Monday, April 13, 2009

Todd Hartley Finally Reveals Why He Shut Down, And Why It Won't Be Coming Back

One of the more surprising and disappointing events in cyberspace was the sudden disappearance of one of the most popular grass-roots political websites on the Internet - Shortly after I posted about it on December 30th, 2008, taking the website owner Todd Hartley to task for censoring stories and comments about race, regardless of style, Hartley abruptly pulled the site without warning on January 30th, 2009. I don't believe the two events were related - I sure as hell hope not.

But someone who contacted Hartley via his Facebook site got an answer from him, and posted it as a comment to my previous post:

blight said...
To BEBE, et al, Todd replied to my query on took 10+ days so I assumed he wasnt going to answer.......he did in a very civil way and summed it up like this-he said he'd been working 7 days a week on phxnews, was shunning his family/wife/etc and had some other project taking off ( did admit to not being one to argue and he felt phxnews had gotten a bit out of hand in that dept....said he 'woke up one morning and couldnt stomach doing it any longer and turned it off'..........we exchanged a few more notes and that was basically it..........B
4:45 AM

The bottom line: Phxnews was consuming too much of his life, taking too much time away from his family, and the aggravation was becoming too much. Understandable, although I wish he had given us some warning and posted a message announcing his intent to take the site down before he did it.

Todd Hartley tried to avoid political correctness as much as possible. He paid a price for his tolerance - back in 2007, Google de-listed the site from their News search results because of too many "complaints" about commentary critical of Muslims. Hartley also ran afoul of the infamous Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons, who blogs under the name of Feathered Bastard (and he is a bastard). You can read about an exchange between the two HERE. Lemons is notorious for stalking Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who believes that illegal aliens are truly illegal and must be removed, and who takes short shrift with petty hoodlums. Basically, the Phoenix New Times is a trashy hippie newspaper suitable only for litter boxes and bird cages; it's not fit for human consumption.

Nevertheless, despite the pressure, Todd Hartley continued to allow a wide ideological range of content, only asking for some perfunctory civility in style. And it worked - until late in 2008, when he started censoring stories about racial issues, regardless of the style. Like it or not, race needs to be discussed; as long as non-whites, Jews, and their anti-racist white allies do it, we're entitled to do it as well. But finally, he had enough and pulled the plug on January 30th.

Subsequent comments to my previous post hint at the possibility that Todd Hartley might team up with former tag-team partner Charles Goyette to do something in the future, but that's mere conjecture at this point. The fact is, Phxnews is gone and it isn't coming back. It's too bad, but when something like that begins to grow stale on you, sometimes the best thing to do is to pull the plug. Unless you're like Frank Weltner, and can find someone like James Stenzel to take over your website. But Jew Watch isn't as famous under Stenzel as it was under Weltner, for some reason.

I thank Todd Hartley for running a good website for many years and I wish him well. Also a thumbs up to Phxnews posters like Bebe, West Valley, Chiefluh, and a few others. Surprisingly, long time poster Mr. Meangenes never mentioned Hartley's departure on his blog; perhaps he was too busy talking to Mrs. Goose or Mrs. Rabbit, or perhaps wanking it to his full-size autographed wall poster of Dick Cheney (Mr. Meangenes was the ultimate neocon).


apollonian said...

Person-To-Person Is Next, Crushing, Consummating Step For Christian Patriots, Soldiers
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 09)

Well AA, interesting post by WhiteReference once again; u seem to be looking for an analysis of Mr. Hartley, (a), and then perhaps for Hartley's place (b) within the larger political/historical situation--as for present moment in history.

And thus I suggest the sheer tiring effort and thanklessness discovered by Hartley for trying to be too many things for too many people. The other observation is U'RE DOOMED--UNLESS u serve the Judeo-conspirators in some manner--as we see our dear "feathered bastard" (aptly named) punk does so cheerfully, keeping the queers informed and "up-dated." Note queers are riding high lately, in view of state of Vermont's legalizing queer "marriages"--this is bad news for the children of the nation.

For note u cannot "win" against such as "feathered bastard," whose only purpose is to keep harassing patriot targets so that Judeo-conspirators (see ref. note below) can utterly blind-side and level u when u get nice and distracted. "Feathered bastard" is simply a professional harridan--a skirmisher and "scout," so to speak, for the JDL, SPLC, et al.

U must not forget the large strategic configuration/set-up by which "powers" at top are COUNTERFEIT conspirators who KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE DOING--we gotta get hip, and help inform all patriots and comrades.

"Feathered bastard," Jew and queer cohorts will always be well-funded and supported; u, and we, and such as Todd Hartley will always be strapped for funds and harassed in multiple ways--ALWAYS. AA, we gotta get hip.

Note the large opposite poles: (a) Christian TRUTH on the one hand, and (b) Jew lies and conspiracy on the other--this in accord w. that sublime Gosp. JOHN--which gives the BEST OVERALL THEOLOGIC CONTEXT (even better than St. Paul's).

And CYCLIC history of things shows us (1) who has the advantage in general, and (2) who has advantage at this present moment. For who has all the money?--who just COUNTERFEITS it up whenever they need it? See for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting fraud.

Truth-seekers always tend to be individualistic, even isolated--classic "lone wolves." Jews and queers are always well- and brilliantly-organized and funded, ALWAYS, for such is nature of things. Great mass of people/volk are always in the middle, desperate for "leadership."

Note then, comrade AA, in the great CYCLE of things, Jew PARASITES (disease-of-opportunity, etc.) will defeat themselves as they succeed in destroying the host/victim--which is what's happening, evermore.

Thus we observe, as "there is no honor among thieves," Jews, parasites, et al., must begin to "falling-out" against one another as, again, we see Walt-Mearsheimer CFR-Bilderberg conspirators (see and for expo/ref.) putting "finger" on "The Israel Lobby." Thus the great "good-cop vs. bad-cop" diversion distracts attn of people.

But now I've just recently had a great "vision," comrade AA, and it's this: WE WILL "WIN" AS WE GET OUT DOING MORE PERSON-TO-PERSON TYPE "PREACHING" of that precious TRUTH for our fellow citizens--no less than those magnificent saints did during ORIGINAL Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. For that Christian person-to-person activity is absolutely invincible, and cannot be beaten.

THE ONLY problem then for our side (Christian TRUTH) is what exactly the info it is we impart most for our comrades and dear volk. For many of our comrades are only anxious for EXACTLY what to say, what to emphasize, and how to start-off for that info (truth).

And note I've already pt'd out the WEAK POINT, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who are taught by liars, traitors, and false-prophets Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist)--this when easily referenced truth is Christ repudiated Talmud in no uncertain terms (Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and Talmudists (JOHN 8:44) too. Don't forget also that entire lovely 23rd chapter of Gosp. MATT.

Then there's the philosophic-type little tidbits to effect, TRUTH necessitates an OBJECTIVE reality, while Jew lies are ALWAYS founded upon subjectivism, hence "moralism" like "good-evil" (Pelagian hereticalism, part of JC hereticalism, but also others too, even atheists) and "love" of St. Paul (for "love" is ONLY appropriate for allies).

Topmost ethical virtue, once again, is HONESTY, this in obvious accord with topmost metaphysical value, TRUTH, again, and again, and again. Preaching involves emphasis and REPETITION of the right things at right times. Only practice then makes one good at such "preaching."

Thus we patriots begin FIRST practicing this person-to-person preaching upon one another--making us most ready and primed then to go out among the dear people, we being simply latter-day APOSTLES. Blogging, like on WhiteReference, is good enough practice for many of us.

So that's what I have for us right at the moment, comrade AA, again--WE'LL KNOW WE'RE "WINNING" AS WE SEE MORE comrades and patriots out "preaching" most earnestly, person-to-person like those original Christian soldiers of yore.

Only problem, again, is WHAT exactly to start with to tell folks, and WHAT to emphasize most--which I give above, again: "IT'S JEWS, STUPID." Purpose of Christianity is absolute anti-semitism, dummies.

Who did 9-11?--Jews ("neo-cons"), obviously (see Who benefits fm recent "bail-outs"?--who do u think? Look at Bernie Madoff's nose--is he a kike or what?

Thus soon enough, comrade AA, our people are going to wake-up to interesting fact: there's a reason why we've fallen so far fm real Christianity. There's reason why Christianity is so reviled and especially mis-represented by scum and Jews. COUNTERFEITERS directly fund the JCs, u may be sure--it all goes together with a perfect, consistent logic. "It's Jews, stupid."

It's always going to be a few of us Christian soldiers at one pole against a few most devilish Judeo-conspirators at the other pole, MOST other people in the middle. We have to rely, to great extent, upon the poor goyim and masses in the middle who desperately want to survive, and who realize they've been lied-to by Jews and their gentile (esp. JCs) and queer suck-alongs. And again, the more of our people out "preaching" truth, person-to-person, the better we'll be seen (even among goyim) as doing, and the more successful we'll actually be.

CONCLUSION: Passing out flyers is indubitably good beginning step--but note again, it's only, properly understood, the beginning. Person-to-person now is the next consummating anti-semitic step. We're almost there, good Christian comrades; keep up ur excellent work of truth and information. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Jeff Harper said...

Anonymous said...

Good post and comments.

I sure do miss some of those of phxnews. Except the libtards such as (Tink, Salty, AFS, Chris Sal,wtro, etc) who will never learn. They are the ultimate brainwashed useful idiots.

Can't say much for the neo-cons or the bench sitters either. They sway back and forth and refuse to see the whole picture and hate controversy, thereby are of no use to our survival or to their own. They will wake up when it is too late. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

If you remember Todd's breaking point was the race issue and was tired of people being so insulting.

As a shock to all of us he related he had relitives of mixed race and was not going to endure insults.

The hatred you all put forth was the end of your forum!

Sorry Loosers! - End of Game.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's LOSER, not loosers....

Care to clarify instead of a drive-by attack? For one list your phxnews name or are you one of those who love to attack anonymously. A real braveheart you are. Typical lefty jibberish.


Anonymous said...

Well as I live and breath, never thought I read you again, this is Dalgast, I think I was one of only a hand full of posted Todd did an interview. After I moved to Alabama, got on a fourm here, just wasn't the same. Made a name for myself here, been kicked off three times, and even my name has been made a trigger word. I owe all my success to my training on And if Todds reads this, I still have your podcast sticker on my truck. Really nice to know what happened. But, your right, it need to be talked about.

Anonymous said...


And die it did.

"Anonymous said...
If you remember Todd's breaking point was the race issue and was tired of people being so insulting.

As a shock to all of us he related he had relitives of mixed race and was not going to endure insults.

The hatred you all put forth was the end of your forum!"