Sunday, April 12, 2009

ECWU/Volksfront Patriot Action Rally Takes Place In New Hampshire Despite Anti-Racist Harassment; White Revolution's Billy Roper Delivers Key Address

The Boston Globe reports that anti-racist gadflies failed in their attempt to shut down a White power rally in New England this weekend. After being frozen out of their original location in Boston, the White activists moved their rally from Boston to Loudon, New Hampshire, where it took place successfully on Saturday April 11th, 2009.

The event, titled Patriot Action, was organized by East Coast White Unity (ECWU) and Volksfront. Initially scheduled for the VFW hall on Ellery Street in South Boston on Saturday, hall organizers pulled the plug on the gathering under anti-racist pressure. The VFW announced its cancellation on Tuesday April 7th, explaining that the White pride rally conflicted with the ideals and values of VFW Post 6536. But according to Billy Roper, the Chairman of White Revolution, they anticipated this possibility and reserved another hall in advance, adding that White activist groups often double-book their events, anticipating protests. "We always have several venues because we know there are a lot of people in America . . . who want to take away our right to free speech", Roper said. And so they moved on to American Legion Post 88 on South Village Road in Loudon, New Hampshire.

Billy Roper also spoke at the rally, attended by more than 200 people. When reached by phone during the event, Roper said, "Everyone who is [scheduled to speak] is speaking, the bands are about to go on, and everything's going fine". He then called out, "Hey boys, are we having a good time?" A chorus of voices on the other end shouted enthusiastic agreement. Roper has since posted a report on the White Revolution blog. Another activist who was present posted the following brief report on Stormfront (and on VNN Forum as well):

Despite the best efforts of the antis the event went on!

70-80 people were there, 50 or so from New England, New York, and New Jersey plus 20-30 who traveled from every corner of the country.

Billy Roper gave a good talk, followed by Mike from VF, then an intermission. Dave from American Front gave a few words, followed by our keynote speaker Paul Fromm, who gave an excellent talk as usual, touching on the current status of white North America and how we arrived here, including discussion of the recent financial crisis.

After the speakers, the bands played for a couple hours, Slavia from New York City followed by Whitewash from Texas. The antis knew where we were but didn't dare show their faces! Thanks to all who came out, we look forward to hosting more such events in the future!

The last time Roper came to Boston was in 2005, to protest a service at Faneuil Hall commemorating the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. Two of his 20 White Revolution supporters were arrested during fighting with demonstrators outside the memorial.

John Dyment, a member of Post 88 in Loudon, said the hall had been unwittingly rented out to the white activists, although he did not know who took the order. He said he called the police when he found out about the event. "We know about it, the cops have been notified and I hope it's being taken care of," Dyment said. "When we found out the telephones were coming off the hook". A Loudon Police Department officer who would not give his name said police did not know the event was scheduled at the American Legion.

The Boston Anti-Racist Coalition, which was organized this year in response to the scheduled VFW event, informed the Globe of the event last night. A coalition spokesman who said his name was Ian Curtis said the group relied on anonymous tipsters, who confirmed where the rally was being held. "We had some boots on the ground who got us visual confirmation about the [white supremacist rally]", Curtis said. "We've been encouraging [Post 88] to try to shut it down." Other anti-racist reaction is documented on Chrisy58's blog and on One Primate's Project.

Note on the poster shown on top that $5 of every ticket sold was to be allocated to POW support. The term "POW" refers to White activists who have been incarcerated for activities relating to political activism. Though some of their crimes would also be crimes in a White society, they are still considered POWs because of their activism. A list of White nationalist POWs can be found HERE. Another site, FreeTheOrder, is devoted to those POWs who were members of The Order, led by Robert Matthews.

Afternote: Hilarious how all the antis and the media thought the event was cancelled after the VFW got cold feet. They forgot who they were dealing with. Billy Roper and Scott Clarke weren't exactly born yesterday. They had tricks up their sleeve and played them at the right time. And the antis are pissed - which is a good thing!


apollonian said...

AA Does Great Journalism, Though A Tad Much "Cheerleading" For This Event, Blog
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 09)

Well AA, I guess I'll go along with ur general assessment of things for this blog, and I guess it is a "victory" of sorts, as claimed by B. Roper on his blog to which u link--to effect it's "victory," again, that white folk are allowed their basic freedom and right to associate and to convene.

But it's not merely a sign for white folk they're so horrifically harassed by these Jew scum, thugs, fascists, and stinking, filthy criminals--it's a sign for all people, whether they admit it or not, BUT ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS. This, about Christians, is I think a great story that's being so utterly missed--even by u, comrade AA.

The only serious, pointed criticism I'd have for ur otherwise excellent journalistic efforts, as usual for u, AA, is the word u use in ur headline about "Key" in "Key Address." For I just don't see it--there's nothing "key" at all, either for the "address" itself or anything in it or about it.

The story is really about a good-size group of people--good, honest, most excellent men (and other brave folk too, certainly), I'm sure, who were determined to have a get-together, as they're perfectly entitled--so that was good, indubitably. But still AA, I just don't see the justification for the word, "key," that's all.

Everything considered, it really looks like these good folk worked HARD--just to get together--and that's good that they succeeded, given the tremendous harassment, of course. But it showed up the horrific state of things that they had to work SOOOOO HARD to do such a simple thing (getting together).

So AA, I gotta conclude and observe for u and us--WE ARE IN HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TROUBLE anyway u look at it, and it was a very problematic "victory."

I'm not complaining--and I'm certainly not trying to throw too much "cold water" on this so-called "victory"--BUT PEOPLE BETTER GET SERIOUS. Again, and I'm NOT trying to discredit Roper or the good people who attended, BUT PEOPLE HAVE TO DO MUCH MORE than just "succeeding" at such a meeting.

For there's things, USEFUL things, truly CONSTRUCTIVE things that MUST GET DONE. Just getting together for a blow-out party IS NOT, NOT, NOT A "VICTORY." U and we must AIM HIGHER--something more poignant must be achieved. Serious information must be imparted to our people.

So let me be specific and precise--instead of this bullshit partying and "getting together" like Roper and company did. People need to get out to CHURCHES on Sundays, holding signs--something like Pastor Carlson does for, trying to get the info to the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) about how they're being so GROSSLY LIED TO about Christ and Christianity--THIS IS THE INCISIVE INFO--not anything else.

And then after these good people have done something like this for the stupid, ignorant JC goyim--THEN THEY CAN HAVE A PARTY, I say.

So AA, this is the problem, I say again: Roper and co. put all this effort into just getting together to have a party?--THAT WAS NO "VICTORY." The "victory" would have been getting together AFTER THEY'D DONE SOME REAL WORK, some productive information for the poor volk--as Pastor Carlson does.

Another example is the great job done by ANSWP at Tulsa, OK, on 16 Apr 07, when they demonstrated most actively and effectively against Charles Hagee, that filthy, scummy traitor. Of course, Bill White never followed up as he is so pathetically without a clue, as I've expounded so many times before.

So AA, good comrade, I think u know I consider u do the very finest journalistic work, not only by white patriot standards--but by any standards whatsoever, esp. for ur native, habitual honesty, not to mention ur care for the info and details. But I must disagree w. ur use of the word "Key" in ur headline--there was absolutely nothing whatsoever truly "key" about any "address." For there simply was no information Roper was able to give.

So anyway, I'll cut it short here with reiteration that we'll KNOW (we white patriots) we're approaching real success and victory as we increase our person-to-person effects and efforts for that Christian-style "out-reach" to people for TRUTH--as I describe in ur latest blog for 13 April, "Todd Hartley..."--that's what we must work on and succeed at accomplishing--BEFORE indulging in such partying as described in this blog.

CONCLUSION: So AA, u were just a tad too much CHEERLEADER (which isn't terribly bad) and not enough cold-blooded overall sociologic/political analyst, I submit, for this blog and blog-topic. But otherwise, do keep up ur outstanding, top-quality journalistic work, by all means. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Volksfront is made up of a bunch of shithead criminal prison Nazis. Scumbags like this we can live without.

American Front said...

Hmmm, "anonymous" I would have to venture a guess that you must be an outside agitator since only those working for the enemy would use a public forum to dry and create division within our ranks.

Say what you will about VF but saying it under the cloak of anonymity proves either your cowardice or treachery. In either case you should keep your mouth shut.

For all the bravado of the reds and antis over this event, the fact still remains that even with the addresses of the venue, our hotels and 2 residences of our Kinsmen, none of these cowards showed their faces. This just goes to prove that the tactics of the reactionary left will continue to be that of cowards hiding behind keyboards (much like "anonymous" running his mouth about Volksfront).