Saturday, April 11, 2009

National Socialist Movement Distributes 300 Anti-Immigration Flyers In Fort Collins, Colorado As A Warm-Up To Their 35th Anniversary Gala In St. Louis

A bit behind the power curve, but this is another story about White resistance to the anti-White agenda being imposed upon America. On April 7th, 2009, the Fort Collins Coloradan reported that five members of the National Socialist Movement distributed 300 anti-immigration flyers at some time last week in the Old Town section of the city, sparking professed outrage by some Fort Collins residents and peace groups. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

The NSM flyers depicted a white baby lying in a white hand as well as a call to stop illegal immigration written in capital letters. The flyer said the mission to stop illegal immigration came from "the God who created our great race". The flyer is not contained in the NSM's flyer library, so it must have been locally produced. Good initiative.

Paul Bame received a flyer on his car parked on Walnut Street outside of the Armadillo restaurant. Bame said he didn't know what the flyer was at first, but when he read it, it made him sick to his stomach. "It makes me concerned about legal and illegal immigrants in our community," Bame said. [Ed. Note: That's exactly what it was intended to do - make you concerned.]

Another resident also expressed dismay. "To me it's disgusting," said Fort Collins' Carron Silva, whose neighbor showed her a flyer. "The image suggests an underlying message not just of immigration but keeping pure-whites pure. It was not a message of tolerance but of separation, and I found it appalling."

Peace creeps such as the Center for Justice, Peace and Environment's Fuerza Latina and Not in Our Town Alliance, or NIOTA, are responding to the incident. Fuerza Latina held a meeting Sunday to discuss reactions, and the peace groups are working together to create "action steps" in support of Hispanic populations and to prevent any further possible injustices, NIOTA's Cheryl Beckett said.

The 8½-by-11 fliers were handed out just north of Old Town Square on Linden Street and the surrounding area, tucked under vehicles' windshield wipers. A crew of five NSM members passed out the fliers, including NSM Denver unit leader Neal Land, who explained that the flyers were created to spread awareness about illegal immigration, to which the NSM organization stands overtly against. "As a group, we are dead against it for the first word there: Illegal. Unlawful. Wrong", Land said.

Fort Collins police patrolman Marcus Hopkins said police had been notified, but no charges were filed, as he acknowledged that it was freedom of speech. Police were notified only to increase awareness about the activity in case more serious incidents occurred.

The Coloradan also included standard stock input from the Anti-Defamation League. Since readers of this blog know where the ADL stands, there's no need to include it.

A recent Homeland Security news release estimates just more than 4.3 million unauthorized illegal immigrants have entered the United States since January 2000 to work. Critics say illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans. "Immigration has always had pros and cons, and I can definitely see the threat to jobs," said Fort Collins' Crystal Benavidez. Still, Benavidez didn't agree with the flyers, and thinks the NSM went about it the wrong way.

The NSM has published no official acknowledgement on their national website yet. As of this post, 60 comments have been posted to the Coloradan story. At least half are somewhat supportive of the NSM, asking why there's no United White College Fund, or criticizing the SPLC for designating everything to the right of Barack Obama to be racist. Some commenters identified Fuerza Latina as a magnet for illegal immigrants. When the NSM picked immigration to highlight, they made a good choice. To reach the masses, we must appeal to the masses' concerns.

On April 17-18, the NSM will be commemorating its 35-year history within the United States by holding its National Meeting in the St. Louis, MO. area. For the first time, they are opening the members-only National meeting to all known White Patriots who wish to attend the event. All members and guests whom wish to attend the Friday evening Dinner/meeting MUST pre-register for the event through NSM HQ. Registration includes Italian Dinner and a reserved seat for the 35th Anniversary Meeting, and speakers. Registration is $25. per person, or $35. per couple, children 13 and under attend free. Those who do not pre-register will be turned away by NSM Security. This will also include a rally under the Gateway Arch on Saturday April 18th. Contact information HERE.


apollonian said...

Flyers Is Easy, Kids-Stuff; Person-To-Person Preaching Is Necessary Next Step For True Heroes
(Apollonian, 11 Apr 09)

Thanks much once again, AA, for ur unique coverage for this excellent informational-type and -oriented activity; I know I really appreciate it, and I'm sure there are many others among ur fans, for it truly is the "church" activity for our time and our racial "religion," indubitably--but can it be improved? (yes, surely)--and what exactly are we aiming for in terms of achievement and results for the large movement?

Thus proper security of our white race is one obvious goal--and this can well be subsumed within larger, more general Christian ideal, which Christianity is a cause in itself most brilliantly motivated, esp. against anti-Christs, which anti-Christ movement is something that undoubtedly exists, pushed by definite, identifiable people (Jews, queers, and accomplices) under and upon specific pretexts--queers, "gun-control" dis-armament in face of invaders, criminal thugs, and fascists, "hate-speech" pretext for suppression of rights, etc.

And the same brave heroes who manned the effort u recount in ur blog's story are just the sort we need for the more general Christian task which is, once again, that of TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, in accord w. Gosp. JOHN.

Note then the significance: A "CHRISTIAN," properly understood, IS SIMPLY A DEVOUT, CONSCIENTIOUSLY COMMITTED ADVOCATE OF "TRUTH"--nothing more (necessarily)--there's no mysticism involved, on the contrary.

A "Christian" then, understood properly, is actually the most rationally-oriented advocate of REASON which can be possibly imagined--a "rationalist" who is friendly towards one's fellow humans--distinct fm hubristic monsters, narcissists, and psychopaths, like Jews, et al.

Gosp. JOHN--my favorite, so philosophical--is a most brilliant and easily understood little argument of its own (independent of St. Paul), the second shortest and most concise of all the Gospels.

Significance of Gosp. JOHN, of course, is philosophic pt. to effect there is (a) "truth." Hence then, if there is such "truth," question is HOW would/could that be?--and answer then is confirmation of Aristotle, Western culture, and objective reality ("A is A") which provides CRITERION. Everything else then follows in all perfect logic and science--including then the present absolute necessity and urgency for JEW-EXPULSION.

And one can never forget those haunting words of the pitiable Pontius Pilate, "what is truth?"--which then Christ allows to hang and haunt, task then for the Holy Spirit to consider and answer in consultation for all the rest of us sinners who really need to know, if we're ever to have any inner peace.

Somehow then our men have to be able to understand this large cause for Truth vs. Jew lies (and conspiracy)--and how it can so well and prospectively be incorporated and integrated for our purposes.

For comrade AA, the NEXT necessary virtue, following for the value of TRUTH is HONESTY--not "love," as of St. Paul, again, or any other "virtue," like that regarding the subjectivistic "good-evil" Pelagian heresy which so horribly confuses and even demoralizes our volk.

Finally then, for this expo, I pt. out the fairly obvious virtue of REASON--against mysticism--perhaps the very greatest problem for our present cultural circumstances and Christian understanding. "Faith" properly means LOYALTY--NOT anti-reason or irrationality, or mysticism.

Thus AA, I submit once again, all this most excellent info u and I observe, as for present blog-topical story, can so well be placed within the best PERSPECTIVE and context given by our dear Christianity which we can so well and easily, if we're merely persistent enough, be invoked for our good people.

For aside fm this excellent flyer-distributionist activity, there's yet one more means--which is EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE, in fact it is absolutely INVINCIBLE--as we know fm history itself. And that technique is the old and ancient, tried and true Christian method of getting out and PREACHING, person-to-person. This person-to-person activity then is the next, NECESSARY step for our movement, which all our good comrades need to consider and practice.

CONCLUSION: Handing out flyers is easy and a good FIRST STEP, but actually being able to speak forth and talking to folks is the essential next step--u don't have to be too clever, JUST HONEST, basically; that's all. For don't forget, again: Christ IS truth (JOHN 14:6). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Appreciate your input, Apollonian. Some people complain about your posts, but I won't censor another pro-White activist just because a few complain about your style.

Person-to-person activism is of course the best form of activism. What's particularly gratifying about this particularly incident is that the Denver NSM leader was in a position to openly explain his unit's actions to the media. This makes it harder for the opposition to marginalize the NSM.

apollonian said...

Patriot Blogs Must Be So Entertaining For Jews
(Apollonian, 11 Apr 09)

AA, note Blogspot is Jew-owned and controlled, overseen, and supervised extremely closely, u may be sure by thousands upon thousands of Jews--what brave creatures they really are, truly.

It's simply inconceivable blogspot allows any Jew criticism whatever--without there being specific, well-thought-out purpose, indubitably.

Imagine, the very thought blogspot is controlled by Jews by itself puts distinct and definite pressure upon numerous comrades and bloggers, undoubtedly.

As foremost anti-semite--having won anti-semite of the year honors for so many years now--I'm rather surprised I ever get on any blogspot blogs anywhere, for anyone. Same goes for WordPress too, of course.

CONCLUSION: Imagine the database kikes already have for us. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Fuck the anti-racists at the NSM!