The only thing he seems to be sniffing is the jew's buttholes and their informants.

Anonymous said...

The best NS organization is the American Nazi Party led by Rocky Suhayda. They have NS 2008 Presidential candidate Bowles as a member too.

Chris said...

Can I join the NSALP?

I use to be a member of the Aryan Nations back when R. Butler had it, and the things that are being run now, is very crazy.

Why would our leader be talking to jhad?

The Klan is not much better, sitting and doing nothing.

So I ask can I join NSALP I live in Oklahoma and I want to be part of this party.


I see no way of contact so please update your page so I can send my membership application in.

Time is wasting away for America