Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Future For White Children: Nationalist Coalition Distributes Pro-White "Racist" Flyers In Chandler, Arizona; Media Interviews Interracial Couple

Apparently there is some friendly competition going on between different units of the Nationalist Coalition. In response to a flyer distribution by the group's Colorado unit over two weeks ago, the Mesa, Arizona unit has been recruiting in the Phoenix Metro Area, and on Tuesday March 10th, 2009, distributed "hundreds" of flyers in Chandler. KSAZ Channel 10 in Phoenix has picked up the story, now uploaded to Podblanc:

Podblanc video URL HERE

The reporter interviewed a matronly white woman married to a non-white husband with a textbook pot belly. She started criticizing the flyer, claiming that she like living in a diverse neighborhood, and concluded the interview by saying she was going to call the police. The reporter also interviewed the Nationalist Coalition distributor off-camera, who said that the organization is seeking higher-quality recruits, and stated that interest in the Nationalist Coalition has surged since the economy started to tank.

The flyer in question is contained in the Nationalist Coalition's flyer library, and can be specifically viewed and downloaded from HERE.

More outreach is planned. The Nationalist Coalition is also planning a social event, Arizona Spaghetti Night, to be held on Saturday March 21st. More information HERE. A previous social event planned in November 2008 at the Mesa Public Library and at Amazing Jake's was derailed through pressure from anti-racist Stephen Lemons, who blogs as the Feathered Bastard in the Phoenix New Communist Times.

Additional discussion of this story on Stormfront.


apollonian said...

Brilliant, Most Effective Ad Demonstrates Well Its Un-Deniable Effect
(Apollonian, 12 Mar 09)

Excellent and interesting story, AA, once again, for WhiteReference. The KSAZ Channel 10 in Phoenix is obviously Jew-owned and operated, and these people are un-swerving, un-deviatingly determined to push their pt. to effect this country, instituted by white Christians, now belongs to non-whites, and whites just have to make way.

To demonstrate this Jew-friendly line of advocacy then, we see in the video the mixed-race marriage of white with the Arab (or Muslim), the woman doing "duty" for the cause of "diversity" and being well-fed.

The flyer-ad in question is extremely good and effective I'd submit--a direct psychologic appeal which strikes home most quickly, brilliantly, and enduringly, surely--by means of the little baby's visage most prominent on the flyer. Picture is worth a thousand words, once again.

But I'd say the appeal should NEVER, ever stop with just the psychologic and emotional, but should ALWAYS continue and begin with at least a minimal hint of the intellectual, the invocation of Christ, defender of TRUTH.

And it's always good to equate Christ with Truth. For Christ and Truth then give SUBSTANCE to that beginning emotional lead attraction which is itself so powerful--it should never be wasted.

For the chief enemy unquestionably IS THE JEW and the typical, stock, thematic Jew lies--what we're ultimately up against.

For Christ and ideal of Truth will give strength against the hopelessness which Jews and lies impose by means of their money and MAMMON God working by means of that COUNTERFEIT fraud of fractional-reserve and the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.--they've always got the money weapon working against us and the people.

Thus it comes down to (a) Jews and suck-alongs, traitors, and willing dupes, (b) their lies, including (c) specifically, the money- fraud/conspiracy, and (d) the hopelessness of the weaker minds trying to fight this devilish complex. For the Jew "money-power" so often seems otherwise so invincible.

Only Christian spirit of knowledge founded upon Truth has a serious chance against this Satanic Jew-led and -inspired complex. So that Christian element can even give some encouragement, following that most excellent psychologic lead given fm the image with the little baby's visage on the flyer.

CONCLUSION: That fat white female pig in the video was quite visibly disturbed by it all, I'd say--so the ad was surely a success which had its undeniable effect. Keep up all ur fighting efforts, good Christian patriots and comrades. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

I would rather see a message that convinces whites to be proud of who they are rather than disturbs them. What's the matter with being white and why is it "hate" if you are proud of who you are?

I would hope that that news channel had to search hard to find someone who actually thought that this was a "hate" message. Somehow I missed that part.

apollonian said...

"Hate": Natural Human Emotion Merely Needing Understanding In Reason And Context
(Apollonian, 13 Mar 09)

"Hoochie" Jew, ur problem, one of them, is u lack HEART--u're always trying to pretend to being white--not knowing what it really is. For "white" means u're okay w. truth; u don't fear truth--it's whole meaning of Christianity (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6). There's really nothing MYSTIC about Christianity.

White people, REAL "white" people, don't need mixed-race puke, like u, "Hoochie," and ur Jews u're always so eager to speak-up for and defend--though I know it makes that money for u. Jews ARE NOT "WHITE," dipshit--it's just Jew lie and wishful thinking. And U'RE NOT "WHITE" IF U DEFEND JEWS, dumbass, and u need to figure this out, poor moron.

For if u love ur race, then necessarily u must reciprocally be willing to admit u HATE what threatens such race. Loyalty, hence racism, means u love ur race in preference to any others which u potentially "hate" if and when necessary--ESP. JEWS, followers of the Talmud (see,, and for best Talmudic expo).

For "love" of race and reasonable pride don't exist in vacuum, but within socio-biologic (see and historic context of human strife, and Darwinian warfare and competititon, all in accord with traditional white/Western culture beginning w. Homer through Plato, St. Augustine, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Spencer, et al.--all the greatest white thinkers and philosophers who understand this tragic human circumstance of warfare. Life is war by it's nature, and life sucks (Tragedy), as Greeks originally taught.

For the word "hate" directly and necessarily entails an implicit preference. For if one LOVES one's race--as one should as one is merely HEALTHY, Loyalty being natural virtue--then one automatically and at least potentially hates any other race. One should never fear to admit hatred AS LONG AS IT'S REASONABLE, as long as it comes fm, and consistent with, true, genuine "love" of something substantial.

Hence then, for example, actual hatred is something which can be tempered and even moderated, all in reason, as one judges and considers circumstances. Love and hatred are mere emotional complements, synonyms for attraction and aversion, determined and controlled by human reason, much as it's possible. Such is the human virtue to extent it's possible and practical, all in accord with proper ethics, most rationally understood, again.

And this "hate" subject is why/how Christian regard for TRUTH is so useful. Hatred then is properly merely placed within appropriate context. U "Hooch" Jew, want to play the Jews' game and pretend "hatred" ought NEVER be acknowledged, or understood, or admitted within one's thought and analysis.

CONCLUSION: Real white people are willing to embrace the concept, "hate," and understand it in all proper context. Real white folk are NOT afraid of the real truth. Truth--that's ur main basic Jew problem, "Hoochie" Jew. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

You again forgot your meds. You have such a hard time understanding that the movement, moving anywhere, requires communication with others to be positioned in a way the "average Joe" can understand and agree with.

Saying to the "average" white person, you should embrace the word Hate is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

apollonian said...

Reject "Meds" Poison From Jews Like "Hoochie"; Endorse Rather Rational Hatred And Anti-Semitism
(Apollonian, 13 Mar 09)

"Hoochie" Jew: "meds" is just what people shouldn't do, these "meds" actually just poison put out by ur fellow Jews who control Big Pharma, like Jews control the large corporations, like Jews control the large financial institutions, like Jews control "liberals" and queers--which such Jew control, u don't want to admit, just like the lying Jew u really are (see, "Who Put...," 6 Mar 09, comments, 2:50 pm).

People should reject "med" poison advocated by "Hoochie" Jew and rather endorse Reason and rational HATRED, especially anti-semitism. For Jews are psychopaths--just like "Hoochie" Jew who lies consistently, obsessively, psychopathically--just like Jews do, this lying in accord w. Jew Talmudic ritual murder (see,, and for best Talmudic expo).

After all, if u control the COUNTERFEIT conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]), U CONTROL EVERYTHING ELSE, everything.

Rather I use INDUCTIVE LOGIC, "Hoochie" Jew, as u ever demonstrate ur Jew tendencies, proclivities, and sympathy. U talk like a Jew with this latest about "taking meds," which u've done before.

Do u notice how so much of what u say is so Jewwy Jewwy? (see previous WhiteReference blog, "Nebraska...," 27 Feb 09, comments at 11:38 am)--always, consistently--U COULDN'T BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN JEW, I submit, well demonstrated by means of induction. "Hoochie" must now prove he's not Jew--which he cannot do. And "movement" is necessarily anti-semitic, rather in favor of Christian gentiles--FOR PURPOSE OF necessary JEW-EXPULSION.

CONCLUSION: This movement for gentiles, Christians, and anti-semites is precisely what u want to destroy and sabotage, "Hoochie," the Jew. But "Hatred" of Jews is just the thing we need and what we should sell more of. And that's why we should sell Christianity which is actually anti-semitism, anti-lies in the form of pro-TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

"""Reject "Meds" Poison From Jews Like "Hoochie"; Endorse Rather Rational Hatred And Anti-Semitism"""

You may want to reconsider this A polo, Anti-psychotics can do a lot for a schizophrenic these days.

"""like Jews control "liberals"""

I found some very interesting information again that proves that you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

We were in a conversation about how many more top level democrats that aren't Jew than are Jew.... Making my point that even if you had your wish of Jew extermination nothing would change as they are not the primary source of the problem since it is a Democrat and Socialist issue in the first place.

I said that there are over 160 million democrats in the US of which no more than 5 million of them are Jews since that is how many Jews there are in the United States.

You corrected me and said there are 15 million in the US. Well, you were wrong again since there are 14 million Jews in the entire world and even the highest estimate is 18 million. So, again, you have been exposed as a liar. If it wasn't a lie and just a mistake than you really need to pay attention to your facts since your reasoning for death of all Jews is based on these numbers.

"""People should reject "med" poison advocated by "Hoochie" Jew"""

Reject what I say as my Jew like words are poison to your mind Apolo. Facts just fuck everything up, don't they?

"""and rather endorse Reason and rational HATRED"""

What a great idea. Ignore facts and embrace hatred in Jews, but love thy negro. LOL.

""""Hoochie" Jew who lies consistently, obsessively, psychopathically"""

Ok, fine --- Here you go, now you go and show me some higher numbers. I bet you won't be able to find any.

So Who is the Liar??? It looks like it is you. Exposed again. You take quite a beating bitch boy and I keep pulling you back up for another. Now that everyone knows that you are a liar, how do you feel? How does it feel to be my bitch? Are you ready for another smack you little whore?

""" "Hoochie" Jew, as u ever demonstrate ur Jew tendencies, proclivities, and sympathy."""

You will never hear sympathy from me. Me telling you that you forgot your meds is not being sympathetic to you but rather a way to display your psychosis.

apollonian said...

"Hoochie" Jew Is Too Jewwy, Too Often, Consistently--Leading Then To Obligatory Inductive Conclusion
(Apollonian, 14 Mar 09)

"Hoochie" Jew: note there u go (see below-copied fm, "FBI Launches...," 13 Mar 09, comments), defending a fellow Jew, "anarchore." Observe then I just make use of INDUCTION--I look at all the particular indications, details, and observations, like a scientist--and then I conclude in accord w. inductive logic (generalization) and evidence, as I say. Thus the concluding thesis is and must be, given evidence, u're a Jew ("anarchore" too).

U and "anarchore" argue like Jews, in that typical and characteristic Jewwy-like manner, and u do it over and over, consistently--as on so many blogs here at WhiteReference. U defend Jews; u lie for Jews--U'RE FOR JEWS, NOT REAL WHITE FOLK. U think like Jew, always lying--even to ur pathetic selves as pretext for then lying to us gentiles so forthrightly and urgently.

Hence then, in scientific, INDUCTIVE style, I merely conclude U ARE JEWS--and now u just have to prove u're NOT Jew--which u cannot do; u never do. Subconsciously, u're actually proud of being Jew, I guess, so u don't even WANT to prove u're not Jew. Rather, like typical Jew, u try to attack the person, "ad hominem," not able or willing to address the argument, the evidence.

Then, like Jew, u further attempt to pretend it's better for white folk (meaning non-Jew) to merely be against niggers and muds, etc. Thus u work to isolate and betray whites (real whites, meaning non-Jew). And like Jew, u pretend niggers are not trained and affected primarily by Jews--which everyone knows (typically, again)--just like u lie, saying Jews don't provide greatest bulk of funding/financing for "liberals," queers, et al., Jews the OBVIOUS leaders of "liberals" and queers, Jews obvious masterminds of Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT fraud--see for expo/ref.

So "Hoochie" Jew, don't blame me; rather blame INDUCTIVE LOGIC and science themselves--that's what convicts u, consistently, time and time again, science, logic, and evidence. U ARE A Jew, period; u prove it urself. What do u want?
Observe how u can't do anything but to lie and deflect, distract, and divert--JUST LIKE A JEW, always, consistently. U just wiggle, squirm, and wheedle--always, JUST LIKE A JEW.

Look again how u appeal to the Jew Wikipedia for ur lies regarding Jew population, Wikipedia a notorious liar in favor of Jews, Wiki run and owned by Jews. Even when u attempt to invoke a reference, u invoke lies and Jews. U're just a Jew, "Hoochie," consistently, and there's just, simply no other rational, logical conclusion--u prove it time and time again, dipshit.

CONCLUSION: U're not just a Jew, u're a Jewwy-type of a Jew lying Jew. It's almost as if u want to compensate for not having a hook-nose like typical Jew. And observe how u can't stop lying--just like a Jew. So don't blame me--ur problem is logic, facts, and reality. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

Hooch said...
There goes the little shitpacker calling people Jews that he doesn't know.
11:01 AM

Anonymous said...

Anarchore is Jewish, at list he says he is.
Who knows, maybe it’s the old trick, lets say I belong to you, so I can destroy you from the inside.

In any case, "good Jew" or "bad Jew"
Both will end in the same oven.

Extermination to all the Jews, good or bad.
12:12 PM