Monday, April 20, 2009

Activists From The Illinois National Socialist Front And The National Socialist Movement Show Up At Holocaust Museum Opening In Skokie, Illinois

With great fanfare, America's 25th Holocaust museum, the 65,000 square foot Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center in Skokie, Illinois, built at a cost of $45 million, was opened on Sunday April 19th, 2009. Among the estimated 12,000 in attendance at the ceremonial opening were celebrities like former President Bill Clinton, who expressed regret at not doing more to combat genocide in the Balkans and Rwanda, and Holocaust promoter Elie Wiesel, who mused on the capability of good people to become evil. President Barack Obama also sent a video message linking the relevance of the Holocaust to genocide in Darfur. The opening was timed to coincide with the 66th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and the museum will officially open to the general public on Tuesday April 21st.

But not all were enamored by the glitz and glamour. Standing outside on a street corner were at least 23 patriots who see through the hype and recognize that after nearly 65 years, the Jewish Holocaust has been transformed into what Professor Norman Finkelstein, himself the son of two Holocaust survivors, characterizes as the "Holocaust Industry". In other words, it's become a full-blown religion with an accompanying theology and memorabilia. Publicly dispute the theology in Germany as Ernst Zuendel did, and you end up in a prison cell.

The 23 patriots are associated with two national socialist organizations, the Illinois National Socialist Front, and the National Socialist Movement (NSM). They joined forces to alert the public to the other side of the Holocaust story. In the Podblanc video of the WBBM Channel 2 news report embedded below, they received brief coverage at around the 1:30 point. Discussion thread on the Vanguard News Network Forum. Podblanc url of news video HERE:

The Illinois NSF also posted a brief account of their action on their website. In addition, they filmed the action and posted the clip on Podblanc. Podblanc url HERE:

Undoubtedly, some of the activists were also among the 70 who attended the Adolf Hitler Birthday Dinner held in the Chicagoland area on Saturday April 18th to commemorate Hitler's 120th birthday. National socialists do not venerate Adolf Hitler so much for what he did, but rather what he stood for. As former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott once said, Hitler started out great. He picked an entire nation up off the ground and set it back on its feet. The advent of World War II, and its unfortunate outcome in Europe (in making the Soviet Union a world power), resulted in a distorted picture of national socialism which has been further exaggerated and promoted by Jewish supremacists.

Overall, it was a busy weekend for national socialists. Between these two actions, as well as the 100-strong NSM rally in St. Louis and the report of activists from the NSM Phoenix unit distributing 2,000 anti-illegal immigration flyers in the Greater Phoenix area on April 18th, it was also a productive weekend.


apollonian said...

Nazi Heroes Must Not Stop Excellent Progress In Uniting, Organizing Volk--Including Especially Christians
(Apollonian, 20 Apr 09)

Great journalistic coverage and commentary by WhiteReference yet again, AA--u're setting a truly outstanding standard for other comrades to follow. Our good nazi-styled soldiers and heroes must only understand now they need to channel and target particular people--especially, Christians.

Christians must understand they're not truly Christian UNLESS they're proudly, outrightly, ANTI-SEMITIC. Death to the Jews, filthy, scummy murderers, beginning with most foul murder of truth--as by means of holohoax.

Presently, nazi-types are only ones practicing that proud standing for truth and honesty in finest Christian style. But nazis must only realize they must missionize (or actually, evangelize) the Christian people, even non-whites.

For all peoples are destined to be victimized by Jews; nazis are most heroic anti-semites and leaders--but still, they need to enhance tactics for Christianity, understanding the excellent virtues thereof, as for the real Christian message (truth and honesty).

And what a tremendous clash of religions--TRUTH vs. Jew Lies--so brilliantly setting off magnificent message of Gosp. JOHN. And it, holohoax and monument thereto, goes to show power of the Mammon god, fueled and funded by COUNTERFEIT conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud).

From the looks of it all, it would seem the ONLY ones sticking up for TRUTH, hence Christ, are those mean old nazis too, with their skin-heads and all.

Thus we see on one hand the pushing of holohoax lies as the new state-sponsored religion, while on other hand, state works to suppress the people's Christianity while Mammon COUNTERFEIT instrument, the Fed, funds the false hereticalist "Christianity" ("Judeo-Christianity" [JC]--see and for expo/ref.), preaching lies like Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist) and worship of terror-state of Israel.

So AA, to judge fm things, I'd say nazis, NSM, et al., are doing pretty well with all the excellent activity and leaflet distribution, etc. But I'd say patriot comrades still need to PERFECT their movement to agitating at Christian churches for EVERY Sunday. There's lots of work to be done with our dear Christian people.

Thus the different comrades could specialize in doing the different things at the different places. Surely the nazi regalia might not be as appropriate at the Christian churches, perhaps, but the spirit and militancy can well be similar IN FAVOR OF TRUTH, never doubt.

Note further, we're working against a definite schedule too--as horrific collapse of US Dollar is imminent, only now months away--HYPER-INFLATION is mere part of the program.

CONCLUSION: So things are going well as practicably to be expected--BUT we still have to link up more definitively our good nazi-types with Christians, Christians understanding necessary link of Christ with truth, hence reason, logic, science, etc., and nazis understanding they're actually following a magnificent anti-semitic tradition started by original anti-semitic revolutionaries led by St. Constantine the Great for the greatest, most successful Jew-expulsion of all history. That Christian dimension will provide most perfect finishing and fulfillment for skin-heads and nazi-types. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Michael Burks said...

Okay, let's pretend for a second that six million Jews didn't die. Let's say like most Nazis claim. that only 200,000 died. What's the difference? Murder is murder.

Anchorage Activist said...

Burks - the real problem is the "singularity" attached to the Jewish Holocaust. Even though you've become anti-racist, surely you haven't forgotten how Jewish lobbies have exaggerated their Holocaust and presented it as something special, in the process minimizing genocide against other people. Oh and by the way, where's the museum to memorialize the 50 million victims of Roe v. Wade?

And surely you cannot sanction Germany putting people in jail merely for expressing public disagreement with the account of the Holocaust.

apollonian said...

Burks, The Traitor, Ignores All Evidence, Reason, In Favor Of His Pay-Masters, Jew Liars
(Apollonian, 20 Apr 09)

AA, u give a fairly substantial argument in very short space--which someone of Burk's limited capacity will take a few weeks to contemplate and digest before he can even begin for any sort of response.

Of course a turn-coat traitor like Burks hardly deserves any notice in the first place. Observe Burks imagines all the Jew money and effort and hot air invested into their typical holohoax lies actually then translates to even the slightest touch of substance.

Holohoax is best dealt with for facts at,, and Burks was supposed to be studying during all those years he spent in the "movement"--but I guess he was too busy sending info and reporting to SPLC and ADL.

For Jews are liars, always have been, surely always will be--see Gosp. JOHN 8:44--it's what Jews do: they lie.

Burks the scummy punk: u have no evidence for holohoax, none, zilch, zero--all u have is JEW ALLEGATION (read, LIES), repeated over and over--which goes against all the documentary and physical evidence. 6 million deaths and NO BODIES, NO REMAINS OF ANY KIND WHATEVER?--what kind of a moron are u, Burks?

Burks, u stinking, ignorant scum--have u ever considered the concept of EVIDENCE?--do u know the meaning of the word?

AA, I totally disagree w. u on the abortion issue--it's matter of the female's choice whether she wants to give birth. An un-wanted child is best not born. The only being w. intrinsic rights is rational creature, party to (social) contract; until then the child is simply ward of parent, that child having no intrinsic rights aside fm what society arbitrarily decides to confer and award out of its bounty.

Remember AA, Christianity is a religion of most profound reason, Christ the defender of truth, Christ bearing witness thereto (JOHN, 18:37). In fact, Christ is truth (JOHN 14:6). Truth then directly and necessarily implies the OBJECTIVE reality of Aristotle.

It's surely okay to be sentimental--but that sentiment no matter how deeply felt doesn't make u right, or rational, or lend substance to any proposition. Of course if a great enough number of people think a certain way, then the law may be difficult matter for any dissident.

But Christianity is most sublimely rational and reasonable of all religions--specifically rejecting the insane hysteria and pathologic obsession of Jews who merely insist upon what they want to being true.

Fervency of insistence does not make an argument true or rational, and white race is best served by most consistent logic and reason which is Christ's commandment--(a) respect God (hence truth, reality, and reason), (b) do justice (Gosp. MARK 12:29-31, MATT 22:37-9).

CONCLUSION: We see now that Mike Burks is and has always been a partisan of Jews, most profoundly prejudiced, not only against white folk, but against truth and God's objective reality itself--hence God and Christ. Burks takes the side of Jew liars against magnificent, heroic white people like the Germans. Death to that piece of shit, scummy, filthy little traitor. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - I was surprised that Michael Burks even asked such a question, being that he had been part of the WN community (assuming that he ever was).

But I saw it as an opportunity to provoke some thinking amongst the stray ordinary person who visits this blog and who may wonder why we have such an issue with Holocaust promotion. The sites you specify are, of course, excellent resources for those wanting to acquire an in-depth understanding of Holocaust Revisionism.