Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three White Students At Lewis University In Illinois Charged With Making Racial Comments And Displaying A Noose To Three Black Female Students

The three students at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois pictured above have been charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly making racial comments and gestures. This post cobbled together from a number of incomplete media stories, to include WLS Channel 7 in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune, the Herald-News, and the Lewis University website. Active Topix forum available HERE.

On Thursday April 16th, 2009, Romeoville police arrested 21-year-old Matthew McCormack of Schaumburg, 19-year-old Daniel Rusch of Schaumburg, and and 20-year-old Michael Lisman of Kansas City at the campus' North Hall. Originally booked for a hate crime, the charges were subsequently downgraded to disorderly conduct for each one. According to police, three Black female residents of a North Hall dormitory reported that the men, who were in the room directly above theirs, were partying and making racial slurs and threatening remarks about 1 A.M. The females allege that the men also lowered a noose in front of their window.

One of their alleged victims, who remains unidentified, says they should be charged with a hate crime. "I really need more to be done. Disorderly conduct is not enough when you know peoples' lives have felt to be in danger," said the student.

The three students have been restricted from campus pending a student judicial hearing. Campus Security is still conducting an investigation as part of the University's judicial process. Lewis University issued the following statement: "Actions of this nature will not be tolerated. The Lewis University Mission value of Justice affirms the equal dignity of every person. We are called as Lewis community members to value diversity and move beyond constraints of differences in order to foster unity".

I'd almost be willing to bet my next paycheck that the noose story is made up. The girls probably threw that in to get a more expeditious police response.

Comments on the Topix forum, for the most part, question whether this should really be such a big deal. In contrast, comments to the Tribune story are less supportive - one individual suggests they should be charged with a hate crime, forced into therapy, and required to socialize with Blacks to find out what they're really like.

Perhaps the reason the White students have negative attitudes towards Blacks is because they ALREADY have socialized with them and KNOW what they're like. Exposure to TNB is a sure-fire cure for diversity.


apollonian said...

Civil War Approaches: Christian Rationalism Only Feasible Rallying, Integrating Ideal
(Apollonian, 21 Apr 09)

AA, I'd say this general harassment activity, even regardless of exact facts in question, herein reported about Lewis U. in Illinois, is general preliminary to a larger civil-war which is brewing and impending and which Judeo-conspiratorial (see TheNewAmerican.com and AugustReview.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) powers are trying to foment and instigate. What if the allegations of the blacks are actually true?--what real difference would it make?

For it's now obvious to EVERYONE the different races cannot co-exist in peace, certainly not under present fascist, imperial conditions--and they weren't ever meant to do so. I went to the "Active Topix" forum u cite and found this gem:

"I personnaly know of an incident at my sons high school. A boy's bus was followed home by three other students. The three waited in hiding, beat the boy badly, robbed him and let him know it was because of his race. The school district said that because the boy could not identify the attackers, and that is occurred off campus, there was nothing they could do. Yes, the boy beaten was white. The three attackers were black. The attackers made numerous threats that this "m********** craker better keep his mouth shut. The boy required 16 stitches, and missed one week of school.
Now, to the repsonders that accuse me of being racist, I ask you this. If the races in this attack were reversed, would the district dismissed it because the boys cold i.d. his attackers, and it was off campus. I say absolutely NO. It would have been labled a hate crime, and their would have been a vigerous investigation." -Karl, Griffith, IN

Thus the information is constant and consistent regarding the general anti-human, anti-social activities of Judeo-conspirators and their homosexual accomplices, and then the passive, pathetically inept reactions of an utterly confused and demoralized general population.

For the vital and vigorous Christian culture which prevailed at the beginning of USA is now gone--what killed it?--unquestionably it had to be the rise of Jews and their numerous COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) efforts and schemes, latest of which, the Fed, has been in constant operation for nearly a hundred years now, the functional core of present Jew New World Order (NWO).

Christian vigor and health was replaced by the hubris of success, prosperity, and now the corrupt MAMMON god of false prosperity, general confusion, disgust, and demoralization--it's actually a natural CYCLIC-type progression according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus we need a unifying force which is general enough to appeal most widely--like Christianity--but which is capable of vigorous, effective action which can solve the problems (Jews and accomplices), allowing room for such robust activists as our nazi-inspired heroes, NSM, ANSWP, etc.

Hence we only thus need a highly rationalized, rationalistic Christianity, consistent with Gosp. JOHN theme of TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy. "Faith" is simply LOYALTY--NOT that putrid mysticism which repels so many healthy intellects. For note mysticism is another horrible thing which has destroyed that formerly healthy Christianity.

And note then significance of Christian theme (Gosp. JOHN, again) of "TRUTH" is there must be an OBJECTIVE ("God-given"), hence Aristotelian, reality to provide the necessary criterion for such truth--in contrast to Jew Talmudic subjectivism wherein anything goes, basis for all the typical Jew lying--esp. then as it regards "morality" which only works to overthrow basic Christian honesty. See RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for expo/ref. on Jew Talmud.

Hence then NSM, NSALP, ANSWP, et al. might well cooperate--but only under more general Christian rationalist aegis--as they do presently and implicitly inasmuch as this is still formally the USA featuring US Constitution, etc.

Evermore, we see what Americans, Christians, gentiles, and white folk are up against--Judeo-conspiracy--as lately illustrated (just yest., for example) by the Jew US Congresswoman, Jane Harman, who conspired with Israeli AIPAC spies against US Justice Dept.

Weak-Point for Judeo-conspirators are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) hereticalists who have been so miserably mis-led and deceived by traitors and false prophets who teach Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist), etc. These JC folk seem to be legion, but still actually quite easy to deal with as we keep it simple, referring to basic New Testament (NT) literature and common-sense facts: Jews are different fm Judeans and Israelites, for example.

CONCLUSION: So AA, I really think that's where and how we'll make the next great break-through for our general patriot movement: the alliance and integration of most active, vigorous, and healthy nazi-types with rationalist Christianity preaching TRUTH (esp. according to Gosp. JOHN) and hence HONESTY, that necessary ethic which has been so corrupted by Judaic subjectivism. Nazis may have some losers and weaklings, but they're mainly just exactly the brave, healthy, and upstanding sort of folks Christian-rationalist message most needs and can well use for cause of TRUTH and volk, once again. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

He of difficult days said...

Hey, have you given up on beating up hooch?

apollonian said...

"Hooch" Jew Gave Up Under Weight Of Overwhelming Inductive Evidence
(Apollonian, 21 Apr 09)

"Hooch" (I always thought that was an utterly idiotic name) the Jew doesn't come round here no more. Evidently his ADL/SPLC handlers have assured him his cover is blown. "Hooch" Jew (and his handlers) finally seemed to realize that everything he said, anytime he said anything would draw a predictable comment fm me.

U must admit however "Hooch" Jew was persistent, making use of consistent modus operandi: (a) he would simply consistently knock the niggers (practically his entire game plan) and (b) insist Jews are/were "white," always presuming (typical of Jews) to speak as white man, (c) at same time as insisting holohoax was true, though cleverly (he thought) hedging, admitting there were lots of lies involved, and (d) that Jews are not behind liberalism or any conspiracy.

(e) Through it all, "Hooch" Jew would act belligerant, calling u a "gay" or queer, always staying on attack, imagining thereby to keeping "pressure" off and away fm himself. He surely thought he was clever as he seemed to fool Bill White himself.

Everytime "Hooch" gave himself away and was called on it, he would react with counter-attack. But he gave himself away too easily when he consistently defended Jews, as of holohoax, when he presented photographs insisting they were legitimate evidence, asking me, "can't u tell these are Jews?" (in photos), completely over-looking the Aryan/Western concept of proof/confirmation, no matter what we may think or suspect.

CONCLUSION: Thus in one sense "Hooch" Jew thought he could push with his bullshit pretending he was "white"--and on other hand he expected us whites to pretend to "thinking" like Jews, as if, "oh yeah, I can tell it's a Jew in the photo"--even though there's NO WAY to prove it one way or another--utterly bereft of any sense of Western culture, this even as he pretended to have an MBA degree. So much for "Hooch" the Jew. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

A stupid prank that served no good purpose. But they were kids...

Philip Anderson said...

Prank? Who said this nigger bitch isnt just crying racism like the nigger in duke rape case? The system is stacked agaisnt us. All we can do is fight back!

apollonian said...

JCs Are Weak Point--Must Be Attacked
(Apollonian, 21 Apr 09)

Phil: the way to attack is at the "Judeo-Christian" (JC) places on Sundays--think about it.

There (at JC places) u can attack Jew lies directly--it's what must be done. JCs are WEAK POINT to Judeo-conspiracy; u win there; we win everywhere. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Phil - that was my first instinct when I read this story. The gals downstairs were probably upset because the guys were partying a bit too hearty, so they decided to make up a story about a noose to get back at them. It's happened before.

Anonymous said...

I agree, smells like Nigger BS - but remember - in the "New American Empire" offending a Nigger in any way can result in serious jail time. A poor lady in Maumelle, AR was thrown in the Fed Pen for a year for asking her (unwanted) Nigger neighbors to stop acting like "Niggers" for the sake of the rest of the neighborhood. No threats. She made the request in a letter. The Niggers made a Bee line to the local dipshit Chief of Police who, probably due to ADL sensitivity training, recognized a "Hate Crime" in the making and promptly called the intrepid Pigs of the FBI to bust the poor White lady.The slimy US attorneys office conjured up a host of bogus charges and it was off she went.
Think White's will ever develop backbones again ?

Anonymous said...

So, Apollonian, how did you come to acquire such knowledge about Rich Brooks ? Did you do a post outing him ? Is is still on the internet, if so, where ?

apollonian said...

Rich Brooks Admitted--Announced--He Was Queer, Simple As That
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 09)

Aren't u on the wrong blog? Rich Brooks (formerly of WhiteAlert.com) simply contacted me by e-mail, admitting he was queer--is that simple enough for u?--that's all there is to it. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

So Rich Brooks took it upon himself to send you and email announcing he was queer - how do you know it was Mr. Brooks that sent the email ?

apollonian said...

Sherlock Holmes On The Case Now
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 09)

Who do u think u are, dumbass?--Sherlock Holmes?--how do u think I think I know? But u're right, shit-for-brains, I guess I could be mistaken--at least it's conceivable.

CONCLUSION: Why did Richard ditch his website? Rich sure has had plenty enough time to deny he's queer, years now, which he never has. And dipshit: answer my question--why have u shifted to this blog? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

apollonian said...

My Former Activities And Association With Rich Brooks, A Queer Who Tries To Be Patriot Too
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 09)

Let me amend here my nasty comments of last night to poor "anon" (just above) who was asking about our dear Rich Brooks (formerly of WhiteAlert.com). I think I come off otherwise sounding far too self-righteous myself, and I surely wouldn't want anyone to think I try to intimidate people to agreeing or accepting my info.

Rich Brooks (whom I DON'T know personally) and I used to correspond (by e-mail), this before I even suspected he was queer. I was simply anxious to getting my stuff published. So Richard (and perhaps his partner too) played me along. Rich was nice guy and did actually publish a few of my articles, so I must appreciate that in all fairness.

One day then, out of the blue (this was sometime in 2004, I'm pretty sure, as I recall), Richie Rich e-mails me about white nationalists being "prejudiced" against queers--and I forget exactly how then I proceeded. I probably demanded to know fm Richie what he thought was so good about queers.

Another thing was I really wondered why Richie would be telling ME about his sympathy for queers. And there never was any question it really was Richie Rich Brooks who was doing all the e-mailing. But of course, note again, I've never actually MET Richie Rich--so yes, it COULD all be a clever farce done upon me--BUT I DOUBT IT (as u'll surely see for fullest circumstance, everything considered).

So anyway, in the course of our many dialectics Richie Rich admitted outrightly he was indeed a queer, and of course I was quite disappointed if not a little disgusted. I remember I cc'd Ed Steele (ConspiracyPenPal.com) at the time, Steele himself a pretty busy guy who didn't seem to take too terribly much notice but rather expressed his own doubt, suggesting rather it was a Jew who was responsible, playing dis-info games w. the patriots.

So I repeatedly e-mailed back to Richie Rich that I hoped he was only joking, he assuring me rather that it was true, that he really was a queer, and this went on for several days even. So u can see the likelihood it was Jew disinfo is very slight and little, everything taken into consideration, esp. fm my pt. of view.

Only thing I rather resented was Richie Rich imagining I, personally, the mighty Apollonian, would be sympathetic to such queer ideology, etc. And when Richie Rich asked me later to keep things discreet, I replied that I wouldn't help him to deceive other white patriots, and that I'm loyal to white people and Christians FIRST--never queer(s)--that in fact, I rather hate queers with not just a little gusto.

And of course, u can well imagine how I, good Christian as I try to attempt to pretend to being, tried to dissuade Richie Rich fm such disgusting queerness. But Richie would always reply with some emphasis how he was committed, even proud, queer--and that he was patriot too. He wouldn't reply, as I recall, when I demanded to know what came first, queerness or patriotism. It all (the dialectics with Richie Rich) rather confirmed for me what I already knew about queers, having lived in San Francisco, Cal., for over four years in the mid-70s. Queers, esp. the committed ones, are simply extremely obsessed psychos, all truth be told.

CONCLUSION: So anyway, that's how I came to know the score and story about Rich Brooks the secret queer who also pretends to being a Mormon, along w. his secret partner whom I never talked (or wrote) to, so far as I know for sure. I still pray for Rich's filthy, little, disgusting, perverted, sinful, and depraved soul--maybe he'll make it into Purgatory, as I noted. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

8:57 AM

Anonymous said...

Are there any other discussions on the Net about Rich Brooks retreat from his site ? If he is queer then it's very disappointing, it doesn't jibe with the contents of his site, I strongly suspect Jew disinfo - the Israeli's have a whole section of internet disinfo artist working to screw up the dissemination of the truth.

apollonian said...

Queers: They're A Hazard, Scourge, And Infestation Of Modern Society
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 09)

Fm the time in 2004 when Rich Brooks announced he was "gay" to the time he finally abandoned his site (I think some time in 2006) I would occasionally e-mail him, and he NEVER indicated he'd given up on his being gay. That was one thing Richie Rich was consistent about--his commitment to being queer--he was dedicated and adamant.

All our correspondence for well over a year was thus consistent--Rich is a confirmed, proud queer.

Further, if u want corroboration why not ck with Brooks' close compadre, Alex Linder/VNN (VanguardNewsNetwork.com)? Brooks indicated Linder well knows the cruel facts of reality, including Richie's "lover" who, Richie told me (in e-mail), made a "pass" at dear old Alex. Alex Linder stayed at Rich Brooks' place in Cal. once during the time Linder attended a "conference" there featuring Mark Weber, I believe.

U're right about "Jew disinfo," but it doesn't begin or end with Israel--there's ADL, SPLC, JDL, and surely others too. There are probably lots and lots of queers who troll the movement--I'd be surprised if there weren't. Bill White of ANSWP told about the queer infestation of the nazi movement.

CONCLUSION: Queers notoriously love nazis, I understand. Queers have often been spies and double agents in recent history, so u shouldn't be too surprised--esp. if u don't really know people personally. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian