Monday, April 27, 2009

An Estimated 70 Activists From The "Neo-Nazi" Czech National Resistance Protest The Expulsion Of Dr. David Duke From The Czech Republic

On Sunday April 26th, 2009, an estimated 70 activists from the Czech National Resistance, described by the mainstream media as "neo-Nazi", assembled in front of the Interior Ministry in downtown Prague to protest the expulsion of Dr. David Duke from the Czech Republic.

Filip Vavra, who is associated with National Resistance movement and who invited Dr. Duke to the Czech Republic, raised money among the activists present to help cover the costs of Duke's legal representation in the country. According to Vavra, Dr. Duke was to promote the newly-released Czech-language version of his book, "My Awakening", during his visit to the Czech Republic. Dr. Duke was to have given three lectures at three different locations in the Czech Republic, although one scheduled lecture at the University of Prague was cancelled prior to his arrival.

Police arrested Dr. Duke late on Friday April 24th and accused him of promotion of movements suppressing human rights in connection with his book "My Awakening". A non-embeddable video of Dr. Duke's arrest is available HERE. They released him in the early hours on Saturday and ordered him to leave the country. As a result, Dr. Duke's remaining two lectures were cancelled. You can read a monster thread on Stormfront documenting developments and reaction to the arrest on almost a minute-by-minute basis, or you can read a shorter Vanguard News Network Forum thread documenting highlights. YouTube video of Czech report with English subtitles now embedded below:

Notorious anti-racist activist Klara Kalibova, who represents the so-called "Tolerance and Civic Society" watchdog group and who is rumoured to be Jewish according to Romanian National Vanguard, issued the following statement, recorded by Radio Prague:

“He [Dr. Duke] was arrested because he denied the Holocaust in his book My Awakening and that is illegal in the Czech Republic and within the territory of the country. So, he was accused of denying the Holocaust. The Czech police were very well prepared for him and other deniers. You have to understand that the country suffered during World War II and some 80,000 Jews were murdered in Auschwitz and other concentration camps. So this was a message by the Czech Republic to all Holocaust deniers.”

Some of this statement is inaccurate. Dr. Duke does NOT deny the Holocaust; instead, he merely disputes certain aspects of the historical account, such as the demographics, the methodology, and, above all, the singularity that Jewish supremacists have attached to the event. In addition, "Holocaust denial" by name is not prohibited in the Czech Republic, but promotion of movements suppressing human rights is prohibited.

The Czech government itself seemed to send mixed signals regarding the expulsion of Dr. Duke. While Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocab said on Sunday that he considered Duke's opinions dangerous and he supported the police intervention against Duke. However, on Monday, Prague police spokesman Jan Mikulovsky acknowledged that the publication of the book "My Awakening" is not a criminal act in the Czech Republic. Mikulovsky further explained that if a publishing house makes it clear that it distances itself from the content of the book it only launches over profit, this is not liable to criminal prosecution, adding that the publishers had done so in the preface. Dr. Duke's lawyer, Klara Slamova, said Duke had written the book in the United States and he could not have influenced the Czech translation, out a few weeks ago, because he does not have the copyright anymore.

It should be obvious by now that the arrest and expulsion of Dr. David Duke was merely a political gambit by the Czech government to blunt the momentum of the patriotic resistance occurring in the country. Upon his release, Dr. Duke himself issued a statement, which can be read HERE. Dr. Duke is also appealing for financial contributions to not only help with the legal expenses incurred in the Czech Republic, but also to put together a legal contingency fund so that he can continue his public activism in areas where he might risk arrest and detention. Please go to and give him the support he needs to stay free and to continue to support our Cause, or use the Donate button below.

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apollonian said...

Duke Too Eager To Re-Assure Jews Who Must Rather Be Expelled
(Apollonian, 27 Apr 09)

Good journalistic account once again, AA; u set a great standard. The question is regarding donating to Dave Duke (, and what's most effective way to advance the patriot cause. It's surely good to read Duke's book ("My Awakening"); he's good writer and scholar, esp. on the Talmud which people need to know about much more and better.

But remember, I say, overall and in the long run what we will need is Jew-Expulsion, and this will surely only happen by means of a broad popular movement which must therefore be based upon SENTIMENT and EMOTION--as well as upon human reason and rationality.

So that's why Christian psychologic/religious foundation/mentality is so important. We patriots must simply make this Christian meme, inspiration, and ideal OUR OWN. Thus Christianity must symbolize TRUTH against Jew lies and conspiracy. Christianity should not shrink fm seeming and being ANTI-SEMITIC. Christianity forthrightly opposes Judaism-Talmudism (see Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

Thus Nazis, for example, those heroic, outspoken heroes who stand up for truth, should and must take the lead to organize and lead the Christian people and to do this most forthrightly with overt sympathy for the Christian volk. Nazis make hugest mistake if they denigrate Christianity.

And the WEAK-POINT, once again, never doubt, is the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and component to Judeo-conspiracy (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), these poor fools and gross hereticalists taught that Christ was "Jew" (hence Talmudist).

So AA, I suggest the most appropriate leader and exemplar may well be not so much Dave Duke, but rather Pastor Carlson of who goes out to JC places and demonstrates, informing them how they're being mis-led by false-prophets, traitors, and liars who are in the pay of Jews and queers.

Dave Duke isn't bad person, I'm sure, but he's not intensively anti-semitic enough, and he doesn't enough get out exhorting the people to demonstrating and preaching explicit Christianity, specifically then anti-semitism, as I say. Duke is too busy and too careful to pretend he's NOT anti-semitic--and this is NOT what our people need.

CONCLUSION: For I see Jews as a horrific disease, carriers of psychopathology, which must be actively counter-acted--WE MUST REMOVE JEWS, not re-assure them as Duke does too much, so eager as he is to be on Jew TV. That more forthright anti-semitism is why I like Hal Turner (, for example, even though he sells pictures of naked ladies. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian