Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American White Civil Rights Advocate Dr. David Duke May Return To Prague To Defend Himself If Czech Authorities Launch A Trial

On April 29th, 2009, Czech Happenings reports that Dr. David Duke, who was arrested, detained, and expelled from the Czech Republic by Czech authorities this past weekend over his alleged supporting and promoting movements aimed to suppress human rights, would reportedly return to Prague if a trial were launched against him, according to the Czech-language daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD).

The paper cites Filip Vavra, the Czech organiser of Duke's Prague visit, who is linked to the National Resistance movement. "On Monday I spoke with Mr Duke. He is determined to defend himself before Czech authorities if he is permitted to enter the country," Vavra told MfD.

According to MfD's information, Duke is staying in Italy. He came there from Austria where his Czech fans had taken him after his expulsion from the Czech Republic.

Originally the police proposed that he be taken into custody but later in the night he was released as the state attorney decided that there were no reasons for his remanding in custody. The police then said Duke is persona non grata and has to leave the country. His lawyers have challenged the police's steps and lodged a complaint against his prosecution. Nevertheless, Duke's prosecution will continue in spite of his departure from the country, the police say.

In his complete account of the ordeal now posted on his website, Dr. Duke has personally confirmed that he will seek to return to Prague to fight the charges if a trial commences, although this is not mentioned on these two Stormfront threads, HERE and HERE. But Dr. Duke also alluded to future legal struggles and was soliciting contributions from the public to provide financial resources to pay for legal representation. Use the Donate button below if you want to help out.

Apparently, Dr. Duke is concerned that if he is tried and convicted in absentia, he could effectively be barred from entering any part of Continental Europe, because an EU warrant for his arrest would be in force and executed if he did try to enter. Dr. Duke has more work in Europe that he wants to accomplish.

However, returning to the Czech Republic, even with its permission, entails the risk of imprisonment if he is convicted in a trial. Truth is not considered a defense in these types of cases over in Europe.

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apollonian said...

Great Opportunity For Duke--Will He Blow It?
(Apollonian, 29 Apr 09)

Thanks much for this report, AA--this is great publicity for Dave Duke ( and great opportunity for yet more publicity, indubitably.

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