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Should Famed Pro-White Lawyer, Patriot, And Pundit Edgar Steele Run For Governor Of Idaho? The Short Answer - Hell, Yes!

While visiting Curt Maynard's blog today, I discovered a post about Edgar Steele's latest idea. He's mulling over the possibility of running for Governor of Idaho. He asks his readers if we think he should run for Governor. My short answer:


Edgar Steele (pictured above left) puts forth this proposal in a Nickel Rant column dated April 1st, 2009. Don't be too concerned about the date - Steele's not the type to pull April Fool's jokes, particularly on an issue of this magnitude. He spells out his concerns and puts forth his justification. But what's of greatest interest is what he would do as Governor. On his first day in office, "Governor" Steele would do the following:

-- Declare that Federal rights end where Idaho's rights begin - at the state border. Idaho's borders immediately would be sealed to Federal agents of every stripe, who could not enter without permission and a valid Constitutional purpose.

-- Press the legislature to declare Idaho a state in which Federal gun laws would not be honored.

-- Press the legislature to pronounce that Feds and families don't mix, prohibiting all Federal interference with kids, religion and free speech.

-- Lead the charge to take back our schools by, first, rejecting all Federal funding of education in the state. That would allow us to dispense with all the Federally-mandated staffing, reporting, indoctrinating and the like, with the result that we actually would have more money to spend on the basic education of our children.

-- Proclaim equal rights for all and special rights for none. No exceptions. Affirmative action, quotas, set-asides and Idaho's "hate-crime" laws all must go.

-- Implement budget cuts to match the privation already being suffered by the general population would be the order of the day.

-- Administratively declare (and seek similar legislative declarations) that the Federal government balance its budget, abolish the Federal Reserve System and the IRS, close the borders (and deport all illegals, including anchor babies) and return all troops from their postings overseas.

The idea is not as fanciful as it sounds. Of course, he could not run as a Democrat; even Idaho Democrats aren't that patriotic. But Republicans aren't necessarily patriotic, either; George W. Bush, John McCain, and Michael Steele are proof. Most likely, if he selected a party, Steele would run under the Constitution Party banner. The Constitution Party has good people in its ranks, but needs to evolve into an American version of the British National Party to gain traction. Chuck Baldwin is an honorable man, but no more Chuck Baldwins please, at least right now. He's too nice of a guy, and in this struggle, nice guys finish last.

Here's a video of Edgar Steele squaring off against MSNBC talk show host Donny Deutsch in 2005. Watch how he effortlessly parries Deutsch's overwrought, emotional thrusts on the Holocaust and the Prussian Blue duo.

Podblanc video url HERE. Video itself embedded below:

Idaho has been represented and governed by patriots in the past. One noteworthy example is the late Rep. Helen Chenoweth, who represented the state in the U.S. House from 1994-2000. A fervent defender of Second Amendment rights and an implacable opponent of Federal tyranny, Chenoweth was smeared by opponents as a "poster-child for the militias". She also showed her contempt for tyrannical endangered species laws by holding "endangered salmon bakes" during fundraisers, serving canned salmon to ridicule the listing of Idaho salmon as an endangered species. She was also quoted as saying, "It's the white, Anglo-Saxon male that's endangered today".

Another example is former Rep. George Hansen, who represented Idaho in the U.S. House in two separate stints from 1965-69 and again from 1975-85. Hansen was a genuine paleoconservative who was a particularly vocal critic of the Internal Revenue Service. He allegedly once called the Rev. Martin Lucifer King Jr.'s 1968 assassination "the chickens coming home to roost". In 1984 Hansen was censured by the House for failing to include transactions on federal disclosure forms. Ultimately, he was tried and convicted of failing to file full disclosure forms and spent 15 months in prison. His imprisonment allegedly included torture through medical neglect and subjection to "diesel therapy," a form of punishment in which prisoners are painfully shackled and then transported for days or weeks without respite. The conviction was overturned in 1995 as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Hubbard v. United States. The Idaho Observer provides a much more detailed account of the railroading of George Hansen HERE.

The term of present Idaho Governor Butch Otter ends in 2011, so the election will be held next year. If Edgar Steele is serious about mounting a challenge, he would need to begin organizing a campaign by the fall of this year to compete. He needs input to determine whether or not there would be adequate support before committing resources to this effort. If you think he should run for Governor, e-mail him at the following address:

Steele AT NickelRant DOT com (deliberately written this way to prevent spambots from using my blog to spam his e-mail account)

Edgar Steele also has a radio program on Voice Of Reason. His two website addresses are listed below:


Edgar Steele copyrights his material, but gives advance permission for its distribution among private individuals and groups to post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications.

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