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PC Steve Bettley Of Merseyside Police Sacked Because Of Prior Membership In The British National Party; Black Police Association Rejoices

A serving police officer named whose name appeared on a leaked list of British National Party (BNP) members has been sacked, despite the fact that he ceased to be a member in March 2008 and he was involuntarily outed. Full stories in the Daily Mail, the BBC, and ClickLiverpool. Discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Police Constable Steve Bettley of Merseyside Police was included in the list of the far-right party's entire membership register which was leaked on an internet blog. The officer, who was briefly the driver for chief constable Bernard Hogan Howe, has been suspended from duty since the list became public in November 2008. And now the suspension has become a termination.

According to a Merseyside Police spokeswoman, "A Merseyside Police misconduct panel has dismissed Constable Steve Bettley after concluding he had knowingly been a member of the British National Party from March 2007 and up to March 2008. In determining their findings, the panel confirmed there was no evidence that PC Bettley had ever displayed any racist views or discriminatory behaviour in the workplace. The panel determined that PC Bettley's membership of the BNP is a clear breach of lawful orders and police regulations as the party's views are incompatible with the duties and values of the police service". A ban on serving police officers joining the BNP was introduced by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) in 2004.

So even though he had since left the party, and was involuntarily outed, and there was no evidence of any discriminatory behavior on his part, they sacked him nonetheless. This is no different than what was done to people during the Soviet occupation of Russia, particularly under Stalin's regime.

A ban on serving police officers joining the BNP was introduced by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) in 2004. The ban also extends to the National Front and Combat 18. Non-white officers are not banned from joining similar non-white advocacy groups.

Merseyside Police Federation, which represented PC Bettley at the misconduct hearings, said he accepted his name was on the BNP list but he denied being a member of the party. Bettley said he was enrolled in the party by a family member without his knowledge and he planned to appeal against the dismissal. And the Federation was critical of the decision: "We are disappointed with the finding and sanction of the misconduct panel and do not believe that there is any evidence presented to the panel which would indicate that he was knowingly a member of the BNP. Consequently, the Police Federation believe that their decision that he was a member and can no longer serve with Merseyside Constabulary is flawed.

"The panel have also heard character evidence, including evidence from officers from minority backgrounds, and have accepted that PC Bettley has always acted professionally and has never demonstrated any racist behaviour. The Police Federation will be fully supporting PC Bettley through the appeals process which includes a Chief Constable's Review and Police Appeals Panel.

"As PC Bettley was formerly the driver for Mr Hogan Howe we will be making a request that a chief constable from a different police force hears the review. PC Bettley would like to place on record that he condemns racism and does not support the views of the British National Party".

The leak of the BNP list, apparently by disgruntled former staff, provoked uproar after BNP members were revealed to be current and former servicemen, teachers and doctors. The list included the names, professions, addresses and telephone numbers of thousands of BNP supporters. BNP leader Nick Griffin has pledged to take court action against those behind the leak.

The British National Party also condemned the decision, saying that the Police Service would rather have convicted criminals or Islamic extremists in their ranks than British patriots. They've found that there are 1,063 PCs who either have criminal records or ties to Islamic extremist organizations. The HomeOfTheGreenArrow blog also condemns the decision; the editor provides insight as to what is was like to be a cop before political correctness set in.

But Merseyside's deputy chief constable Bernard Lawson defended the decision to sack PC Bettley, saying, "We have an overriding legal duty to promote race equality and retain public confidence. Officers and police staff are banned from joining or promoting the BNP. Merseyside Police prides itself on the good community relations which have been built up with our diverse communities. The force expects the highest standards of integrity and professionalism from all our staff and the decision of the panel reinforces this. Throughout this process the force has consulted with the Black Police Association and the Independent Advisory Group". [Ed. Note: Note that they didn't bother to consult with the Merseyside Police Federation, which is designed to represent ALL Merseyside officers.]

And Vinny Tomlinson, chairman of the Merseyside Black Police Association (MBPA), said, "The aims and objectives of the British National Party are totally incompatible with the duties and values of the British police service.
'MBPA believes that where it can be proven and is satisfied that a police officer or police staff member is a member or supportive of the aims and objectives of the British National Party, they should be dismissed from service. Institutional racism has not been eradicated from UK policing, despite some views expressed to the contrary, but the dismissal of PC Bettley represents a significant seminal moment in the history of Merseyside Police that bodes well for the future".

Of course, what she won't tell us is that, in her mind, the only way this "institutional racism" can be eradicated is if Whites themselves are eradicated.

There was no answer yesterday at PC Bettley's home in Prenton, Wirral. The 47-year-old Bettley is married with two children. We Americans need to take note of this case; a similar case here is the case of former Nebraska State Trooper Robert Henderson.


Anonymous said...

Poor Limey's - paying a dear price for being on the wrong side of WWII.

apollonian said...

For A Culture So Messed-Up, It Obviously Requires Fundamental Repair, Reformation
(Apollonian, 22 Mar 09)

Of course this entire affair concerning Bettley is just a huge, gigantic, disgusting outrage--what has happened? Thus we see an entire people, the white race, is so grossly, miserably, absolutely demoralized. Western culture has become so pathetically disoriented.

For sake of common sense, if BNP is a legal party, legal to vote for, then why can't police, who are citizens too, belong to it? Thus we see the gross, overall, sheer irrationality of it all, following fm a "morality" of self-sacrifice and suicide, prejudicial against whites. White race must therefore look and see to its security, preservation, prosperity, and self-interest, obviously.

And obviously the only possible mentalities at the top behind this travesty are Jews and Jew-friendly and -serving, fully in accord w. the New World Order (NWO), like Bilderberg conspirators--see and for expo/ref.

For racism is loyalty and virtuous commandment of 5th of original Ten Commandments, "Honor thy race" (parentage).

So again, we observe a problem at the BASE of the culture, that Christian foundation--it seriously needs to be rationalized. Thus St. Paul needs to be placed in proper context/perspective with Gospel of JOHN, in accord with TRUTH AND HONESTY. White people are only rightful citizens of our Western lands, and their interests must be understood as inviolable, Jews and muds subordinate and mere recipients of charity, etc.

Thus again, Christianity must be properly appreciated for what it really is: ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13), defense and upholding of TRUTH as foremost ideal/value, served then by foremost ethical virtue, HONESTY.

Tragic, pathetic, pitiful thing is to observe people so brainlessly helpless, who cannot even see how the situation needs adjustment at the very base--that Christianity is obviously in question for its proper purpose as defender of truth and honesty.

No, rather Christianity, preached by Jew-funded traitors, is seen as something MYSTIC and irrational by its nature, something anti-pathetic to rational interests of the white, native folk--this is the key, cultural and psychologic. People have greatest difficulty simply understanding Christian New Testament (NT); they seem to have lost the very ability to READ, not to mention thinking.

CONCLUSION: Poor people must re-learn Christ WAS NOT a Jew (Talmudist); on the contrary, he was foremost anti-semite, defender of truth, etc. Hence we see our cultural task is veritably one of EVANGELIZATION, to bringing our people to EPIPHANY. We need Jew-expulsion, and removal of Jews' gentile accomplices too. Honest elections and death to the Fed.

Hooch said...

So which side is the sneaky Jew on who is up to his dirty little tactics Apolo?

You previously stated your warnings of the BNP because they are a Jew organization which is a complete pile of shit.

Now you appear to be saying their is nothing wrong with the BNP and it is the Jews that are not allowing that person to become a government pig because he was in the BNP.

apollonian said...

"Hooch," Jew Infiltrator, Trying To Muddy Waters, As Usual
(Apollonian, 23 Mar 09)

"Hooch," Jew troll and infiltrator, challenges mighty Apollonian for info on BNP--a British organization which I don't know too terribly much about but what I remember fm what I read.

BNP is notorious for slamming niggers and muds--which is okay by me, of course--but not similarly denouncing Jews for the Talmudic filth they really and truly are.

"Hooch" Jew works for Jews and wants to insist to white patriots that hey, Jews are "white," etc. Thus "Hooch" Jew tells stupid Jewwy lies, like Jews are NOT foremost leaders of "liberals," Jews primary funders of all the liberal causes for queers, gun-control, and "hate"-speech, etc.

"Hooch" Jew says BNP is NOT Jew organization--to which I reply, if that's true, THEN WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THEIR FUNDS?--dipshit kike.

For where there's money, there's got to be Jews, Jews foremost criminals, connected with the topomst COUNTERFEITERS of such as US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. Bank of England is equivalent entity in UK, as I understand.

CONCLUSION: So that's what I know about BNP, and I'm sure googling will confirm facts as I've rendered above. I wonder if googling "Hooch," the Jew, would confirm "Hooch" is stinking, filthy kike, but then u don't need google for that--just ck previous WhiteReference blog, "Nebraska...," 27 Feb 09 and other WhiteReference blogs wherein "Hooch" argues for Jew holohoax, etc. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I read some of this HYPO apollonian, he writes based on the moderator direction.

As he licks all moderators, if this guy AA would write how great the jews are, A pollonina will say Huray, as if not he will be kicked out again.

I read a long bullshit comment where he cursed and humiliated the BNP and suddenly, they are a great organization

What a looney

Hooch said...

""""Hooch," Jew troll and infiltrator, challenges mighty Apollonian for info on BNP--a British organization which I don't know too terribly much about..."""

You sure did know quite a bit about how horrible they were a few threads ago when you were doing your battle cry against the BNP and saying how terrible they were.

"""Thus "Hooch" Jew tells stupid Jewwy lies, like Jews are NOT foremost leaders of "liberals," Jews primary funders of all the liberal causes for queers, gun-control, and "hate"-speech, etc."""

Wrong again, the 5 million Jews in this country are not in charge of the over 150 million democrats. The radical liberals are at the forefront of gay rights, gun control, hate speech, etc.

"""Hooch" Jew says BNP is NOT Jew organization--to which I reply, if that's true, THEN WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THEIR FUNDS?--dipshit kike."""

Not from Jews shit for brains. The BNP is a Conservative Republican party and 87% of Jews are Democrats. I would assume that the numbers would be similar in Britain and the largest portion of Jews would be Democrat, not Republican.

"""I read some of this HYPO apollonian, he writes based on the moderator direction."""

In the psychopaths defense, he does sometimes go against AA like he did in his defense of child porn. You are right though, Apolo is a follower, not a leader. He is not a type "A" personality but rather a type D or F.

"""I read a long bullshit comment where he cursed and humiliated the BNP and suddenly, they are a great organization"""

He always does this kind of stuff. You see, Apolo is a compulsive liar. He is constantly contradicting himself and lies like no man I have ever known. But in the same sentence he will say how good of a Christian he is and how Christianity is based on honesty, truth and good virtues.

He has even been proven here by other Christians to not know much at all about Christianity even though he probably thinks he is the second coming of Jesus. A common form of schizophrenia called Grandeur.

apollonian said...

[Note, I ck'd my old book review on Petras's "The Power Of Israel In The US," and found the mention in Petras's book for the amounts of Jew funding for the two big parties, 35% for Rep.s and 60% for Dem.s A.]

* * * * *

Petras Work Instructively Flawed, But Most Effective, Powerful Nonetheless
(Apollonian, 9 Oct 08)

James Petras's interesting work, "The Power Of Israel In The United States" (Clarity Press Inc., Atlanta; Fernwood Books, Halifax), copyrighted 2006, is extremely powerful and effective for the many selected facts and details presented which give overall gripping indeed picture/impression of Jew and Israeli power within USA for politics in general and especially foreign policy. But though Petras's work is so notable, worthy, and informative it is yet seriously deficient in several significant and fundamental ways.

For (a) nowhere does Petras attempt any kind of analysis upon Judaism in general or especially the Talmud, just one of the serious failings of his work. See,, and for best expo/ref. on Talmud.

Petras comes fm Marxist perspective, so he's not "racist" against Jews in general, though he's scathing for the racist effect exerted by zionists, et al., against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims, and Petras doesn't quail fm accusing zionists of genocide, aside fm racism, such racism accusation always significant for leftists and Marxists.

Petras thus presents a purely kosher type of criticism, in all truth, which he's sure Jews themselves will appreciate or approve, however reluctantly, though it hits state of Israel quite hard. Israel is the problem, and these mean zionists won't admit it, laments Petras peevishly and bitterly, but backing it all with copious details, well-organized.

(b) Petras enumerates the ways Jews, neo-cons, dual-loyalists, and Israel exert their power, giving many examples, but he does not emphasize or particularly mention fundamental power of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) mechanism/instrument which effectively COUNTERFEITS the money supply (see for expo/ref.), and this is another main key to failure of the book, even though general effectiveness for argumentation, given the limited premises, is still so strong and compelling.

For only with this insight to the monetary puzzle does it solve the riddle to Jew power, zionist and otherwise, for zionists are actually mere "bad-cops" in the large Judeo-conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), CFR-Bilderberg (behind the United Nations [UN]) playing main role of "good-cops." Petras has relatively little to say about the UN, except it is lamentably weak, this due to zionist control of the US.

(c) Thus the money power given by Fed counterfeiting explains how Jews, for one thing, so absolutely control the Christian establishment, barely covered or discussed by Petras, specifically the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists so sycophantically serving, so effectively, their Jew/Israeli masters, JCs another significant key to zionist power for lobbying and electoral politics.

(d) The money power also explains absolute Jew mastery of the mass corporate "Jews-media" (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly) which so effectively, literally hypnotizes the American people under the imperialist, oligarchal circumstances.

(e) Petras takes due note, though briefly, of Israeli involvement and connections with 9-11, but doesn't present any particular 9-11 "conspiracy theory," thus keeping within understood protocol for Judeo-conspiratorial etiquette which frowns upon explicit mention of conspiracy. Petras laments the servility of US politicians and other "leadership" figures to Israel.

Petras's work,"The Power of Israel...," thus consists of fourteen chapters with an introduction, an index section, with end-notes at rear of the chapters. Petras's book is divided into four main parts; first, five chapters, covers the lobby and government-connected officials, especially "neo-cons," and selected, but prominent political circumstances in USA which lobby affects. Chapt five covers specifically the spy ring uncovered involving AIPAC lobbyists, gov. officials, and Israeli MOSSAD.

Second part, next five chapters, discusses actual workings of the jointly-administered/-prosecuted Israeli-USA empire as it's applied, including torture, assassinations, and also particular propaganda, this again for analysis of actual imperialism which lobby prop. and agenda defends and advocates.

Part three, two chapters, examines and analyzes general propaganda and psychology for this imperialism, including especially moralistic-type application, somewhat redundant to previous part, but still useful and indeed crucial for Petras's design. Part four, last two chapters, then recommends propaganda/psychologic strategy by which to oppose the empire, guaranteed to fail (my opinion), by which to confront the zionist-imperialist complex described in first three parts, using Noam Chomsky as model for large analytic.

Petras thus begins his "introduction" whence he describes horrific Israeli treatment in detail of Hamas government newly voted-in in 2006, such gross reactionary treatment disastrous to Palestinian people. Petras emphasizes tremendous disproportion of Israeli military reaction and assault and catastrophic casualty totals, also gross US media mis-representations in favor of Israeli Jews, including then the Jew-influenced international reaction.

Petras does not mention or analyze how US media is so incredibly Jew-dominated (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly). Further, Petras notes Israel and Jews additionally insisted upon, as they still do, US attacking Iran. Petras states his book is documentation/analysis of Israeli state and its link with lobby and their effect upon US Middle East foreign policy, as Palestinians are steadily exterminated (genocided), thus the urgency of the work.

Petras mentions incredible Jew funding of US major parties, 35% for Republicans (at least), 60% for Democrats; this says nearly everything, and next step is obviously to Fed, but Petras typically and strategically ignores this crucial Fed connection and causation. Thus Petras's work is essentially compromised and subverted here at very outset, but details presented by Petras are still significant, notable, and quite appropriate nonetheless.

Next and penultimately (still in the Intro), before giving his outline (see above), Petras mentions the war in Iraq, and necessity to speak out against this general and extremely troubling imperialism of US on behalf of Israel.

Petras's first chapter then covers the outrageous fabrications by neo-cons in Pentagon, working with Jews-media for pretext for Iraq war, palpable, deliberate, gross, demonstrable, criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people and utterly corrupted, intimidated Congress. Active, culpable conspirators include neo-cons in gov., lobbyists (AIPAC), and state of Israel.

Chapter two covers who benefitted fm consequent Iraq war--it wasn't USA or the people thereof. Only Israel profited and very few others, like Pentagon contractors, such as Haliburton, VP Cheney's old company. Interestingly Petras mentions USS Liberty (see incident of 1967 whence Israel murdered US military personnel yet was able to successfully cover-up the crime fm public scrutiny due to connections in US politics and with Jews-media.

Petras further gives a brief sociologic analysis of the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC) for Jews, nominally citizens of US, but who contribute to and work for Israel and against American interests, including how these Jews work to stifle free speech of American dissenters and objectors to such treason and subversion.

In chapter three Petras briefly covers the Libby Affair whence a high ranking Jew and White House staffer (I. Lewis Libby) actually betrayed identity of a CIA officer in order to further neo-con conspiracy in pushing US attack and aggression against Iraq. Petras also mentions AIPAC involvement in spying, specifically regarding staffers named Rosen and Weissman.

In midst of this short chapter (three) on Libby, Petras bizarrely inserts the following lies about the legendary anti-communist hero and Senator, Joe McCarthy: "...McCarthy was accumulating power.... He successfully extended his investigations and purges to the State Department and finally to the military. It was here [he] . . . met his 'Waterloo.' His attack backfired, the Army stood its ground, refuted his accusations, and discredited his fabrications and grab for power." Petras gives no references or citations for his slanderous allegations about McCarthy, and it seems it's mere obligatory and signature Marxist fulmination.

In chapter four Petras rather exposes the tactics of famous journalist Seymour Hersh, demonstrating Hersh's selective expose's which shield the zionists and divert attention to gentiles only tangentially involved.

In chapter five Petras now takes explicit and brief, but still significantly detailed, notice of issue of Israeli spying, the connection with neo-con officials in Pentagon, and the Jew-Israel AIPAC lobby, how it operates and works with domestic US Jews-media to inject disinformation, etc. AIPAC officials Rosen and Weissman were arrested for spying in 2005 and still await trial years later to this very day.

In chapter six, Petras details the imperialist theme for specific issues presently in the Middle East on how it all actually works and affects things by way of such as torture, assassinations, and mass murder, comparing briefly, but poignantly the US imperialist treatment for Latin America.

For latest Iraq episode, however, US takes specific lessons and instructions, not merely advice, fm Israel, as for "targeted assassinations"--simple, random murders. Note all this unsavory activity will soon be loosed upon American population on ever-wider scale, do not doubt. Thus the state of Iraq is systematically destroyed with infernal methodicalness.

Chapter seven covers Israel's infamous incursion in Gaza in 2006, continuing to this day. The Gaza invasion was/is actually punishment for Palestinian elections of Hamas gov. which Israel denounced; chapter is a detailed analysis of Israeli politics and its justification through Jews-media in US. It's one of Petras's most gripping chapters depicting the truly gruesome Israeli administering of mass-murder, intensively justified and excused by Jews-media, lobbyists, and politicians.

Chapter eight covers the Lebanon campaign by Israel, bombing and devastation of 2006, resisted so grimly by Hezbollah Muslim militia, despite heavy casualties among Lebanese civilians, including displacement of around a million refugees, no less. Thus Petras demonstrates the power of Israel as it is practically exerted by means of descriptions of these late military activities entailing propaganda and effects for practical politics.

Thus observe everything Israel does, no matter how horrific, criminal, and murderous is most sedulously and diabolically justified by domestic US mass-corporate Jews-media, this within a context, and balanced by same Jews-media so intensively criticising the US government and history. Only religiously hypnotized goons could seriously continue to tolerate such infernal treachery, done with such sanctimonious effrontery.

Chapter nine covers Israel's preparations for war with Iran in lockstep with obligatory Jews-media prop, lobby activities, and typical effects politically which dictate so abjectly the American compliance, extending to American issuance of threats against Iran, including manipulation of United Nations (UN) regarding pretended "weapons violations."

Chapter ten covers the infamous publications in the Danish newpaper of derisive cartoons of Muhammad which then resulted in actual civil disturbances and riots both in Europe and in Muslim nations. Chapter eleven analyzes zionist psychologic propaganda which pushes the pretended terrorist threat presented by Muslims. Petras emphasizes how Jew "terror experts" in the Jews-media know so well how to analyze terrorists, Jews and zionists being unequalled masters and perpetrators of such terror.

Chapter twelve analyzes "suicide bombers," and chapter thirteen covers the perfidy and mendacity of famous, for the Jews-media, "intellectual," Noam Chomsky, zionist apologist who pretends to being a "critic" of Israel.

Last and concluding chapter considers the plausible counter-propaganda against Israel which Petras emphasizes must be qualitatively substantial as quantity is and will be extremely limited within Jews-media. Petras is thus forced to consider the legitimate national interests of USA, so difficult for "progressive" leftists like himself. Of course Petras is addicted and committed to tired old propaganda comparing hated nazis. Petras finally observes public opinion against Israel and US imperialism in general is nonetheless growing.

Thus Petras's most effective expositional quality is, again, for demonstrating particular exertions of Israeli "power" by means of recent examples likely to stick out for the memories of people who follow journalism and current events and then generalizing fm these to give a compelling overall impression which is significant and poignant. Thus Petras well illustrates his formidable talent as teacher and professor who's capable of dramatic, outspoken presentation.

CONCLUSION: Thus Petras demonstrates his case against Israel at very least in a negative manner as he so utterly fails in principle, as observed at beginning of this exposition regarding analysis for Talmud and Fed counterfeiting, the JC connection, and 9-11. Nonetheless Petras presents tremendous details and analysis of conspiracy regarding Israel, Jews-media, lobbying, and political collusion of all politicians, Democrat and Republican, and reminding people of the sheer toll of endless injuries against all parties, Palestinians, Muslims, and American citizens and taxpayers. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Anybody know what happened to "Big Eff" of "Why LA Sucks" - he was a riot !

Hooch said...

That is way too much garbage to read. There is only so much of that bullshit I can set my eyes upon in one day. I don't have an hour to devote to reading and responding to that off the wall post you wrote Apolo.

apollonian said...

Hey, That's Okay, "Hooch" Jew
(Apollonian, 24 Mar 09)

That's okay, "Hooch" Jew--white patrriot regular readers of WhiteReference already know u're Jew anyway, so don't worry. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

I am an American Nationalist, not a white patriot as they are anti Jew from what I understand. I don't give a fuck about Jews either way so that term doesn't work well with me.

apollonian said...

Jew Liars Lie Even To Themselves
(Apollonian, 24 Mar 09)

Right "Hooch" Jew--and everyone can see what a brainless, stupid Jew liar u really are. And u're incredible psychopath too, for only an utter psycho could lie like u do, so consistently, so intensively as u obviously do. And u're the only one, evidently, who can't/won't see it or admit it. I believe now u've reached the pt. of veritable comedy, even pity. U are absolutely amazing--a Jew's lying Jew, with a capital "J," indubitably.

U don't "care about Jews"?--that's a lie, an obvious lie--for it's the ONLY POSSIBLE purpose for ur blog-entries and advocacy, done in characteristic Jewwy-style, telling all the Jew lies, the only possible purpose being Jew advocacy, u utterly insane Jew liar.

CONCLUSION: Evidently however, it's quite possible a psychopath like urself, of such psychotic intensity, actually believes ur own lies--I don't doubt it. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

"""U don't "care about Jews"?--that's a lie, an obvious lie--for it's the ONLY POSSIBLE purpose for ur blog-entries and advocacy,..."""

No, there is one other possibility. I always speak my mind and say what ever the fuck I want to with complete disregard to whatever anyone thinks and I am prepared to back up what I say. When I hear someone with diarrhea of the mouth, shitting out a bunch of crap with absolutely no evidence, I will speak up and call them out. That is exactly what I am doing.

apollonian said...

[Apollonian commentary, in below text by Hooch" Jew, capped, bracketed. A.]

* * * * *

Hooch said....

"No, there is one other possibility. I always speak my mind and say what ever the fuck I want to with complete disregard to whatever anyone thinks and I am prepared to back up what I say. [FALSE, "HOOCH" JEW PRACTICALLY NEVER GIVES ANY REFERENCES FOR WHAT HE SAYS, WHEREAS APOLLONIAN PRACTICALLY ALWAYS DOES. "HOOCH" JEW IS SURELY BEING PAID BY ADL AND/OR SPLC TO MONITOR THESE BLOGS BY WhiteReference.]

"When I hear someone with diarrhea of the mouth, shitting out a bunch of crap with absolutely no evidence, I will speak up and call them out. That is exactly what I am doing. [ACTUALLY "HOOCH" JEW ONLY WANTS TO APPEAR, EVEN ONLY TO HIMSELF, AS IF HE'S "CALLING THEM OUT." "HOOCH" JEW ACTUALLY ONLY MAKES FOOL OF HIMSELF, LYING LIKE TYPICAL JEW, AS HE DOES.]

1:32 PM