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Information From Czech Sources Regarding The Visit And Arrest Of Dr. David Duke In The Czech Republic, Including Interview With Filip Vavra

Update April 25th: Dr. David Duke released from jail, ordered to leave the Czech Republic. Read Dr. Duke's statement HERE.

By now, most readers are aware of the surprise arrest and detention of Dr. David Duke in Prague after he had been invited to the Czech Republic to give a series of lectures. Dr. Duke is also using the opportunity to promote the Czech-language version of My Awakening as well as the audio version of the book.

If you're not familiar with this case, you can read my summary posted on Alaska Pride, or following these Stormfront and Vanguard News Network Forum threads for more frequent updates.

However, I have found some sources of information from the Czech Republic which have been linked to an English translation. The first is an interview with Filip Vavra, which has been referred to in some media sources. Imperfect English translation of this interview from the Czech-language website cross-posted from HERE.

Interview with Filip Vavra on the arrival of David Duke

Posted April 23, 2009 from nezá

Czech Republic is preparing for the arrival of David Duke. However, for many taboos. Who is David Duke, and why come to the Czech Republic? These and other questions we asked the conference organizer Philip Vávra.

Question: What is the purpose of the visit to the Czech Republic David Duke?

Answer: Dr. Duke travels around the world, to attend conferences, lectures and meetings with their supporters. Now, given to us, when I recently Dr. Duke proposed that would like to put forward even before the Czech audience.

Question: What interest of the media expect?

Answer: May be interested in the media even higher than that? Information about arrival Dr. Duke was all the press and to inform him of all television, numerous radio. We have a similar hysteria, as before the arrival of Obama, only in this case is not a fanatical enthusiasm, but a malicious and false reporting.

Question: What security authorities expect interest?

Answer: Huge. On the one hand, it is clear that the political police and others (repressive and kontrarozvědné) component of this state very well know that Dr. Duke is no security threat and that its image was created false media is deliberately exaggerated and inflated. On the other hand Dr. Duke comes at a time when our thoughts are on the rise, have tremendous public support, the State is determined to do anything to stop us. Unfortunately, to use the attack on the house inhabited by Gypsy family, which still has not identified the offender and the circumstances are more than strange, but "our" Heads politicians have, as far as the offender, of course, clear. Therefore expect from the state maximum power and demonstration of more than usual bullying, that the world has shown that the Czech Republic the fight against right-wing extremism seriously. And because the organizers have benefited from legal assistance to those most police provocation should keep in check.

Question: Recently published the book with us David Duke, My Awakening. Where we gonna get the book? And we look forward to autograph?

Answer: According to information from the Web site by book publishers should be available for ordering, or in any bookstore in the country. Although the autograph was originally in the plan as part of Saturday's and Sunday's conference, consider now its repeal, because there is a suspicion that the political police to autograph abuse.

Question: Media release was that David Duke is a former KKK leader and present a Holocaust denier. Is that true? They should be afraid of people?

Answer: Dr. Duke was in the 70 years of last century, actually a local leader of one of the many divisions KKK. However, this organization is trying to reshape the political and social movements along the lines of the second wave of KKK of 20th century, when the Klan had more than 4 million members, of whom around half a million were women. On this subject recommend a book by Kathleen Blee, which deals with the female clan - WKKK. Dr.Duke certainly not a classic revisionist. He only takes the right perzekuovaných revisionist to express their opinion. Dr. Duke fights for freedom of expression for everyone. Freedom of speech and thinking it is of paramount importance. People definitely have reason to fear him. All critics advised to first determine what Dr. Duke talk and then only decide whether it will continue to criticize, or respect.

Question: What are they interested in the lecture enjoy David Duke? What will be its main theme?

Answer: Lectures finally thanks to the abolition of lectures at UK will be two [Ed. Note: This may refer to the cancellation of the one lecture]. One Saturday in Prague and the second on Sunday in Brno. Lectures will be probably divided into two parts. In the first, Dr. Duke will talk about the impact of immigration on the U.S. and Europe and also on the European heritage in the physical and mental form. The second part will be given space to participants to consider questions to which Dr. Duke try to answer.

Question: They attend the lectures and ordinary people, or just "neonacisté"?

Answer: The lecture is open to all, supporters and opponents. The quiet in the hall will be supervised by the security service. Indeed, I can guarantee, for example, and antifašistům that if they come to lecture and to behave decently, not to have any cause for concern. But if someone comes lecture interfere, it will cool out.

Question: Expect protests from Jewish supporters sionistického, racist Israel, who will refer to the alleged racism of David Duke? Or other hypocrites?

Answer: Opponents of Dr. Duke are mostly cowards. The strength you showed in the last days, when sending abusive letters and threats to the University, or writing articles in newspapers, or cutting a record in television news. More of them probably do not need to wait. The only strength that we face at the weekend, the political police force. But in this case will be a legal fight.

Conclusion: Finally, I want to thank you for the question and I want to send word to all that this weekend whether their outcome, they will still be broken, or political police, it will be in both cases, our victory, which moves us forward towards our rescue Europe.

And here's an announcement from the Czech-language Daviddukevcr blog, English translation HERE (it is unknown what the impact of Dr. Duke's arrest will have on the remainder of the itinerary):

Dr. David Duke visited during the weekend 24-26.4. our country in the promotion of his book My awakening, which recently appeared in Czech translation in Publisher Kontingent Press. Symbolically three weeks after the Czech Republic arrived in the so-called symbol of change - Barack Obama, David Duke welcome all those who is not on any changes. If Barack Obama is an apostle of multiculturalism, David Duke is an apostle in the survival of the spirit of his spiritual and physical form.

While Obama welcomed his admirers zfanatizované mass and its safe guarding four thousand police officers, David Duke forward before the free-thinking people armed with only your truth. David Duke does not promise a change or a better world, but will insist that we do everything in our power to preserve the old world of good to us every day apart before our eyes.

The mission of David Duke is to open people eyes. The mission of the organizers of his arrival is to ensure that everything went smoothly, and David Duke was not threatened by the enemies of freedom second European people. From completely understandable reasons, therefore, see only the minimum information associated with his visit that further information will be published gradually.

The public part:

Friday, 24.4. Prague - A lecture for students of Charles University, 11:00-12:20 CANCELED

Saturday, 25.4. Prague - lecture to the public associated with the discussion and autographs for people, 12:00-16:00

Information about the place of lectures will be on the day of action, 25.4. available at the telephone number 774261331. Since the lecture starts at 12.00 (there will be less time-reserve), it is recommended to those interested to move in the center of Prague and were thus able to quickly move to the venue.

Sunday, 26.4. Brno - Presentation to the public associated with the discussion and autographs for people, 13:00-16:00

Information about the place of lectures will be on the day of action, 26.4. From 12.00, available at the telephone number 774261331. Since the lecture starts at 13:00, so we recommend candidates to move in the center of Brno and were thus able to quickly move to the venue.

For those interested in expressing their concern for the welfare of Dr. David Duke directly to an official Czech representative, use the following link:

Ambassador Petr Kolar
Embassy of the Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom St. NW
Washington, DC 20008

Tel.: (202) 274-9100
Fax: (202) 966-8540


apollonian said...

Final Propaganda Step: Equation Of Christianity With Anti-Semitism, Pure And Simple
(Apollonian, 25 Apr 09)

There are of course, various ways to consider and look at this latest outrage regarding arrest of Dave Duke in Czech Republic. Duke ( himself now admits the arrest has enhanced his public image and attention. And Patriots should pay due attention. Note things political-economic are becoming evermore critical, and we should not indulge in shilly-shallying--we must act most decisively.

On the other hand there's no doubt world Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) are becoming evermore hysterical necessarily, due to the natural dynamics of their attempted fascist take-over of the world.

For Judeo-conspirators are engaged in general Orwellian "Perpetual war for perp. peace," the object being consolidation of their dictatorship. The current "patsy" is Islam, in general, but Judeo-conspirators are readying a broadening of their efforts against white Christians. Necessary consequences are simply degradation of civilization and population, de-population the actual plan, readily demonstrable, esp. regarding white race.

So what patriots need now is a radical re-affirmation and re-understanding of that basic Christianity which we should see as SIMPLY ANTI-SEMITISM--similar to doctors/physicians being anti-disease. And necessary program then entails dealing with the false-Christians who ARE LEGION and are paid and funded by Jews by means of Jew COUNTERFEITING--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).

(a) Thus All good nazis, neo-nazis, et al., should conform to this basic, general Christianity as it (Christianity) remains rationalistic.

(b) Thus general Christianity would champion TRUTH and HONESTY against Jew lies and conspiracy. That then would be Christian DEFINITION: commitment to TRUTH and Honesty, hence objective reality, necessary criterion. This is extremely simple "theology," but also politics too. Easy ref. is Gosp. JOHN.

(c) The trick is in how the subjectivistic Jews then manipulate MORALISM-Pharisaism--always ending in the overthrow of HONESTY in favor of lies--as for thematic example, their tremendous COUNTERFEIT scam/fraud/conspiracy, always their most powerful weapon.

And the reason we need those nazi-types is they're by far the most courageous to going out and speaking up about TRUTH. It's just now nazis gotta improve and enhance their SELECTED AUDIENCES--esp. "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists on Sundays.

CONCLUSION: Thus nazis need only emphasize real, true Christianity is necessarily anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), and if one isn't anti-semitic one cannot be Christian. This is the final step for necessary propaganda--DIRECT LINKAGE of Christianity with absolute anti-semitism. The only real theologic reference needed for TRUTH themes is good old Gosp. JOHN. Nazis and patriots need to get a clue and "get cracking." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Rich Brooks ? I really enjoyed his site.

apollonian said...

Rich Brooks Has Gone "UnderGround"
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 09)

Rich Brooks failed to post enough Apollonian essays on his site, so I decided to out him for the gross homosexual he really is and was (by his own admission--I never knew the scumball personally).

Rich himself didn't seem to mind he was being outed, but it was his Mormon partner who evidently required he go underground and "disappear."

Another close associate with Brooks was none other than the Jew, Alex Linder of VNN (, who knew Brooks and partner were queer and featured Brooks in the very first TAA ("The Aryan Alternative" newspaper/agit-prop sheet) by which Linder's Jew handlers want to keep white people infighting, anti-Christian, and thus isolated fm all the rest of potential gentile anti-semitic allies.

The infiltration of these creatures, Brooks and Linder/VNN, are mere indications/markers of Jew money which monetary effects are easy for Jews who just counterfeit it all up as they deem expedient.

Homosexuals--what's really the problem with those disgusting creatures?--basically, they're insanely obsessed with all manner of gross sensuous gratification, including drinking, this obsession carried to horrific excess--and they just can't control themselves as they must corrupt the youth to justify their own perversions.

Homosexuals are always allied and closely associated with Jew narcissists (which is actually a redundancy); they're all SUBJECTIVISTS, though queers are prejudiced against the intellect in favor of sense-gratification, again. Jews of course are simply murderers (beginning w. truth) and gross perverts, narcissists who insist they're the real God, the "apple of the eye" for God, their slave--ck,, and for best Talmudic expo.

CONCLUSION: And the great tragedy, as in Rich Brooks' case, is queers are always loyal to queers first, no matter what their other predilections or convictions which are always less than their commitment to being such filthy queers. So much for queers and Rich Brooks for whom there seems so little hope, though I continue to pray for his otherwise worthless soul--who knows--if he tries hard he might make it into purgatory. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

[Interestingly, for some reason the response to which I respond, just below, appeared on ANOTHER WhiteReference blog, "Three White Students...," 21 Apr 09. A.]

* * * * *

apollonian said...

Rich Brooks Admitted--Announced--He Was Queer, Simple As That
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 09)

Aren't u on the wrong blog? Rich Brooks (formerly of simply contacted me by e-mail, admitting he was queer--is that simple enough for u?--that's all there is to it. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

7:15 PM

---------above by Ap in response to below-copied on WhiteReference blog, "Three White Students...," 21 Apr 09, comments----------

Anonymous said...
So, Apollonian, how did you come to acquire such knowledge about Rich Brooks ? Did you do a post outing him ? Is is still on the internet, if so, where ?

5:24 PM

apollonian said...

apollonian said...

Sherlock Holmes On The Case Now
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 09)

Who do u think u are, dumbass?--Sherlock Holmes?--how do u think I think I know? But u're right, shit-for-brains, I guess I could be mistaken--at least it's conceivable.

CONCLUSION: Why did Richard ditch his website? Rich sure has had plenty enough time to deny he's queer, years now, which he never has. And dipshit: answer my question--why have u shifted to this blog? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

--------above by Ap in response to below-copied---------

Anonymous said...
So Rich Brooks took it upon himself to send you and email announcing he was queer - how do you know it was Mr. Brooks that sent the email ?

7:22 PM

apollonian said...

My Former Activities And Association With Rich Brooks, A Queer Who Tries To Be Patriot Too
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 09)

Let me amend here my nasty comments of last night to poor "anon" (just above) who was asking about our dear Rich Brooks (formerly of I think I come off otherwise sounding far too self-righteous myself, and I surely wouldn't want anyone to think I try to intimidate people to agreeing or accepting my info.

Rich Brooks (whom I DON'T know personally) and I used to correspond (by e-mail), this before I even suspected he was queer. I was simply anxious to getting my stuff published. So Richard (and perhaps his partner too) played me along. Rich was nice guy and did actually publish a few of my articles, so I must appreciate that in all fairness.

One day then, out of the blue (this was sometime in 2004, I'm pretty sure, as I recall), Richie Rich e-mails me about white nationalists being "prejudiced" against queers--and I forget exactly how then I proceeded. I probably demanded to know fm Richie what he thought was so good about queers.

Another thing was I really wondered why Richie would be telling ME about his sympathy for queers. And there never was any question it really was Richie Rich Brooks who was doing all the e-mailing. But of course, note again, I've never actually MET Richie Rich--so yes, it COULD all be a clever farce done upon me--BUT I DOUBT IT (as u'll surely see for fullest circumstance, everything considered).

So anyway, in the course of our many dialectics Richie Rich admitted outrightly he was indeed a queer, and of course I was quite disappointed if not a little disgusted. I remember I cc'd Ed Steele ( at the time, Steele himself a pretty busy guy who didn't seem to take too terribly much notice but rather expressed his own doubt, suggesting rather it was a Jew who was responsible, playing dis-info games w. the patriots.

So I repeatedly e-mailed back to Richie Rich that I hoped he was only joking, he assuring me rather that it was true, that he really was a queer, and this went on for several days even. So u can see the likelihood it was Jew disinfo is very slight and little, everything taken into consideration, esp. fm my pt. of view.

Only thing I rather resented was Richie Rich imagining I, personally, the mighty Apollonian, would be sympathetic to such queer ideology, etc. And when Richie Rich asked me later to keep things discreet, I replied that I wouldn't help him to deceive other white patriots, and that I'm loyal to white people and Christians FIRST--never queer(s)--that in fact, I rather hate queers with not just a little gusto.

And of course, u can well imagine how I, good Christian as I try to attempt to pretend to being, tried to dissuade Richie Rich fm such disgusting queerness. But Richie would always reply with some emphasis how he was committed, even proud, queer--and that he was patriot too. He wouldn't reply, as I recall, when I demanded to know what came first, queerness or patriotism. It all (the dialectics with Richie Rich) rather confirmed for me what I already knew about queers, having lived in San Francisco, Cal., for over four years in the mid-70s. Queers, esp. the committed ones, are simply extremely obsessed psychos, all truth be told.

CONCLUSION: So anyway, that's how I came to know the score and story about Rich Brooks the secret queer who also pretends to being a Mormon, along w. his secret partner whom I never talked (or wrote) to, so far as I know for sure. I still pray for Rich's filthy, little, disgusting, perverted, sinful, and depraved soul--maybe he'll make it into Purgatory, as I noted. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian