Saturday, April 11, 2009

Illinois National Socialist Front Holds Pro-White "Easter Egg Hunt" In Pekin, Illinois; "Racist" Flyers Found Inside Easter Eggs

Just because I took a short break from posting here (although busy over at Alaska Pride) doesn't mean the rest of the White Nationalist community took a break. The Illinois National Socialist Front has been formally organized, and got off to a flying start, holding a "pro-White Easter egg hunt".

But these weren't any ordinary Easter eggs. Inside each egg was a pro-White flyer, communicating the message of White pride and freedom. Local media stories published by the Pekin Times, WEEK Channel 25 in Peoria, and the Peoria Journal-Star. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum and on Stormfront.

Pekin residents awoke on Thursday April 8th, 2009 to find the brightly colored Easter eggs on their lawns and in their mailboxes. But instead of the expected holiday material, the residents found racist flyers inside, according to Pekin Police Public information officer Mike Sanders.

The flyer reads “Missing. A future for white children.” Under a picture of a blonde, blue-eyed Caucasian girl are the words: “Description: Red, blonde, or brown hair, fair skin with an innocent, inquisitive, intelligent, trusting personality. Corrupt politicians and anti-white special interest groups have stolen her future. There will be no future for her in the Third World America that our enemies are planning for all whites. Lets take back our country and make it great, decent and beautiful once again. For our children’s sake!” The message is signed: Illinois National Socialist Front. An email address is listed as and an address of: INSF P.O. Box 9714 Peoria, IL.

The flyer can be viewed and downloaded HERE. WEEK news video embedded below:

Sanders grudgingly conceded that “There’s nothing we can really do at this point. It all still falls under their first amendment rights.” Even though the eggs were placed on other people’s property, the involved statute is “extremely vague” and the group has not technically broken the law.

Earlier Thursday morning, Pekin Police had pulled over a vehicle on a traffic stop with four young adults inside. The officer noticed the eggs and flyers in the back seat at that time, but had not seen them planting any eggs. The officer did report the flyers to the statewide terrorism intelligence center. The police department is coordinating with the State’s Attorney’s office to see if there are any charges they can file or any action they can take against the perpetrators.

Of course, there was no inquiry directed to the statewide terrorism office when Rev. Jeremiah Wright kept saying "God damn America" in his sermons.

The Illinois National Socialist Front may be "new kids on the White nationalist block", but they act like old hands when it comes to activism. Here's a YouTube video of a flyer and CD distribution they conducted at a St. Patrick's Day Parade on Chicago's South Side on March 15th:

The INSF has four different units; a headquarters and Western District unit in Peoria, a Northeastern District unit, and units in Pekin and Bartonville. Four more units are planned. Membership is limited to Illinois residents only.

There's also an Adolf Hitler Memorial Birthday Dinner planned for somewhere in the Chicago area on Saturday April 18th. Details are posted on this Stormfront thread. While no details are posted on the INSF website, undoubtedly they will be involved.


Anonymous said...

I am a white, educated, and successful woman. I am ASHAMED to be part of a society that allows the discrimination that you uphold. Racism and reversed racism is never going to end because of people and groups such as yourself. This is not what being an American is about.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

well done by the way I am a white educated male you see the difference between me and you though lady is that i am racially aware and by the way we are trying to provide a future for white children that includes YOUR children if you have any oh wait let me guess they are mixed most of you anti racists are race traitors and it makes me sick that you are so brain washed by the jew that you cant see that your race is dying This is what america SHOULD BE ABOUT be proud that you are white another thing you know why your successful and educated because you are white and your parents are on drugs i wish i could take you all to the part of chicago i lived in so you could see how other races treat whites and how uneducated they are now granted we have poor uneducated people in all races but if you looke at crime statistics show that black males are more likely to cause violent offenses then white males its people like you that need to wake up not us

Anonymous said...

im sorry arent on drugs

Anonymous said...

hah all of you except the kind lady at the top are all shit heads i have plenty of black friends and im white is that wrong? they are human beings just like me and you they are equal just like you and me they have needs just like you and me and you ass holes are making it harder for them to feel good as it is this makes me ashamed to be white not proud you socialist scumbags go fuck yourself your like the muslims of america suicide bombing our society and the greatness americans feel for their country so just put a cork in a son of a bitch its the 21st century and no you are not educated because if you were you would realize what the other great races of the world have done for are country AMERICA the proud and the mixed thats right dumbass the mixed

Anonymous said...

this is all funny because im irish and i moved to pekin not too long ago and now i realize its full of you people the scum of america socialists