Friday, March 20, 2009

St. Francis Of Assisi Pastor Vincent Welsh Fires Two School Staff Members At Catholic School In Norristown, PA Because They Don't Speak Spanish

A Stormfront member posted a very disturbing letter from a Roman Catholic pastor at a Pennsylvania church. The letter informs parishioners that the pastor is terminating two White members of the Catholic school's staff effective the end of the 2008-9 school year because they do not meet some of the new critieria he has suddenly decided is necessary for occupants of the two positions.

Among the criteria is a requirement that those workers be fluent in both English and Spanish. The pastor, Father Vincent Welsh, is concerned about declining enrollment, and wants to induce the encroaching mestizo population, renowned for their fecundity, to enroll their kids in his Catholic school to increase enrollment, as well as tuition revenue.

The church is Saint Francis of Assisi Parish. The school is Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic School. Both are located in Norristown, Pennsylvania. The letter is cross-posted in full below:

Dear Parishioners,

As I have demonstrated since my appointment as Pastor of Saint Francis of Assisi Parish almost two years ago, I am committed to keeping Saint Francis of Assisi School strong and vital. I believe that our school is a very important asset for our parish and the Norristown area community. Over the past several years, our community has experienced a variety of demographic changes and our school enrollment has suffered. Our enrollment level is now a major cause for concern and must be addressed. I firmly believe that if we take the necessary steps now we can increase our enrollment to the level where it needs to be and strengthen our school.

In order to better serve our vibrant community, to strengthen our school, and to increase our enrollment, I have decided that it is necessary to reorganize our school administration. After much thought, prayer and consultation, I have concluded that in order to continue to build up our school in what has become an increasingly culturally diverse community, our school will need a Principal and a School Secretary who are bi-lingual (English/Spanish), who have experience in school marketing and development, and who have experience in a multi-cultural school environment.

Because our current Principal and School Secretary do not possess some of the abilities and experience that I believe are necessary at this stage of our school’s history, I am sorry to inform you that Mrs. Constance Di Bonaventure, Principal, and Mrs. Anne Leedom, School Secretary, will be leaving their positions at Saint Francis of Assisi School at the end of this school year. This very difficult decision was made after much serious thought and prayer. I know that we are all very grateful for Mrs. Di Bonaventure’s and Mrs. Leedom’s service to our school over the years and I intend to show them every courtesy at this time of transition. I would like to give our parish community the opportunity to thank them and to wish them well.

As we move forward, I intend to work even more closely with our school administration, staff, faculty, parents, and School Advancement Group, to strengthen our school in every way and to see that the children of Saint Francis of Assisi School receive the highest quality of Catholic Education.

Thank you for your understanding, for your prayers for Mrs. Di Bonaventure and Mrs. Leedom at this time of transition, and for your prayers for the success of our school and of all our parish endeavors. God bless you! Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us!

Sincerely yours in our Lord,

Rev. Vincent F. Welsh

I did not find this letter posted on either the church website or the school website, so I must take the word of the Stormfront member that this letter was published. I have no reason not to take his word at this point, although I don't personally know him.

Although Father Welsh does not specify exactly why he is terminating both Mrs. Di Bonaventure and Mrs. Leedom, I suspect it is because they don't speak Spanish. They would not be fired merely because they needed more experience in school marketing and development, because the school could easily get them the training. So it has to be the language requirement. I am a bit surprised at his desire for mestizos; according to, Norristown, with a 2007 population of 31,108, is 49 percent White, 35 percent Black, and only 11 percent Hispanic. Perhaps he's expecting some overflow Hispanics from Philly. Blacks are ruining Philly, and the Hispanics may be fleeing the city as a result.

Father Welsh also does not specify whether or not he offered to let them stay on if they were to voluntarily learn Spanish. So we don't know whether these two ladies actually were given the opportunity to stay on if they agreed to learn Spanish. Nevertheless, the very idea that workers deep in the American heartland should be forced to learn a foreign language to accomodate mestizo invaders as a prerequisite for employment is not only despicable, but could also be considered treasonous.

Recommended Action: We don't have actual confirmation from Father Welsh that he actually sent out this letter. I recommend a gradual approach:

(1). First - Parishioners and parents of students should contact Father Welsh and verify that he did send the letter. This can be done personally or via e-mail.

(2). Second - If so, ask Father Welsh precisely why he fired the two workers.

(3). Third - If he did fire them because they can't speak Spanish, express your objections. If he doesn't change his mind, then consider pulling your kids out of the school and finding a different Catholic school, or even a different private school altogether. Ordinary parishioners should consider finding a different Catholic church for worship.

In other words, hit 'em in the wallet where it hurts. Show them that the cost of catering to invaders will be greater - much greater - than the benefits to be derived.


Anonymous said...

The RC church is controlled by the Evil Ones.

Look Magazine wrote about it in the 1960s.

Read about what happened to Mel Gibson just over the Passion of the Christ.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't a Catholic peckerwood I highly doubt it's your business...