Wednesday, March 11, 2009

North East White Pride Distributes Pro-White "Racist" Flyers In New Haven After Local Latino Activist Luis Rodriguez Bitches About "Racial Profiling"

The New Haven Independent is reporting that, in response to recent complaints about "racial profiling" against Latinos in their community by Ecuadorian activist Luis Rodriguez and a Catholic priest, Father James Manship, whose parish contains a growing number of Latin American immigrants, members of a pro-White organization identified as North East White Pride (NEWP) distributed pro-White flyers throughout the community on Saturday March 7th, 2009. Interestingly enough, although the Independent report takes a critical tone, they embedded hot links directly to NEWP within the report. Comments can be directly posted to the story without registration on the site.

Discussion also posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum.

Locations targeted for distribution included Latino businesses in East Haven and St. Rose of Lima, the Catholic Church where Father Manship pastors. The flyers warn of an invasion of illegal aliens that is already turning parts of the United States into a third-world slum. Some of the flyers feature a picture of a soldier holding a rifle. The fliers may actually be posted on the NEWP website HERE, but you must be a registered member of the forum to view and download them.

The Independent actually describes some of the flyers. One flyer states that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens, costing the government billions of dollars in social services, and carrying diseases like whooping cough, tuberculosis, polio, and hepatitis. “They send their children to school without immunization and expose your children to this. They work in restaurants and expose you as well,” says one flyer. Another flyer, entitled Immigration Or Invasion, states, “They come for welfare or to take our jobs and bring with them drugs, crime and disease”. And a third flyer warns, “Wake up America! We are being attacked!”.

Illegal immigrants are causing a rise in crime, the flyers say, as gang members move into the U.S. from Latin America. “The shocking crimes committed by these illegal gangsters include organized crimes such as theft of prescription drugs from pharmacies, black market gun sales, assaults against police officers and witnesses, assassinations, and human trafficking.” All the flyers call for the deportation of all illegal immigrants. The story also references a NEWP YouTube promotional video, embedded below:

Luis Rodriguez doesn't like it. “This makes me very nervous,” said Rodriguez, an Ecuadorian immigrant who owns Los Amigos Grocery in East Haven. He and his wife now fear for their safety. Rodriguez said that a large white van pulled up to his East Haven grocery store on Saturday night. Men in military fatigues got out and deposited an armload of individually wrapped flyers on his doorstep.

Rodriguez was one of four Ecuadorian business owners who spoke out last week against what they claim is long-standing police harassment against Latinos in East Haven. They went public with their complaints after their priest, Manship, was arrested while videotaping an instance of alleged police harassment inside one of the Ecuadorian stores. News of his February 19th arrest broke last Tuesday this Independent story, sparking a heated race relations debate. After a press conference Wednesday following Manship’s arraignment in court, the conflict was widely publicized. And North East White Pride decided it was time for themselves to also take part in the debate.

But the root cause of this controvery actually dates back a couple of years, when immigrant activists marched to City Hall to support the city’s immigrant-friendly municipal ID. The marchers were met by suburban hecklers with megaphones. Tensions heightened after a round of immigration raids shortly thereafter, and New Haven found itself in the spotlight of a national debate on immigration.

But even though the flyers strictly take issue with illegal immigration, this hasn't stopped local anti-racist activists from defaming and smearing NEWP as "white supremacist" and a "hate group". Kenneth Brown, a self-appointed local Negro "expert" on hate groups, said, “It’s quite obvious that this is a hate group, a white supremacist group in the classic sense of the term. [NEWP] wants to stir up hate not only against immigrant groups but against blacks as well.” And Father Manship claimed the group's goals are "fear and intimidation".

Luis Rodriguez continues to bitch about so-called "police harassment". He said that he witnessed five cars pulled over by police in front of his store within two hours on Sunday night. East Haven police have denied all allegations of police harassment.

Demographics: New Haven, a city of 123,932 as of 2007, is 37 percent Black, 36 percent White, and 21 percent Hispanic. East Haven, a city of 28,888, is 91 percent White, 4 percent Hispanic, and 1 percent Black.

North East White Pride has a track record of constructive activism. On July 5th, 2008, they held a Close The Border rally up in New Hampshire. They meet frequently to plan promote additional activism.


apollonian said...

[Great story again by WhiteReference; I just posted below-copied at the New Haven Independent blog. A.]

* * * * *

Henry Fernandez--Hates White Christians, Loves Homosexuals And Child-Molesters
(Apollonian, 11 Mar 09)

I note Henry Fernandez (see below-copied fm, "White Supremacists...," 11 Mar 09, comments, also ck, "North East...," 11 Mar 09), who posts for the queer-infested and -advocating SPLC, pretends people don't have a right to "hate." But hatred is mere emotion which necessarily exists as reciprocal of love.

If u can't hate, u can't love. And one SHOULD hate illegal alien invaders, liars, and defenders of homosexual child-molesters like Henry Fernandez and SPLC.

And remember a nation is shelter, like a house, for that nationality of people who made the USA in first place--who were white Christians--and any others, black, "Hispanic," Muslim, and Jew, ARE MERE RECIPIENTS OF CHARITY WHO SHOULD BE HUMBLE AND GRATEFUL THEY'RE TOLERATED.

And what is "racism," anyway?--isn't it really just LOYALTY?--and isn't such loyalty really virtue in accord with 5th of original Ten Commandments?--"Honor thy Race" (parentage).

So here's the dirty little secret Henry Fernandez won't admit: Henry actually hates white Christian people, the real natives of USA, and that's why he tries to intimidate white folk with all his lies.

CONCLUSION: And who is "Henry Fernandez" to say white Christians are not "welcome" in their own land, the USA? Never doubt the worst kind of person is one who hates TRUTH, like Henry Fernandez who is the real enemy of the real people of USA. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

--------------above by Ap in response to below-copied----------------

Posted by: Henry Fernandez | March 11, 2009 11:53 AM

North East White Pride is a neo-Nazi group with a wide range of hates. They hate African-Americans, Jews, Latinos, Muslims, Asians and non-white immigrants. Their basic function is to operate as an online clearinghouse and community for racists. There are some 900 active members of this "community."
They are unique in that historically Klan members and neo-Confederates often don't get along well with neo-Nazis. NEWP provides an online venue for all such people to communicate with each other, to plan events, discuss their hatred for people of color, Jews and Muslims, and generally reinforce their toxicity.
Recently, NEWP has sought to engage in activities beyond the online world using their online "community" to try to put together events. So this action would be completely in line with that.
No one should be confused, this is a real-life organized hate group which includes members who advocate for violence against people of color, Jews and Muslims. The militaristic garb is commensurate with this world-view.
The East Haven Police Department, the New Haven Police Department and the FBI should take seriously the threat to public safety inherent in the dropping of these materials in the front of a place of worship, at people's doorsteps and in front of the businesses of law-abiding community members.
The rest of us should speak loudly that these people are not welcome in our community. We should expect that elected officials and community leaders in East Haven get off the sidelines and move to quickly make sure that the people attacked by these flyers (namely the business owners) understand that they and their businesses are welcome in town.
It is sad that when real threats to people's lives and well-being are put forth, that they no longer feel comfortable calling on those whose salaries they pay via taxes. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call.
You can learn more about NEWP from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Anchorage Activist said...

I posted a comment to the Independent story exposing how the SPLC manipulates the data to make it appear the number of "hate" groups are rising faster than they actually are, and the Independent appears to have censored it.

apollonian said...

New Haven Queers Censored My Submission
(Apollonian, 12 Mar 09)

Yes AA, I ck'd that blog at New Haven Independent, and they censored my entry too (above-posted), the stinking little punk-queer cowards.

AA, u should post ur own entry here too, showing ur usually eminently reasonable effort which those moronic scum censored. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

New Haven is a shithole with one of the highest crime rates in the country.

No need to bother posting anything on SLPC. They censor every single comment that is positioned strongly against their objective. I am not allowed to post anything on there as Hooch.

All supposed facts that they come up with are devious lies.

Interesting Facts on Wetbacks from a liberal paper. The L.A. Times.

"1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million people)are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.

2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

3.. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.

4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal , whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.

7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.

8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.

9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.

10. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish.
(There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County )

(All 10 of the above are from the Los Angeles Times)

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States ' annual population growth (and over 90% of California , Florida , and New York ) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens."

He of difficult days said...

as with all pro white vids, it has been yanked off air..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this article. No surprise youtube yanked the vid. Luckily its free to sign up, so we'll just have to upload it again ;)

rob from boston

Anonymous said...

Latino community holding a rally against police and marching down main street in east haven on august 15 2009 at 1:00 pm starting at mcdonalds on the new haven line. Search you tube for their radio ad of the march.... East Haven needs support!!!