Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Alliance's Cincinnati Unit Adopts A Highway In Florence, Kentucky In Memory Of Dr. William Pierce; Local Media Raising A Stink A Year Later

Over a year ago, the Cincinnati Unit of the National Alliance embarked upon a relatively new form of community activism to not only better spread the message of White liberation, but also to rebut negative biases and stereotypes about White nationalism. Under the leadership of unit coordinator Robert Ransdell, who is probably the penultimate activist within the National Alliance, the Cincinnati Unit decided to participate in the Adopt-A-Highway program, selecting a stretch of Mall Road in nearby Florence, Kentucky (about 20 miles SW of Cincinnati on I-71) to police up litter on a regular basis. And on their road sign, they memorialize Dr. William Pierce.

Now all of a sudden, the local media caught wind of it and are raising a stink over the National Alliance's involvement in this program. They are portraying the National Alliance as an "extremist hate group". But they did interview Robert Ransdell, who explained the organization's mission and concerns. "Diversity and multiculturalism is simply not in any way good for our people, not good for our nation," said Ransdell. "We do believe that essentially the best way is separation, we believe that multiculturalism is essentially death for our people."

Ransdell asserts the right of the National Alliance to participate in the program. He explained that members of his group police up trash about four times a year along Mall Road near Route 18 in Florence. He says it's just a way for the group to give back to the community. "This is nothing different than these other organizations out here for these other groups in this country that advocate for their interests," said Ransdell. "Why must we be called ‘haters’ for simply advocating the interests of our people?". WCPO Channel 9 news video embedded below:

Local reaction varied. At a gas station across the street, Cherita Brown had no problem with it, saying that everyone has the right to do good for the community. But Luther Hall disagreed, complaining about how a white separatist organization picking up litter was disrespectful to all people.

The head of Kentucky's Adopt-A-Highway program, Nancy Wood, claimed to be surprised and concerned, and scrambled to cover her ass. "We did not know what this group was about," said Wood. "The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Adopt-A-Highway group doesn't condone racist ideology, so we will take the matter up with our attorney on how to best address the issue." But if their attorney is smart, he or she will already know that the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the right of a Klan organization to participate in Missouri's Adopt-A-Highway program, ruling that denying them participation would violate the group's free speech rights under the First Amendment. The case was Yarnell v. Cuffley; the legal opinion can be read HERE.

The National Alliance national headquarters has acknowledged the action and discloses that its units in Maryland and South Carolina are also running Adopt-A-Highway litter control programs. Discussion also taking place on Stormfront.

Other pro-White organizations are emulating the National Alliance's example. The National Socialist Movement's Springfield Unit has been running an Adopt-A-Highway program in their community successfully for several months now.


Indra Maghavan said...

Good on ya, lads! Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

The following blog needs a much wider audience in the race realist/White nationalist movement -

If you can, spread the word, add it your own website or blog, comment there, etc.

apollonian said...

ZOG-Mammon Suckers Drawn Into Another Potential Ambush--Maximum Casualties Should Be Inflicted
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 09)

Excellent report comrade AA, once again. Thus white nationalists and patriots continue to "draw the venom" of ZOG-Mammon and Judeo-conspiracy, the puke.

Note everytime ZOG-Mammon attacks we should immediately counter-attack with greatest force--what has actually happened is most perfect, excellent AMBUSH (possibility, anyway), and we need to get even better inflicting greatest casualties.

Rule one: All/any attack against white folk must be understood/construed as ATTACK AGAINST CHRISTIANITY, period. Thus all white patriots must feature that connection with Christianity and/or Western values, esp. REASON, for reason and Christianity are complementary, never doubt.

Rule two: All attacks by ZOG-Mammon must be immediately and most savagely (within limits of expediency) returned, directed against (a) Talmudic Jews (a redundancy)--emphasizing Talmudic ritual murder whenever possible and convenient--(b) queers, and (c) anti-Christ bolshevism, emphasis upon the "anti-Christ."

And this (above Christian analysis) is the problem with National Alliance and William Pierce, AA, both of these NOT known for sympathy for Christianity or REASON, though it's surely not necessarily a totally fatal problem. For any attack against white people could and should be construed at least implicitly as racist attack against Christian volk by Jews, queers, and bolsheviks, the bolshevik element then allowing for any other racial elements involved, including blacks and Hispanics.

Now u begin to understanding, I presume, the great NECESSITY of Christian association and sympathy as it affords such counter-attacking scope, power, and potency.

CONCLUSION: Nazis and nationalists must take heed: Christians were the FIRST nazis and anti-semites--and we will be most intensive anti-semites of this age too. Christianity affords a far greater potential depth of sentiment/emotion against the Jew monster, and I fully intend to re-awaken and resurrect that original, basic Christian anti-semitism (as of Knights Templar who so seldom took prisoners). All/any "Christians" I catch failing for this necessary and basic anti-semitism will be ex-communicated. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - thanks for the heads up on Freiboden. It meets my criteria, and I've added it to my sidebar.

My only advice to Freiboden is to shorten the posts a bit by narrowing down the topics discussed. Otherwise a good source of original content.

David Drury said...

Wow, another organization besides the NSM stooping so low to pick up people's trash. Is this what the pro-White movement is all about? Picking up trash. You don't see the Black Panthers out there picking up trash along the freeway.

Arawn Graalrd said...

I saw this issue mentioned in Witchvox, and looked into adopting a highway for another project. Insurance is approximately U$1,500 and that's a common deal breaker, but Missouri has increased the stakes, by naming that section of Highway after a Rabbi.
I hope Randal exploits this obvious effort to increase The Struggle, and I'm very glad some Rabbinical Voice has shown the wisdom to support him.
Such radical socialist ills as Egalitarianism and Cultural Homogenization are pretty much there, for Everybody to transcend.

Arawn Graalrd