Friday, March 20, 2009

Finnish Nationalist Henrik Holappa Kidnapped And Incarcerated By Homeland Security Agents Even Though He Is A Legal Applicant For Political Asylum

The flyer above is just one of two you can download from the Free Henrik Holappa blog in conjunction with a March 23rd Day of Action in support of Henrik Holappa. The Support for Henrik Holappa website also provides additional information, as well as Holappa's own first-person story.

While the Feds have maintained a tight grip on this story, and the mainstream media has completely ignored it, what we do know is that Finnish patriot Henrik Holappa was arrested and shackled in Pennsylvania by agents of the Department of Homeland Security's Joint Terrorism Task Force on Monday March 9th, 2009 around 11:30 A.M. and transported to the Buffalo Federal Detention Center, although Holappa has a legal political asylum hearing scheduled for July 21st, 2009. The pro-White media is justifiably ablaze with fury, as reflected on Stormfront, White Revolution, Newsnet14, John deNugent's website, and Dr. David Duke's website. The Stormfront thread is quite lengthy; for the most recent information, you might want to begin on Page 18.

Holappa came to the United States on July 11th, 2008 on a tourist visa, but towards the end of his visit, decided that he loved America, its people, its beauty and its freedom of speech and that he feared being imprisoned and possibly even murdered if he returned to Finland. On October 10th 2008, an Affirmative Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal was officially submitted by his lawyer to the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration services. On December 9th 2008, he appeared before the Immigration Court in Philadelphia, PA for his Asylum hearing where he was issued another notice to appear before the very same court on July 21st 2009. In between all this activity, he even delivered a speech at the EURO Conference in Memphis; a YouTube video of the speech is embedded below:

Henrik Holappa's application for political asylum tells his story. Holappa first ran afoul of Finnish authorities in August 2006 because of his nationalist politics. He has persistently opposed massive immigration on non-Whites into Finland. After he was linked openly, by name, to a newspaper article denouncing gangs of African rapists of white Finnish women, in particular the infamous “scissor rapists” - Sudanese black Africans - who clitorectomized a Finnish female rape victim with scissors in June 2005, he was briefly incarcerated, then economically disenfranchised by the authorities when they blackballed him with the country's security industry. Though he had specifically trained to become a security guard, he suddenly could not find a single job in that profession.

In May 2008, the Finnish police began dogging him again. One policewomen told him that he was likely to be indicted by the Finnish government on three serious charges so as to make an example of him for other racists in Finland, as follows:

1) Two years imprisonment for “incitement of racial hatred”;
2) Two years imprisonment for “defaming the honor of the African community of Finland”; and
3) Six months imprisonment for “copyright violation.” (Holappa had merely scanned a photo of “multiculturalism” from a Finnish newspaper, and sent it as a private email attachment to an American friend. He then, unbeknownst to Holappa, posted it on an American website.)

Holappa believes the Finnish government would arrest and prosecute him upon his return to Finland, and incarcerate him next to Somali and Turkish felons who might seek to beat, rape, or kill him. Or they might also put him in a maximum security prison where he would be shut up in a cell for 23 hours a day. And so he has applied for political asylum.

Dr. David Duke points out that we need to raise a serious ruckus over this intolerable breach of human rights. needs to make the biggest ruckus that you legally can make over this blatant abuse of the public’s trust. Phone up the Finnish Embassy, contact American Finnish associations and women’s organizations, post Henrik’s story everywhere until those responsible are relieved of their jobs! Print and distribute the flyers on the Free Henrik Holappa website. And let Holappa know he's not alone. Send your letters to:

Esa Henrik Hollapa
ID #: A087361909
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
4250 Federal Dr. RN, 108
Batavia, NY 14020

Messages can be left at (585) 343-0814.


apollonian said...

First, Strike Against Obvious Weak-Point Of Judeo-Conspiracy, JCs
(Apollonian, 20 Mar 09)

Good blog article and excellent video on young Henrik who asks, as I recall, will we win? or when will we win?

Thus I answer it's matter of Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy--that's what it's got to be, and that's how our volk must think about it. It's not just about whites, don't forget. It will be good for others to know we whites can and will help. Thus we ISOLATE the Jews--right at outset--this is what Christianity does for us, don't forget.

Thus it's matter of reason vs. mysticism. And we have excellent demonstration of that Judeo-conspiracy (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) in action right now as world economy teeters on brink of absolute disaster--deliberately caused directly by Jew COUNTERFEITERS of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.

Thus people who hope to recover fm present economic crisis must bring themselves to see they must do away with JEW LIES, once again, and this will require nothing less than all-out Jew-Expulsion, as of St. Constantine the Great.

So to keep things short, theologically we must place theology of St. Paul within proper context of Gosp. JOHN's Truth Vs. Jew lies simple theme and framework, again. For St. Paul's theology has been traduced and "interpreted" in adverse manner for too many--AGAINST true and proper spirit of Christian REASON.

For (a) "faith" must not be taken as encouragement for mysticism against human reason, and (b) topmost ethical virtue is HONESTY in accord with TRUTH--NOT "love" or "good-evil."

(c) And specific purpose of Christianity is anti-semitism (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). Christians and gentiles are not supposed to be helping or sympathizing with Jews--on the contrary. "Think not I came to bring peace; rather I come to bring a sword" (Gosp. MATT 10:34).

CONCLUSION: And that's way to achieve Jew-Expulsion, I say: First, we work against "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) suck-alongs and heretics, these being foremost WEAK-POINT for Judeo-conspiracy; next are Pelagians of "good-evil" fallacy/delusion. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

He will be sent back to Finland, the fins are not suckers like the Americans, he will be sent to Lapland as food for the bears

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - Glad you brought up that verse about "Think not that I come to bring peace, but a sword". Many portray Jesus as a pacifistic pot-smoking hippie who loved queers. That's the Jewish version of Jesus.

The God of love was also a God of wrath; when he saw the Jewish moneychangers turning His temple into a stock exchange, He didn't turn the other cheek, but He pulled out a whip and parted their cheeks with it.

Anonymous said...

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Those jewish extremists just never know when enough is enough. Or so it'd seem. A-holes!

Anonymous said...

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