Wednesday, March 25, 2009

National Socialist Movement Meeting Near Richmond, California Proceeded Without Incident; Bay Area Anti-Racists Wussed Out, Didn't Show

The anti-racist scum in the San Francisco Bay Area made a lot of noise about the scheduled National Socialist Movement meeting in Richmond, California on March 22nd, 2009, but in the final analysis, the antis were, in the words of George W. Bush, "all hat and no cattle".

The Contra Costa Times reported that the meeting did take place somewhere outside of Richmond on Sunday March 22nd, but Jeff Hall, who heads up the NSM's new Bay Area Unit, said he would not give the exact location. He also did not say how many people came, but admitted that there were several new prospects.

In response to the report that the group would meet at Chevy's Restaurant, Hall says that was a merely rumor that he and others in his group did nothing to stop. He further stated that his group would never hold a gathering at a restaurant. "I don't like Mexican food and we would never meet there or any other restaurant", said Hall.

Hall also stated that they were only cancelled out once, explaining that the group had made a reservation for the meeting months ago at a hotel in Richmond and that venue cancelled. The NSM has posted a full report with photos HERE.

Here's the reaction the antis posted on the "Anti-Authoritarian Bloc" website on March 23rd:

"Sad thing is the fucks organizing this probably live in that upper East Bay area and are trying to call in their pals from around the region to come play with them.

But, hey, their grand plan to march around in racist garb is already dashed. They'll just have to keep the uniforms hidden in the closet for now, along with all of their sick Third Reich memorabilia.

They are reduced to meeting at a "Mexican" restaurant. Poor little racists.

Didn't happen like that. But we'lll get them next time".

Not so, antifa scum. The NSM has more intelligence in one of their little fingers than you flea-bitten hippie slime combined will display in your lifetimes. You thought you could get away with it, but I, amongst others, blew the whistle on your plans and laid them bare for all the world to see. That's because you were arrogant enough to post them on a website, and I found it. You lost this round.


Anonymous said...

Hey idiot the NSM is the same as the ANTIFA. Maybe the they were meeting together to plan strategies an you got the reporting mixed up.

Anchorage Activist? or should we call you by your real name: Former National Alliance Membership director????

Anonymous said...

This sucker of NSM dick is David Pringle. Fuck you traitor!