Thursday, April 30, 2009

National Socialist Movement (NSM) Oregon Leader Andrew Lee Patterson Pays A High Price For Public Activism, Busted For "Parole Violations"

Andrew Patterson, pictured in the center

Recently, the National Socialist Movement's Oregon Unit began to ratchet up its activism. They performed a flyer distro and participated in a public rally in the city of Phoenix, Oregon, located just five miles SE of Medford off I-5. In response to media inquiries, the unit's leader, 30-year-old Andrew Lee Patterson, stepped forth from the shadows and courageously went public in order to explain the goals and philosophy of the National Socialist Movement, and to counter negative biases and stereotypes about national socialism. Unfortunately, ticking away in his past like a time bomb was his parole status, in which he had been forbidden to associate with other White activists as a condition of parole. Despite this restriction, Patterson was willing to go public anyway.

Unfortunately, he paid the price as the system detonated that time bomb and arrested him for "parole violation", according to a story published April 30th, 2009 in the Mail-Tribune. Patterson, along with another member of the Oregon unit, Levi Dale Lucas, were arrested on Wednesday April 29th on parole violations stemming from past felonies. Discussion threads on the Vanguard News Network Forum and Stormfront.

Andrew Lee Patterson, 30, is on parole until November 2011 for attacking two homeless men and an East Indian motel owner in 2003. According to court records, during the homeless attack he called the men "a disgrace to the white race". As conditions of his parole, Patterson was ordered not to have any contact or association with gang members or be involved in any gang activity. In addition, he was barred from possessing any gang-related paraphernalia which advocates hate or violence toward others. The attack took place before Patterson joined the NSM; he credits the NSM for giving him a better sense of direction and purpose, and helping him channel his activism in more productive and legal directions. He posted an excellent essay on New Saxon, entitled "An Introduction To White Unity", back on December 30th, 2008. Additional background story in the Portland Oregonian.

Patterson made news last week when he agreed to an interview with the Mail Tribune during which he described his neo-Nazi beliefs, which include "holocaust denial" and demanding illegal immigrants be deported so the white race does not become extinct. During the interview, Patterson expressed concern that his parole officer most likely was going to place him in jail for having contact with other neo-Nazis. KOB Channel 15 also aired a story about this, and the Podblanc video is embedded below:

Patterson and a small group of followers held a rally on Sunday April 26th along Main Street in Phoenix. More than 100 people lined the street across from the neo-Nazis in protest. This was also further discussed on New Saxon.

Also jailed was 22-year-old Levi Dale Lucas, a convicted sex offender. Lucas was stopped by police April 20 as he and other members distributed fliers in the parking lot of Red Robin in honor of Hitler's birthday. No laws were violated, but police worried about the possibility of violence. Lucas has convictions for first-degree sexual abuses, failure to register as a sex offender and criminal mischief. A search query for him in the Oregon Sex Offender Register returns no results.

Two recent developments have fueled the growing climate of vigilantiism against pro-White activists. First, the Southern Poverty and Law Center points to the national immigration debate, the worsening recession, and Barack Obama's presidency as having fueled recent growth in the number of hate groups in America. And second, earlier in April, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report warning that right-wing extremist groups, including white supremacists, have boosted recruiting and mobilizing efforts.

What a dichotomy. Here's a guy who had the courage to be publicly active under his own name, knowing full well he risked being pulled in on a parole violation. Unfortunately, he can't help the Cause as much now that he's in jail. Long on courage, but maybe a bit short on judgment. There's no disgrace in remaining anonymous and active behind the scenes if the alternative is losing your job or liberty.

The NSM's national office has not yet officially reacted to this development.


David Drury said...

Can the NSM go one month without a scandal or DRAMA? Nooooooooo.

apollonian said...

Nazi Men Must Not Forget Common Sense
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 09)

Right on comrade AA, Nazis and neo-nazis often miss something of a dimension of leadership and subtlety. I don't see what Patterson and Lucas really consider they were accomplishing. The pt. is not to be making mere useless and futile gestures but to actually accomplishing something. So Patterson and Lucas show u HOW NOT TO doing it.

And what we want to do, I say, is to focus people's attn on the Jew and Judeo-conspiracy, ISOLATING THE JEW for purposes of Jew-expulsion--informing the good people in constructive fashion. The weak-pt. to strike at is nexus with "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists.

Our heroic-minded nazi fellows need to understand there's way to be Christian and rational too. Christians (anti-semites) were the first "nazis," never forget. It's too bad the anti-semitic dimension of Christianity is so lost for so many--esp. for JCs--and that's how nazis could help with proper Christian guidance.

CONCLUSION: Good Heavens, but I can't believe these guys would do something guaranteed to get them stuck back in jail. Oh well, now they'll have time to do some reading and thinking it all over again. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Michael Burks said...

A NSM leader. Is he homosexual? Child rapist? Mentally ill like Matthew Ramsey? Be for real, he was on parole. What a shock. What, he didn't pay his child support? I'm happy he was arrested. Maybe this time the judge will throw the books at this loser and keep him in jail where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

I recall it was the loser Michael Burks whom discarded National Socialism and embraced diversity. Ramm, on the other hand Matthew has constantly stood firm with his beliefs. Burks is the poster child for mental illness...

David drury said...

Bill White had trouble with Burks. Seems he is a 100% trouble maker whether he is pro or anti.

apollonian said...

Burks Mainly Fools Himself
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 09)

Burks is of the mud-race; he's not even full-blooded white man--u can tell just by looking at the stupid son-of-a-bitch.

Burks pretends to being Christian, but he's a filthy, stinking liar who lies mainly to himself.

No white person who even looks at this mud-creature, Burks, would take him seriously. Bill White has a lot to learn when it comes to judging character.

CONCLUSION: That's why proper basis for all/any pro-white movement must be Christianity with commitment to TRUTH and honesty. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Interesting comparison between Michael Burks and Jim Ramm. While neither are exactly rocket scientists, at least Ramm has remained faithful to the Cause.

But the timing of this arrest was unfortunate, considering the positive publicity the NSM got from their St. Louis rally.

Anonymous said...

Lucas was never an NSM member, he had distributed flyers for the NSM, but his membership was denied.

Burks & Ramsey are the same ilk. Both anti-racists, only a few actually believe Ramsey is still a Racialist. Burks faked being a racialist a long time, just as Ramsey does today.

Patterson should be out soon, this violation is unconstitutional! To the scum happy about a good man (Patterson) being locked up and cheering it (you know who you are scumbag, Taylor Bowles), you don't have one shred of honour in your body. You should be ashamed of yourself you fat dirty pigly man!

Philip Anderson said...

First off shoot the sex offender.
And Patterson, well I went over his new saxon acct. I really feel bad for the guy. He as a seven year old son, and was locked up for almost 6 years. He would have a simple charge if it wasn't for this hate crime non-sense. :( He seemed well spoken, and a good activist. This is an example of what more White Nationalist need to be doing. We have to take the risks that come with this movement. Internet shit talkers, and other pussies take note. Our holy cause won't go no where unless you act.
Hail our imprisoned comrades!

Anonymous said...

Here is a Writing by Patterson.

Anonymous said...

How can Burks and Ramsey be the same if one is a traitor to the cause and one isn't? Ramseys website is a godsend of information for teaching white nationalists.

If he is a jew or on the ADL payroll then the kikes have done us a great favor!

As for this crap about the NSM sex offender not being a NSM member I seriously doubt it. This sounds like damage control from the NSM, nobody wants to be connected to a molester.

SoldatulDac88 said...

@Anchorage Activist,
Comrade,I would like to thank you for all the hard work for our cause. White Reference is one of the best pro-white web-sites.My hat goes off to you. 88!
Nationalistii Autonomi Timisoara

Anonymous said...

I guess David Pringle isn't kissing the NSM ass anymore? Can you imagine your daughter hanging with Lucas?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is gonna be next for the NSM? Their organization is made up of Pedophiles, Satanists, Criminals, Drunks, Federal Informants and the insane.

Hopefully the feds will help out the movement and arrest the NSM leadership. Jeffie and Bill White can share a cell in hell.

But then again, that's the last thing the mediajews want since the NSM constantly dishonors our cause and poisons the good name of National Socialism.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Schoep and his ugly race-mixed pig wife probably wish this scandal would disappear quick. NOT!

Anchorage Activist said...

SoldatuDac88 - Thanks for your visit and for your kind words. Good luck to you folks in Romania.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 7:47 P.M. - thanks for the info on Lucas. This is why the NSM national office ought to issue a press release - to let the public know that Lucas wasn't a member.

Anonymous said...

How was Patterson engaging in "gang" activity by distributing leaflets and being interviewed on political topics ? He could not have been violating any parole in that regard - his Constitutional rights were clearly violated instead. The NS movement is in sore need of a legal task force. Patterson's parole officer needs to be sued, along with any other bureaucrats that participated in Patterson's wrongful imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

Because Jeff Schoep runs the NSM like a gang of thugs. No better than niggers.

apollonian said...

Nazis, Patriots Must Be "Creative" For Most Shocking Truth
(Apollonian, 2 May 09)

"Anon" at 11:14 am, of course u're absolutely right. But observe how it's now taken-for-granted that "nazis" or "hate-group"--as determined by SPLC or ADL--is now routinely accepted by American courts as "gangs," for example, sooooo removed and divorced fm the actual, real people.

That's why, to re-connect w. people, nazis, et al., must be understood as "Christian"--never forgetting that Christians were first "nazis" (anti-semites)--the originals fm back in Roman times, no less.

It's why "nazis" got to get out and emphasize for people that Christ himself was NOT a "Jew" (Talmudist)--indeed that he was FOREMOST ANTI-SEMITE himself, as anti-Talmud (Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and anti-Pharisee (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

CONCLUSION: Patriots and Nazis GOTTA START THINKING and getting "creative"--always sticking to the anti-semitic truth--the don't have to make anything up. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

"Hate-Crime" Legislation: Meant To Terrorize And Persecute The People, Especially Christians
(Apollonian, 1 May 09)

Well Volks (see, "Arrogant Jewish...," 1 May 09), the entire premise of "hate-crime" is absurd on its very face as hatred is not and could not be a crime--anymore than any thought can be criminal--and it's amazing it is even thought such hate could be criminalized, any more than thought, expression, or speech itself.

And it's obvious "hate-crime" is subjective law meant to be construed and applied subjectively and arbitrarily against white people for purpose of persecution of white folk, esp. white Christians.

"Hate-crime" legislation is actually just terrorism against white people and all rational people, and this sort of legislation is being pushed simply as consequence of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING is utilized evermore intensively to corrupt, bribe, and blackmail members of Congress among all others within the entire culture.

And the purpose of such subjective law and "hate-crime" is destruction of rule-of-law in general and the imposition of fascist dictatorship, as always, in the name of moralism.

Finally one should consider what any anti-hate legislation is perfectly designed to do, which is PROTECTION of criminals--for who else is more worthy of hatred?--esp. hatred which is justified.

CONCLUSION: And thus we see the real purpose of "hate-crime"--the aid, succour, and abetting of criminals, the terrorizing of the intended victims of criminals, the people--criminals like the Fed COUNTERFEITORS. "Hate-crime" legislation then is simply part and parcel of general criminal conspiracy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Shit, it's not that NSM pedophiles fault, the 11 year old girl seduced him!

Shitskin stabber said...

The rapist convict criminal not a member of the NSM? Who the hell is gonna believe that ? Justin Boyer?

NSM said...

NSM Update's Oregon & Arizona:

NSM Oregon Leader Andrew Patterson whom has been highly active in the Oregon area, and a recent staple on the nightly news there, was given a parole violation allegedly for having some knives and an empty ammunition case in his home, which were left over from his prior service in the U.S. Military. It is currently not known how long he will be held, and we will update you all further as information becomes available. Members and supporters of NSM Oregon have vowed to continue the local activism, and protests against NSM Oregon have continued despite the local Leader being locked up.

Another development in Oregon: A Local Filth Rag newspaper has twice implied that a convicted sex offender by the name of Levi Lucas is a member of the NSM. I phoned the paper personally to inform them that no one by that name has ever been a member or probate of the NSM. Apparently Mr. Lucas was amongst several carloads of people distributing our leaflets in the area, and was pulled over by Police. It did not matter to the newspaper that he was never a member of the NSM. This is the second time in recent months the press has attempted to link the NSM with convicted sex offenders. The other case was a wanted man that has long been released from the NSM many years ago, and the press recently implied the man was a NSM Leader, in an pathetic attempt to discredit our noble efforts.

The NSM has a zero tolerance policy against sex offenders, & that policy was put into effect some years back. ANYONE on a sex offender registry, of any sort is not allowed active membership in the NSM! This rule has been in place, and will continue to remain in place to protect our Party, our Families, and our future generations. The zionist controled press is so desperate to smear us, they will say just about anything.

Normally when I see such smear jobs against our Party I choose to ignore it, however the matter of sex offenders is a very serious one, and something that the NSM will not tolerate.

Here is the latest jewsmedia coverage from Oregon and the protests against the NSM: video Neo Nazi Uprising

May 1, 2009

MEDFORD, Ore. - An anti-discrimination rally took place in Medford Friday to protest against a Neo-Nazi group.

About 50 demonstrators filled Vogel Plaza to speak out against the National Socialist Movement. The rally comes after a larger protest in Phoenix last week.

"Everybody knows about the huge Neo-Nazi uprising in Phoenix, and that protest we had last week. We just wanted to let people know what's going on, and we feel that silence is acceptance," says Demonstrator Laura Burkhalter.

And another article:
A coalition of Rogue Valley peace and human-rights organizations wants to make sure the Oregon unit of the National Socialist Movement, based in Phoenix, doesn't gain traction.

Next up: NSM Arizona takes the streets against illegal's in Phoenix, AZ.

NSM Arizona members stood strong against the illegal hordes in the streets of Phoenix this weekend. In preparation for a National NSM Rally to be announced later this year in Arizona, the local PHX chapter is getting warmed up with some street action.

NSM is firing things up out West, and the ranks are growing fast in the Western Region!

National Socialist Movement member "Vito Lombardi," outside Garibaldi's, standing on the Mexican flag

Lombardi explained that he was standing on the Mexican flag as a way of protesting a fundraiser for "a safe haven for criminals."
From the local communist filth rag newspaper Phoenix New Times:

David Drury said...

Patterson should have known better when it comes to any state parole regulations: no guns, no knifes, no weapons. It doesn't matter if they are from granddads collection or what. If they are on granddads premise (for example)around Patterson then its a parole violation.

As for the sex offender: birds of a feather flock together. Patterson should have put his foot down and not let the sex offender around any NSM activities. That's what the word "NO" means. Of course, Schoep and the whole NSM is crying ignorance of the law now. geez!

Anonymous said...

Sure jewboy Schoep, we believe you. Like you have never lied before...

Off to the ovens juden!

Anonymous said...

something doesnt seem can any of these neo-(wanna-be) nazi molesters, have been accused of sexual interactions with a girl ? THEY OBVIOUSLY PREFER HAIRY BUTTS & farm animals !!

NAZI said...

I love all the internet fools whom trash talk activists. Levi Lucas' status was not known to Patterson, as Lucas never had gone through an application process. As for the trash talkers, why don't you get off the fed payroll and get out there and fight for our Race. The jew is the enemy, but you have taken them for your pay to dissent our cause, be it NSM, Vanguard, Skins, Klan, etc.