Friday, April 17, 2009

Robbing Harry To Pay Hymie: Jewish Florida State Representative Adam Hasner Steals $62,979 From Teachers And Gives It To The Florida Holocaust Museum

You've heard of the phrase "robbing Peter to pay Paul". In Florida, they're "robbing Harry to pay Hymie". The Florida State House is currently working on budget bills, focusing in paticular upon the Pre K-12 budget. Democrats lined up to question cuts to programs for mentoring, teacher development and more. But a number of amendments also drew much discussion, including one introduced by Jewish Majority Leader Adam Hasner (R-Delray Beach).

He proposed taking $62,979 from general revenue funds for the Excellent Teaching Program — that's money for National Board certified teachers — and adding that amount to funding for the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg. Hasner said that amount is just .001 percent of the total funding for the Excellent Teaching Program. Read stories in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times and the St. Petersburg Times. Discussion on Stormfront.

Rep. Jim Waldman (D-Coconut Creek), said that he "as a Jew" could vote against the amendment, but chastised leaders for forcing the choice. "You are punishing the wrong people,” Waldman said. The amendment passed 96-13 anyway.

The comments posted to the stories are also interesting. From the St. Petersburg Times comes this comment by a Jewish teacher:

As a teacher, as a Jew, and as the child of Holocaust survivors, I am shocked. What has this got to do with the Holocaust museum? Why should the museum get this money? I have been to the museum and it is truly worthy of support, but not at the expense of our education professionals. To all NBCT, I offer my apologies on behalf of my people. I am embarrassed.
Posted by: Jason April 16, 2009 at 07:47 PM

From the Broward-Palm Beach New Times comes this comment:

So how fucking long must we be forced to wallow in an emotional Holocaust Hangover? So it was horrible. But it was also more than 60 years ago. A generation BEFORE Adam Hanser was born. Better he should let it go and move on instead of spending my tax dollars on a devastating human tragedy that took place a world away nearly three generations ago. Even worse, having voiced this opinion, l've opened myself up to being called a flaming bigot "where it's just soooo cool to attack Jews."
Posted By Rollo Tomasi on: Thursday, Apr. 16 2009 @ 7:23PM

Perhaps Rep. Hasner doesn't think the Florida Holocaust Museum is making enough money. While no 2007 data is available, Charity Navigator indicates that in 2006, the facility earned a net profit of only $106,960, although it has total assets of $5,553,920. Holocaust fatigue must be setting in.

But subsidization of Jewish interests at the expense of American interests is not uncommon. Dr. David Duke reveals that although millions of Americans are out of work and millions more are living from one paycheck to the next, the U.S. Senate recently included a measure to restore full funding for foreign aid to the budget it approved, increasing chances that the pool of money including assistance for Israel wouldn’t be cut. The $3.5 trillion document passed by the Senate includes a $4 billion boost to the foreign operations appropriation, bringing it up to the $53.8b. sought by President Barack Obama.

Dr. Duke also discloses that while 3 million American families lost their homes to foreclosures in 2008, billions of our tax dollars are used to purchase new homes in Israel - with subsidized mortgages.


apollonian said...

Jew New World Order Mere Intensification Of Same General War Against Humanity
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 09)

AA, it's like this: Jews control money--they make the money, u see. By means of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for expo/ref.) money is manufactured, printed, produced--all this by means of literal COUNTERFEITING, though now "legalized." USA is actually and literally in thrall to a veritable conspiracy of criminals--COUNTERFEITERS, again.

So the goyim worshippers of false MAMMON god are more scared of Jews than anything else--they're not going to complain that "education" is being cheated. So ur pt. (also Dave Duke's) about Jews diverting public funds to holohoax museum (and other things) isn't entirely lost--it's just muted beneath other considerations. It's only now instructive and informative to see how and exactly why. Thus we analyze such as Obama and prospective "New World Order" (NWO).

Thus our people, so many of them, have lost their mental grip within apathy and hubris, this brought on quite largely due to Jews' having literally bought the "Christian" establishment (see and for expo/ref. on "Judeo-Christian" [JC] hereticalism) which now teaches Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist), etc., and that Christians should serve Jews and Israeli terror state.

Note this great, massive counterfeiting fraud/mechanism is the main-spring for all other Jew operations of practical sort. All the rest of the Jew sociologic complex is built upon and around this basic counterfeiting scam/operation.

Again, note Jews literally CONTROL money, hence all "prosperity," such as it's understood among goyim. So goyim are largely persuaded to leave money, spending, and allocation matters to Jews. Goyim are truly cattle, evermore gross and mindless.

And there are surely by now lots of people who do understand and know this about Fed counterfeiting, but gentile goobers and goyim evidently think the consequences won't come crashing down for a good while yet, poor gullible fools.

But as I pt'd out yesterday in ur "'Heretical Two'...," blog, 15 Apr 09, US Dollar is about to collapse at any moment, prices getting ready to go up, up, up. Then things economic and political will come to a stop and become very urgent and desperate indeed.

And only a few people are even talking about this imminent catastrophe of US Dollar collapse--which could be prevented, but won't, as Obama and company want to make use of collapse to transition to New World Order (NWO). Such is the plan.

So AA, our proper, most strategic patriot task I strongly urge is to keep focus most intensely upon the true Christian element within the population, white and non-white--those are our most promising targets--Christians and those so -oriented.

For only when things become evermore horrifically worse economically and politically will people more seriously begin to start thinking--that's why we should be prepared most especially by Christian means and methods.

Overall, I'd say we should work to encourage Christian RATIONALISM, de-emphasizing that debilitating mysticism which makes Christianity useless and non-understandable. We should keep things SIMPLE--not complex.

Hence then it's best for Christian purposes to emphasize Gosp. JOHN and his magnificent, simplified TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy theme, which then opens up most promising logical-type analysis beginning with Western objectivity vs. Jew subjectivity, Jews making use of moralism-Pharisaism to overthrow HONESTY and truth, etc.

The great confusion in gentile and goyim minds is how exactly Jew subjectivism affects and operates for the gentile accomplices to Jews. I guess it's abstract (not mystic) how Jew subjectivism and lies then work by means of "MORALITY," esp. "good-evil" hereticalism (Pelagianism), to overthrow HONESTY, hence truth and reality.

Thus I'm gratified to extent I consider I succeeded in demonstrating the psycho-pathology of "Hooch" Jew who formerly so morbidly and obsessively bull-dogged this WhiteReference site with his defending Jews, insisting Jews are white, Jews are not responsible for "liberal" dominance, etc. And I notice "Hooch" left off as I noted his (effective) accomplice, Larry Auster, another Jew pretending to being white.

Jews understand their game in large Historic CYCLE, esp. from the Reformation era, 16th cent., is up: they must now conduct a more intense war against general humanity leading to the radical and pronounced reduction of world population, this by way of eliminating their enemies, Jew masterminds consolidating their own dominance within Jewry itself--intensified Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

Hence general Jew sympathy within gentile population is fated to be radically reduced. What Jews want to do now is to make Christianity to be just another form or variation of Judaism (hence Talmudism), and Jews to be identified as "white." To accomplish this insane transformation they must wage a truly horrific and evermore genocidal war--both against non-whites, esp. Musselmen, but also internally, and even against some dissident Jews themselves too.

CONCLUSION: That's why, comrade AA, our Christian task is to keep things rationalist as possible for the observation and understanding of as many people as possible, white and non-white. We must work to ISOLATE the Jew--and not let the Jew isolate white people against everyone else as Alex Linder/VNN ( wants to help Jews do, as I noted on ur 14 Apr blog, "Exposing Jewish...." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

"Keeping the Lie Alive"

Michael Burks said...

Yes, another lying congressman. This has nothing to do with him being Jewish. Why are you silent on "white power" leaders such as David Duke and Don Black. They have stolen millions from people. I forgot, Jews are always the problem. For a second I forgot how you Nazis think.

Anchorage Activist said...

Burks - what Duke and Black did was in the past, and they work for our Cause. This Jewish Florida lawmaker took money directly from a teacher program designed specifically to upgrade the quality of teachers in Florida and diverted it to an ethnic lobby.

apollonian said...

Mike Burks: Aren't You Glad You're Not Like Him?--A Pure Judas-Like Traitor--To All Humanity
(Apollonian, 20 Apr 09)

Not only that AA, but I was gonna ask the shit-race mud-man, Mike Burks--who imagined he pretended so well to being a white person--exactly what he "knows" about Dave Duke ( and Don Black IN TERMS OF SOLID REFERENCES--rather than mere hearsay and empty allegations.

Burks never was anything but a suck-along and a yes-man, thinking thus he could pretend he was "white," fooling only morons. Burks is so full of shit he stinks; he obviously has gross inferiority-complex in relation w. real white folk. I guess Burks found out about so many others in "movement" who themselves suffered fm similar feelings of inadequacy as he did himself.

Burks the scum-brain can't seem to figure out Jews are Talmudists (see,, and for best Talmudic expo), by definition, and this is why, very simply, Jews are to be condemned forever, right at the outset. For Talmud is simply manual for ritualistic murder of gentiles.

And the facts confirm Talmudic horror: presently Jews run a world-wide empire built upon fractional-reserve money and banking--otherwise known as COUNTERFEITING, as done by present US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for definitive expo/ref.

Everyone else thus struggles most desperately against these Jew master-criminals, Jews even having literally BOUGHT present "Christian" establishment (esp. "Judeo-Christian" [JC] hereticalists--see and for expo/ref.), convincing millions they should worship Jew murderers, esp. Israel.

Burks is just slimey filth equating poor Dave Duke--who certainly isn't perfect himself--with Jew master-criminals, Burks thus excusing the Jews and covering for them. Burks places "white power" within quotation marks, failing to understand obvious fact USA is made by white Christians (not mixed-race filth like Burks) for white Christians. Jews shouldn't hold any offices or have any right to vote, obviously.

Note even to this very day, Burks is a filthy, slimey traitor--now to true Christianity--Burks following the horribly bastardized JC version, working for Jews as he surely always did. For Christianity is necessarily anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), the very first version of organized anti-semitism, pre-dating Nazi-ism.

Thus Mike Burks is actually a monument to Bill White's very poor judgment of humanity and human character. For the whole pt. to white race is white culture, culture the practice of the race and its best characteristics, esp. regarding human reason.

CONCLUSION: Mike Burks--what pure filth--a perfect example as to why races should NOT be mixed as it only creates most gross monstrosities just like Mike Burks who now struggles to fit in--and finding now he's mere pawn and plaything of Jew devils and masterminds. Mike Burks--u can tell he really now has lots and lots of friends. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian