Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keystone United Celebrates St. Patrick's Day The Right Way And The "White" Way; Distribute Over 1,000 Pro-White Leaflets In Scranton, Pennsylvania

A typical Keystone activist, pictured on Stormfront

The Keystone United organization (formerly Keystone State Skinheads) decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day the right way - and the White way. During a St. Patrick's Day parade held on March 14th, 2009 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Keystone's intrepid activists distributed over 1,000 pro-White leaflets.

While there have been no mainstream media reports of this activism found, a Keystone United member posted information about the distro on this Stormfront thread. Most of the record is photographic, but it appears the leaflets were well received by much of the public.

Note that the Keystone activists are dressed in such a manner as to blend in almost indistinguishably from the general public. On the one hand, this is helpful; we need to project a mainstream appearance much more so than in the past. Deviations tend to scare people and are used by our adversaries to misrepresent us. On the other hand, this may have made the distribution invisible to the media. But while media coverage of White activism is helpful, it can be a double-edged sword. Case in point: The Salt Lake NSM distribution got media coverage, but it also triggered an FBI hate crime investigation. This will hinder further NSM activism in the Salt Lake area for at least the short term future.

In any event, the fact that Keystone distributed over 1,000 leaflets would tend to compensate for the lack of media publicity. The sheer volume alone will generate adequate word-of-mouth publicity in the area.

Keystone United has joined other forward-thinking organizations like the Nationalist Coalition, European Americans United, the National Socialist Movement, and the National Alliance in employing more contemporary 21st century outreach tactics, while not compromising on the core message of White nationalism. Instead of wasting time arguing endlessly and pointlessly about "Who is White", they accept the David Lane Rule, and press on with the more vital task of informing and organizing the White community.

And all of this constructive grass-roots activism may be leading to the next step in pro-White activism; the formation of a pro-White political party. Just as the British National Party represents the White community in the United Kingdom, so the American National Party has formed and is now organizing in the United States to represent the American White community. The other WN organizations cited above could serve as feeder organizations for the ANP, as a source of activism for those interested in electoral politics.


apollonian said...

BNP Is Gross, Horrific Trap, Beware; Christian Way Is Best
(Apollonian, 19 Mar 09)

AA, the BNP route is disaster and trap inasmuch as it EQUATES JEWS WITH AND AS "WHITE"--which is an obvious travesty as well as outrageous, disgusting absurdity. BNP only recruits white ENFORCERS for the Jews, legitimizing Jews, keeping Jews at top (the financial power, obviously). And it does this BNP enforcement AT EXPENSE of real white exclusivist spirit and organization.

Thus BNP, using Jew funds, is actually most profound treason against white volk, making whites dependent, literally, upon Jews.

Further, it (BNP) allows "whites," once again, whoever they may consider themselves, to be ISOLATED against all others, everyone. It's better, easier, makes most sense, and most effective to ISOLATE JEWS, this by means of Christian identification--as by St. Constantine the Great who achieved the most brilliant and longest-lasting Jew-expulsion in history.

It isn't to say whites should not have their own organization, but problem then is "white" is an abstraction which begs and demands definition. Note then it's perfectly sufficient, as in spirit of David Lane, to tolerate ANYONE, really, who acknowledges the right to racial exlusivity, free association, and preservation of race on basis of racial pride and loyalty, this all in accord with 5th of original Ten Commandments, "Honor thy Race (parentage)--Good for ALL Races, demanding only Honesty and Reason, again.

But note, again, what's most realistic is having an anti-semitic organization--Christian--within which everyone NATURALLY coalesces with their own, this ON INDIVIDUALIST basis, un-official, and without any particular to-do about it.

"Pro-white" then is simply pro-freedom and pro-reason which allows, fosters, and encourages freedom of association, this in accord with original American founders and their traditions, for example. "Pro-white" then is Christian, the real thing, which fosters, promotes, and encourages anti-semitism.

Thus in profound way, "pro-white" is superfluous--all u really need is ANTI-SEMITIC, and the pro-white will rise up by itself naturally, the anti-semites all pulling together with confidence ALL HUMANS, OF ALL RACES, ARE NATURALLY RACIST, loyalty understood by all rational, honest people as virtue--it's only Jews who are anti-human, hence anti-rational and anti-racist.

In other words, again, emphasizing "pro-white" (as for whites) is like emphasizing pro-rationalism. But once anyone sees reason, "pro-white" for whites is already the natural, obvious, logical thing. Given reason and honesty, "pro-white" is mere redundancy.

CONCLUSION: That's why, again, all we really need is that real, true, Christianity, "pro-white" then rises by itself, without any un-natural contrivance. For racial pride and loyalty IS ALREADY INCLUDED within Reason, HONESTY, and rationalism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Philip Anderson said...

lol, I guess quite a few of us were keen on recruiting at the parades this past week. I just gone done putting a few clips together for a video. These types of events are great for recruiting, and you don't have to deal with the mud population to much.

Anonymous said...

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