Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bloomington, Illinois Needs An INSF "Easter Egg Hunt": Twelve Black Teenagers Mob-Assault Two White People, Police Call It A Hate Crime

Here's a great opportunity for the Illinois National Socialist Front to go into action again. Another "Easter egg hunt" might be in order - this time in Bloomington. The Bloomington Pantagraph is reporting that two White people, a brother and a sister, were the victims of a mob-assault by up to 12 black teenagers on Saturday April 11th, 2009. And guess what? Bloomington police are actually calling it a hate crime.

Bloomington police Sgt. Ken Bays said a 24-year-old Bloomington woman was visiting her 34-year-old brother, who resides in the 500 block of North Mason Street, when the group of black males approached her near the intersection of Mulberry and Oak streets and obstructed her path (classical Negro jamming tactics). When the victim’s brother intervened and asked them to let her proceed down the street, four to five suspects jumped him. While the man’s assailants were beating him, other members of the suspect group threw rocks, bricks and debris at his sister and two of the man’s roommates, at least one of whom was female. One of the assailants was throwing the sister around. In addition, the assailants screamed racially derogatory terms at the White victims. One black said, "This is our neighborhood, white boy".

After officers arrived at 12:24 P.M., they estimated 10 to 12 black male teenagers had attacked the victims. A witness corroborated the account the brother and sister gave of the attack.

One of the blacks tried to turn the tables and get his White victim arrested. A 19-year-old Negro male approached the officers at the scene and demanded they arrest the male victim. The 19-year-old screamed obscenities and said the male victim had battered him. But thanks to the witness' testimony, officers arrested the 19-year-old instead on preliminary charges of mob action, aggravated battery in a public place, and a hate crime. He remains in custody as of this post. The Pantagraph does not name suspects in serious cases unless formal charges are filed.

Update: On April 13th, the 19-year-old was identified as Brett Lane, who lives in the 900 block of West Olive Street. He's been formally charged with aggravated battery and held on $1,000 bail. McLean County court records indicate that this is not Lane's first brush with the law.

The report did not indicate whether victims or the alleged assailants sought medical assistance at the scene.

Commenters to the news story indicate that the area of the attack is a bad neighborhood. One commenter questioned whether a White person could even safely walk through the west side of town anymore. According to City-Data, Bloomington, about halfway between Champaign and Peoria on I-74, has a population of 72,416 as of 2007. It is 83 percent White, 9 percent Black, and 3 percent Hispanic. But apparently even a mere nine percent Black is nine percent too much.


Phil said...

I'll see if I can't get something together and hit it on the way to chicagoland this weekend. I'm very surprised the media is even reporting on this. This happens on a daily basis here in Peoria. Only it gets blacked out....

Anchorage Activist said...

Good luck, Phil. You and your troops are leading the way when it comes to activism.

apollonian said...

NSF Could Well Add Christian Dimension To Enhance Appeal, Effect
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 09)

Indeed, all criminal acts happening across racial lines could and should presumptively be understood as "hate" crime, automatically, as matter of policy. Note this suggestion of mine is perfectly "color-blind" too.

Thus, given such "hate" element of crime, we see the real truth which is STATE-OF-WAR existent and active btwn and among races.

And how could this "hatred" NOT exist given the deliberate, veritable "education"/programming we know is being done for blacks, among everyone else, blacks constantly bombarded with idea they're being "oppressed" by means of "racism," etc., racism actually meaning LOYALTY, as anyone can easily verify by means of dictionary.

And who is it, in charge of things, who is promoting this race-war?--who else but Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) behind the Federal Reserve Counterfeiting conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on Fed fraud)?

Thus we see the active WARFARE which is promoted, exhorted, and encouraged by our political leadership front for Judeo-conspirators, who also encourage banning of fire-arms as means of self-defense.

Thus observe citizens are disarmed in the face of (a) illegal alien invaders, (b) domestic criminals, and (c) a fascist government of traitors who are actively working against rule-of-law and US Constitution. US citizens are veritably up against organized LIARS making war against TRUTH, reason, and humanity by every possible, conceivable means.

And then note the poor people are further dis-oriented, confused, and demoralized as Jews and counterfeiters fund the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who preach "Jesus was Jew" (hence Talmudist), and US citizens should fund, with US tax-dollars, Israeli murderers and terrorists who did, not only the recent Gaza mass-murders, but 9-11 attacks (see for expo/ref.), and murdered US servicemen aboard USS Liberty--see for expo/ref.

So my pt. is these "Easter eggs" are mere stunt and gimmick--not bad--but there's much more that's needed in way of information. Further, there's more needed in way of conveying and pressing-home this necessary info--like that invincible person-to-person quality which absolutely wins when only applied in honest, forthright fashion.

And that's why the Christian element for cultural appeal is so irreplaceable, especially for pretext value for approach of fellow citizens. National Socialist Front doesn't need to lose anything to take up this Christian element, never doubt--esp. by way of exposing the JC frauds.

CONCLUSION: Christians after all, were the first "nazis," and there's absolutely nothing against that basic human REASON for Christianity which NSF could most easily adopt. Christian element then would give greater dimension and depth for cultural/psychologic appeal for NSF, thus indubitably far greater and more successful effect. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Phil said...

In the comment sections some1 said "Brett N. Lane was also charged w/ Felony Mob Action and Agg. Battery in July 08' and Mob Action in March 09'. ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED last month."

Im looking into it, we may have to do more than just distribute literature.

Anchorage Activist said...

Phil - somebody posted that info on VNN Forum as well, and I updated this post.

If you plan to do more than distribute literature, keep mum about it.