Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exposing Jewish Supremacism And Promoting White Liberation: Vanguard News Network Distributing The Aryan Alternative #4 Newspaper

The Vanguard News Network's long-awaited newest edition of their newspaper has been finalized and is being printed up for distribution at this time. The Aryan Alternative #4 will be distributed nationwide by various volunteers.

The challenges attendant to launching this project are described HERE, and specific content was solicited and posted HERE. The three primary players are VNN webmaster Alex Linder, who commissioned the project, forum admin Varg, responsible for design and layout, and Glenn Miller, handling the logistics. A number of others contributed ideas and prospective stories. The 16-page newspaper is available for viewing online.

Click HERE to view The Aryan Alternative #4 in PDF format.

Note that this is a 4.97 mb file; it may take up to three minutes to load, even with DSL. If you can't load it successfully with Firefox, use Internet Explorer. Better yet, right-click the link and save the file to your computer, from where you can access it much faster.

Alex Linder leads off by defining our Cause. He states:

• Whites form a race with interests requiring their separation from other races.
• The foremost enemy of the White race is the international jew, which uses its media and political control to forcibly mix Whites with coloreds, bringing about genocide via murder and miscegenation.
• Opposition to the jew’s genocidal scheme is called “hate” in controlled media, but the truth is that ‘haters’ are freedom fighters in a war for White liberation.
• We pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor to resist Jewish Tyranny by every means until White liberation is achieved.

Here are some of the lead articles:

(1). The Obama Presidency: Progressively worsening impact upon the White community.

(2). Cowardice Is The White Man's Survival Strategy: Glenn Miller's longtime classic, explains how Whites have had a tendency to run away from racial confrontations out of fear of being labeled "racist" or out of concern for personal safety. Now, with non-Whites pouring into all areas of the country, and a Mexican consulate even opening up in Alaska of all places, we are running out of places to flee. Read the full article HERE.

(3). How The Jewish Supremacists Wrecked America: One of Patrick Grimm's classic essays, outlines 15 different ways in which Jewish supremacism has disrupted our nation. Read the original article HERE.

(4). The Bailout: Not what you think it is. More than its advertised cost. Original analysis by Edgar Steele HERE.

(5). The Truth Of Interracial Rape In The United States: Department of Justice statistics show it is overwhelmingly black-on-white.

(6). Letter to the White Race: Prepare for termination. Read the full article HERE.

(7). Anti-Defamation League, The First Amendment's Worst Enemy: The ADL, America’s original and most successful hate group, is bent on passing the same group-libel laws in America already on the books in Europe and the former British Empire. The practical meaning? The canceling of the First Amendment.

(8). Hate Laws; Rope Around Our Throats: This is written by Harmony Grant of Rev. Ted Pike's National Prayer Network, and it can be read in full HERE.

(9). The Best Five Fights for White Boxers: Black domination of boxing not only has come to an end, but was exaggerated in the first place. Just as Tiger Woods gets disproportionate publicity in golf, so Cassius Clay, Joe Frazier, and Mike Tyson also got excessive publicity in boxing.

Preliminary Reaction: There has been some negative reaction from within the White community. However, most of the negative reaction comes from hobbyists who post on The Phora, as well as from a former VNN Forum member, Jett Rink, who was perma-banned. Martin Lindstedt, a certified lunatic, dumps all over TAA4 HERE. None of them offer any constructive criticism; they simply criticize TAA4 as a "failpaper", or they complain about the cartoons being too explicit (gee, it might drive away some of those "valuable intellectual properties").

Update April 16th: Oooh, I see I got under Martin Lindstedt's skin. The self-proclaimed "Custodian of the Cause" is mad at me. Well, boo-fucking-hoo! I love it when nutcases like this expose themselves to the world. Read his hysteric cult-like drivel, and you see why we're marginalized and demonized. He also gives a bad name to Christian Identity, as well. Hey Marty - better watch out for those black helicopters, buddy; they might be chuck-full of "Solutreans" or "Daleks" coming to get ya! ROFLMAO!!!

But the majority of reaction is positive. Over a dozen people have already pledged to send Glenn Miller money for the papers. Enthusiasm for distribution is beginning to build during a time when mainstream newspapers are biting the dust. TAA4 offers a solid literary marriage of highbrow and lowbrow styles, designed to appeal to a wide variety of readers. The cartoons may outrage some politically correct readers, but sometimes the way to open people's minds and hearts is to challenge their paradigms and force them out of their comfort zones. In other words, some people need to be pissed off before you can reach them. And that's why we're in this business - to reach people.

TAA4 is an improvement over previous VNN-produced newspapers. Review the previous papers at the following links:
-- The White Patriot Leader #1
-- The White Patriot Leader #2
-- The Aryan Alternative 1-3

To either order a number of newspapers or merely to financially contribute to the project, send cash, check, or money order to:

Glenn Miller
PO Box 3861
Springfield, MO 65808

Telephone: 417-463-7703

100 copies. . . $8.00
200 copies. . . $16.00
500 copies. . . $40.00

Printing cost is 6 cents per copy, and shipping cost is about 2 cents per copy (maybe more since postage went up since our latest edition). No salaries. No profits. All for the Cause.

Experimental link HERE.


apollonian said...

TAA # 4 Is Merely Mediocre With Serious Problems For Overall Vision, Ideals, Strategy
(Apollonian, 14 Apr 09)

Well AA, TAA #4 is not too bad; style-wise it's generally well-done--at least adequately--and will surely attract much interest and attention, without doubt. But we white patriots and soldiers of God need something better, more thorough and substantial for the treatment of the real problem--WHICH IS MORE THAN JUST JEWS, though Jews are significant, indubitably. Allow me to pt. some things out for us both for concrete details and abstract ideals.

I agree with u insofar as TAA # 4 generally has a good balance of reading text with visual art--and that's unquestionably good. However, I personally think the space on page 14, for boxing and sports, was a waste, but I can see editorship is trying for the youth market. I thought there was some space wasted, page 10, with far too much visuals there which could have gone for a good deal more written text info.

TAA could and should be MUCH improved if it was for WHITE CHRISTIANS--or just Christians--and not just "whites," and that's a subject which is grossly overlooked by the editorial boob, Alex Linder (VanguardNewsNetwork.com), a well-known moron and weakling who tries so hard to pretend he's white and "one of the (white) boys."

For a great factor for white racial troubles is the overall demoralization/diversion/confusion of white folk especially regarding "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) factor/element which teaches people in general to worship Jews and esp. Israel, these JCs carefully funded and fostered by the Jews, indubitably.

This important JC subject, a major WEAK-POINT for Judeo-conspiracy (see TheNewAmerican.com and AugustReview.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) ISN'T EVEN MENTIONED, so far as I can see--and this is an very crucial pt., un-questionably, which I think u wouldn't grudge to admit.

Pat Grimm, in TAA # 4, I see delivered an excellent passage which referred to the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam/operation--see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. Too bad there was no more emphasis upon that extremely important Fed subject matter which also deserved more definite reference.

Perhaps Alex Linder tries hard, I guess, but he's just not even nearly the best editor or the best analytical intellect; that's for sure--he tries too hard to try hard (for pretending he's white, again). Alex Linder is far too superficial for real intellect--he's a loser and a weakling, I cannot too much emphasize.

So those are two large and significant problems, comrade AA, (a) the lack of "outreach"/appeal to the Christian element of our volk, which element is MOST IMPORTANT. And (b) there's the evident lack of understanding for the Jews' most important practical (as opposed to abstract) weapon, that COUNTERFEITING instrument/mechanism.

The "abstract" part of the Jew problem involves, for example, the use of MORALISM-Pharisaism to intimidate the people to ignoring their otherwise most healthy powers of simplest INDUCTIVE LOGIC ("it's Jews, stupid"), common sense, and science.

Yet another abstract element is the historical analytic regarding "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--people are so addicted to HUBRIS and the false "prosperity" and general MAMMONISM--another characteristic which is so affected by that aforementioned COUNTERFEITING scam/element.

This abstract part of the Jew problem then would be most excellently handled by means of Christian pt. of view for our people/culture--but again, Linder deliberately tends to steer away fm that important part of the puzzle. Linder is a distinct hazard for editorship and proper treatment of the abstract/intellectual part of the problem, for which Jews are merely symptomatic.

Note a very interesting and troubling thing, AA, is there was not one, but no less than two, of the text selections authored by one Larry Auster who is a well-known (by now) Jew pretending to be "white," insisting whites should accept Jews as white--much like our own pathological "Hoochie" Jew troll who's so given to Jew compulsion for lying through his teeth. And it's especially troubling there was no editorial notation to effect this Auster character is a Jew. Nat Kapner (RealJewNews.com) is another featured Jew, but he's okay, I think, as he (Kapner) explicitly renounces Judaism and forthrightly says why.

When u consider Israel Shamir is also featured selection, u have no less than FOUR Jews, I say, as u count Linder himself. I'm sorry AA, but Linder looks like a Jew, and he acts like a filthy, scummy Jew too. Everything Linder does is in way of slimey insinuation--as if he's trying to worm his way into being counted as "white," not Jew. Linder is a weakling and an inferior, I'm telling u--he smells.

So AA, TAA # 4, is surely not completely worthless--but u must understand, Christian as u urself claim to be, that it is NOT nearly satisfactory for the Christian necessity in fighting Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity. Jew disease can do NOTHING but what white HUBRIS and self-deception first allows and invites.

For the proper dichotomy is Christian vs. Jew (racially and/or culturally), and the philosophic dichotomy, parallel to racial and cultural is, in accord w. Gosp. JOHN, Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, this then translating directly to OBJECTIVE vs. SUBJECTIVE, wherein Jews use moralism-Pharisaism, especially, to trump reality and truth, elevating Pelagian "good-evil," for foremost example, over HONESTY. Thus for example, "non-racism" and esp. anti-anti-semitism, precludes the proper racial self-interest in the dying white culture of Spenglerian "Decline...."

Thus good comrade AA, I fear TAA # 4 TOO MUCH ISOLATES whites against non-whites--which only plays the Jew game--which is what Linder is used to perpetrate and sustain. Linder IS NOT very smart. Again, the proper dichotomy to emphasize is Christian vs. Jew (truth vs. lies) which would rather UNITE all gentiles, ISOLATING THE JEW best and most.

Thus I urge Christian patriots and soldiers CAN AND MUST DO BETTER than this TAA mediocrity by such as Linder/VNN. I do sympathize with u, comrade AA, for ur supposed, assumed adequacy of TAA # 4--as u surely are starved for any alternative. But real white people and patriots CAN DO BETTER, indubitably. TAA # 4 isn't too bad--and it surely sets a kind of standard, such as it is for half-Jews and wannabes, anyway--and it's most probably BETTER THAN NOTHING AT ALL.

At least I hope u can see my more purist Christian pt. of view. Linder sucks--I don't like that hook-nosed, Jewwy-looking, Jewwy-acting little wussy--he stinks, and I'm prejudiced, I admit. Linder makes me sick. Linder and TAA # 4 provide only a much too superficial, too hackneyed treatment of the whole cultural problem for our dear volk. Pat Grimm and Ed Steele are okay, but Larry Auster sucks.

We need more overtly Christian-oriented material and activity, as I've noted (see WhiteReference blog, "Todd Hartley...," 13 Apr). And we need a more thorough treatment of the overall abstract problem regarding Jews--who are actually just symptomatic of and for white hubris in the large cultural/historic CYCLE of things, again.

CONCLUSION: TAA # 4 is really mediocre and shouldn't be taken as best which can be done. Good comrade AA, I hope u can appreciate my overall abstract theme for ideal, vision, and perspective, and I hope I was able to illustrate well enough with concrete details for the abstract principles. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

shut up you retard apollonian

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

My problem was not with the whiggroid coontent of The Ashkenazi Alternative, but rather that is is paid for by TraitorGlenn Miller. I merely ask that bowel-Movement whiggers do the math: $20,000 to publish and 400 ZOGbux collected in whiggaz mites. Thus the limiting factor in putting out Nutzi litterature is suspension of disbelief in how much Department of ZOGland InSecurity ZOGbux TraitorGlenn Miller can funnel using litterature which will go to the piglice blotter and trash cans. The going rate is once per year.

Insofar as being mad at an Ashkenazi Asswipe backstopping TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder's sewer forum, it is to be expected that ZOG will have quite a few bowel-Movement feebs and agents provacateur running interference. I do recollect this blog calling me a child molester, and look forward to the day when I can make you eat jewr words -- along with jewr testicles.

TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder isn't going anywhere. TAA#4 was, as Linder-lite Jett Rink said, was a failpaper -- and deliberately designed to be so. It was simply a ZOG rag printed by a ZOG rat on a ZOG forum. Once a year it gets published and Ashkenazi Asswipe applies his lips to Lindermiller's bunghole. Movement jewsmedia is no different than ZOG jewsmedia.

So, perhaps jew'll let this criticism be published, perhaps not. There is precious little difference between the mindset of a whigger and a jew.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri