Friday, March 13, 2009

FBI Launches Hate Crime Investigation Of The Distribution Of National Socialist Movement Flyers In Salt Lake City

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has gone to the extreme of launching a hate crime investigation of the distribution of National Socialist Movement flyers in the Sugar House area of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Applicable References:
-- Voice Of Deseret series of posts
-- KTVX Channel 4 March 11th story
-- KTVX Channel 4 March 12th story
-- Daily Utah Chronicle March 12th story
-- Daily Utah Chronicle March 12th opinion column
-- KSL Channel 5 March 12th story
-- Deseret News March 12th story
-- Stormfront discussion thread
-- Vanguard News Network Forum discussion thread

Summary: On Wednesday March 11th, 2009, residents of the 1900 block of Blaine Street in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City awoke to find flyers in their driveways. Closer examination revealed that two different flyers, available HERE and HERE, were originated by the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and wrapped around expired copies of the Daily Utah Chronicle, a free newspaper published by students at the University of Utah. According to one report, as many as 12 homes received flyers.

The Chronicle took exception to their product being used in this fashion. They immediately dissociated themselves from the NSM organization and ideology, and filed theft charges with the University of Utah police department. Local media sources initially released incomplete and biased stories; it was the Voice Of Deseret blog which first revealed the NSM connection. KTVX March 11th news video embedded below:

Because there is at least one interracial couple living on the street, the FBI then immediately inserted themselves into the investigation. They profess to determine whether or not hate crime charges should be filed, although FBI spokesmen said the perpetrator would have to be located and the motive determined before proceeding. To aid in detecting the perpetrator, the flyers are being subjected to a forensic examination. KTVX March 12th video embedded below; note how KTVX actually went out of their way to deliver copies of the flyer to FBI Headquarters in Salt Lake:

Although the NSM has an official unit in Utah, it cannot be said with certainty that an actual NSM member distributed the flyers at this time, since all their flyers are publicly available via the NSM's flyer library. Any patriotically-inclined White activist could have downloaded and distributed the information. And according to comments posted to the KSL story, Utah does have a considerable number of Whites who publicly proclaim themselves to be pro-White, although they quickly proclaim themselves to be "anti-Nazi" as well.

The involvement of the FBI at this stage raises some chilling civil liberties questions; is there a new standard of evaluation for "hate crimes" in regards to flyer distribution? Traditionally, as long as more than one racial group received a flyer, it was not considered "targetting", and hate crimes inquiries were not pursued. But now, it appears the FBI wants to pursue hate crimes charges merely because one interracial couple received a flyer, even though others on the street received flyers as well.

There are also some other lessons for activists as well. It appears the practice of wrapping flyers around expired newspapers may expose activists and organizations to an increased risk of liability. Whether theft charges would stick in this case would depend upon whether one can actually steal "old" copies of the Chronicle. Does the "one copy per day" rule apply only to the most current issue, as deployed at an official distribution point, or does it also apply to a gaggle of older issues that might be found in the trash or in a discard pile at a local library?

Another distribution tactic likely to draw liability is the practice of buying a newspaper through a local distribution box, then, while the box is open, insert flyers into all remaining newspapers. This might be viewed as "theft of advertising", since newspapers generally provide inserts only to authorized paid advertisers. As newspaper circulation and revenues nationwide decline, we can expect newspapers to defend what they perceive as "theft" of their product more aggressively.

The National Socialist Movement posts suggestions for distributors HERE which activists may find helpful.


apollonian said...

Obama Regime Evermore Shows True Judeo-Fascist Colors
(Apollonian, 14 Mar 09)

Yet Another excellent story once again, AA, for WhiteReference, and ur questions regarding implications are very well-taken, indubitably. Unquestionably, ZOG-Mammon under latest Obama (who seems to be an illegal alien--see imprimatur intends to INTENSIFY suppression of the people's rights and including esp. the right to free speech and expression--that's bottom line. So what do we do?--WE MUST INCREASE AND INTENSIFY our own patriot efforts, obviously.

Hence then one must admit the flyers in question are, psychologically, quite good and evocative, without doubt--otherwise ZOG wouldn't object as they obviously do. But the possible info can well be intensified and augmented.

For the basic cultural foundation of the original American nation (or states--which were originally indepenedent) is Christianity and reason, and these are unquestionably being overthrown by a satanic Jew-inspired dictatorship, those basic themes being Truth (according to Gosp. JOHN) vs. conspiratorial Jew lies.

Specific instrument and weapon of this Jew dictatorship then is COUNTERFEITING scam of the Fed (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), and it's surely most useful and informative to get this simple info of greatest depth onto those type of flyers.

Meantime, this flyer activity can itself be enhanced by additional means of demonstrations in front of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) churches and places, as on Sundays, as so well demonstrated by good Pastor Carlson of Christ WAS NOT A "JEW" (Talmudist--see,, and for best Talmudic expo).

CONCLUSION: There's also a neat new, nearly 2-hr long video out now on "The Obama Deception" which can be found on videos--just add, "a film by Alex Jones," to the entry to be searched. Thus we see two things (at least) enhance our present efforts: (a) ever-improved incisiveness of our info, and perhaps most of all, (b) the ever-continuing degeneration of economic-political conditions. Keep up all ur great work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

It seems every time the NSM does something positive one of its members does something stupid to cancel it out like that millionaire NSM member in Maine whose wife killed him before he could make a dirty bomb and detonate it.

anarchore said...

"It seems every time the NSM does something positive one of its members does something stupid to cancel it out like that millionaire NSM member in Maine whose wife killed him before he could make a dirty bomb and detonate it."

"dirty bomb"? Sounds like more govt scare-orism... I don't know about the MSM, seems like they want to divide, seems the flyers are rather simplistic and black and white, polarize issues, remember most of these Nazi groups are infiltrated or started by the Feds.

You can't just say "Jews" are doing this and that because it seems to ascribe traits to the whole group... too much brainwashing has been going on, a more anti-Isr-el approach would make more sense.

apollonian said...

"Anarchore": Jew Psychopath Conducting "Limited Hangout" Strategy
(Apollonian, 14 Mar 09)

"Anarchore" is just another psychopathic Jew agent who insists there are "good Jews," repeating that one "can't" blame all Jews, etc. But "anarchore" is obviously just a Jew himself who refuses to face the nature of Jews, Jews being Talmudists by definition. See above-given ref.s for Talmud, manual for ritual murder of gentiles.

And note the very purpose of DEFINITION is it denotes the essential "trait" that makes a unit necessarily part or member of a larger class or genus. This function of definition has been explained to "anarchore" numerous times, which like Jew he is, he ignores over and again, just like the typically psychopathic Jew does--they are liars (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) who make their own reality within their minds.

Hence "anarchore" pretends there are "good Talmudists," like there are good murderers, good psychopaths, good child-molesters, good cannibals. This strategy followed by "anarchore" is called "limited hangout," and it's what Jews have done throughout history, pretending there are "good" Jews, etc.

And the obviously easiest, simplest, most rational thing to do in this grim war against Jews is to REMOVE ALL OF THEM--Jew-Expulsion, truly, an idea whose time has come--why bother discriminating which only helps their insane Judaic cause and leads to deaths of evermore millions of gentiles?

CONCLUSION: And the first step towards effectively removing Jews is to remove their most crucial allies among gentiles, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who pretend, for example, "Christ was a Jew"--hence a Talmudist--when fact is demonstrably opposite: Christ was foremost anti-semite (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

There goes the little shitpacker calling people Jews that he doesn't know.

Anonymous said...


Anarchore is Jewish, at list he says he is.
Who knows, maybe it’s the old trick, lets say I belong to you, so I can destroy you from the inside.

In any case, "good Jew" or "bad Jew"
Both will end in the same oven.

Extermination to all the Jews, good or bad.

apollonian said...

"Hoochie" Jew Is Too Jewwy, Too Often, Consistently--Leading Then To Obligatory Inductive Conclusion
(Apollonian, 14 Mar 09)

"Hoochie" Jew: note there u go, defending a fellow Jew, "anarchore." Observe then I just make use of INDUCTION--I look at all the particular indications, details, and observations, like a scientist--and then I conclude in accord w. inductive logic (generalization) and evidence, as I say. Thus the concluding thesis is and must be, given evidence, u're a Jew ("anarchore" too).

U and "anarchore" argue like Jews, in that typical and characteristic Jewwy-like manner, and u do it over and over, consistently--as on so many blogs here at WhiteReference. U defend Jews; u lie for Jews--U'RE FOR JEWS, NOT REAL WHITE FOLK. U think like Jew, always lying--even to ur pathetic selves as pretext for then lying to us gentiles so forthrightly and urgently.

Hence then, in the scientific, INDUCTIVE style, I merely conclude U ARE JEWS--and now u just have to prove u're NOT Jew--which u cannot do; u never do. Subconsciously, u're actually proud of being Jew, I guess, so u don't even WANT to prove u're not Jew. Rather, like typical Jew, u try to attack the person, "ad hominem," not able or willing to address the argument, the evidence.

Then, like Jew, u further attempt to pretend it's better for white folk (meaning non-Jew) to merely be against niggers and muds, etc. Thus u work to isolate and betray whites (real whites, meaning non-Jew). And like Jew, u pretend niggers are not trained and affected primarily by Jews--which everyone knows (typically, again)--just like u lie, saying Jews don't provide greatest bulk of funding/financing for "liberals," queers, et al., Jews the OBVIOUS leaders of "liberals" and queers, Jews obvious masterminds of Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT fraud--see for expo/ref.

So "Hoochie" Jew, don't blame me; rather blame INDUCTIVE LOGIC and science themselves--that's what convicts u, consistently, time and time again, science, logic, and evidence. U ARE A Jew, period; u prove it urself. What do u want?

Observe how u can't do anything but to lie and deflect, distract, and divert--JUST LIKE A JEW, always, consistently. U just wiggle, squirm, and wheedle--always, JUST LIKE A JEW.

Look again how u appeal to the Jew Wikipedia for ur lies regarding Jew population, Wikipedia a notorious liar in favor of Jews, Wiki run and owned by Jews. Even when u attempt to invoke a reference, u invoke lies and Jews. U're just a Jew, "Hoochie," consistently, and there's just, simply no other rational, logical conclusion--u prove it time and time again, dipshit.

CONCLUSION: U're not just a Jew, u're a Jewwy-type of a Jew lying Jew. It's almost as if u want to compensate for not having a hook-nose like typical Jew. And observe how u can't stop lying--just like a Jew. So don't blame me--ur problem is logic, facts, and reality. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

"""good Jew" or "bad Jew"
Both will end in the same oven.

Extermination to all the Jews, good or bad."""

A haaa, I see there is another freak here.

"""apollonian said...
U think like Jew, always lying--even to ur pathetic selves as pretext for then lying to us gentiles so forthrightly and urgently."""

LOL, you just got caught in another lie about the number of Jews in the United States. Saying the entire worlds worth of jews all live in the United States. And I'm the liar. That's funny.

"""Hence then, in the scientific, INDUCTIVE style """

It works so well for you, doesn't it?

"""u don't even WANT to prove u're not Jew."""

Ok, I will prove it. You and I will meet here in Roanoke and I will pay your expenses of coming here + double your welfare check. You say you want proof so that means you are now ready to get it. You also said you need money and now you will have some.

"""u further attempt to pretend it's better for white folk to merely be against niggers and muds, etc."""

That's right nigger lover.

"""u pretend niggers are not trained and affected primarily by Jews--which everyone knows"""

The monkeys are trained by the liberals and that is why they vote for them.

"""saying Jews don't provide greatest bulk of funding/financing for "liberals,"""

That's right, they don't and I already proved you wrong on this too but facts are unimportant to you.

"""Jews obvious masterminds of Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT fraud--see for expo/ref."""

I didn't say they weren't connected with the fed dipshit. The federal reserve doesn't fund the democrat party fool.

"""Look again how u appeal to the Jew Wikipedia"""

Look anywhere else dumbfuck.

"""Wikipedia a notorious liar in favor of Jews, Wiki run and owned by Jews."""

So the Jews now have a master conspiracey to make things look like their numbers are less than they really are. You blow my mind with the crap you come up with.

Now shut your hole you little whore before I bitch smack you again.....and let the adults talk.

apollonian said...

"Hoochie" Just Further Proves He's Arch-Jew--A Jew's Jew
(Apollonian, 14 Mar 09)

"Hoochie" Jew: don't u think u rather miss the pt.?--which is that it's INDUCTIVE LOGIC and scientific method itself which convicts u and proves u're Jew--which u've confirmed yet again, as u deliberately try to ignore this fact about INDUCTION in ur last entry.

CONCLUSION: And note again, u so utterly fail to prove u're NOT Jew. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

Again dodging the accusations I have made against you by trying to use your old "your a Jew" statement which is completely irrelevant to what I said.

You are very weak at debating. You may wish to read some books while you are there in the library to brush up a little.

apollonian said...

Jews: Psychopathic Monsters Which Must Be Exterminated
(Apollonian, 15 Mar 09)

Hello comrades and the "Hooch" Jew: It's a new day today, and I see by his last transmission of yest., evidently, the "Hooch" Jew says I'm "dodging the accusations..."--as if somehow this amazing Jew thinks he has me on the defense, and I'm supposed to answer up to his Jew "accusations."

Well, golly, but okay Jewwy "Hooch" Jew--so what are ur "accusations" again, pls tell me all about them. But perhaps u ought to ck the name of this blog, "WhiteReference"--it doesn't say "Jew Reference," does it?

I like this amazing cretin who calls himself "Hooch"--what a name for a Jew piece-of-shit. This Jew insists on (a) pretending he's white, then (b) that he's more for white folks than anyone else, including a Christian like mighty Apollonian. Talk about a psychopathic Jew, filled w. presumption. Hint: Jews ARE NOT "WHITE"--they're no more "white" than mestizos or mulattos

So don't u see "Hoochie" the Jew, it's ur psychopathology which necessitates ur extermination.

CONCLUSION: For Jews are Talmudic psychopaths, and if they weren't so Talmudically psychotic--THEY WOULDN'T ADMIT TO BEING JEWS. For a Jew is by definition a Talmudic psychopathic monster which must be exterminated--and it's in refusing to acknowledge this simple fact about Jews and Talmudic psychopathology that "Hoochie" Jew shows HE'S ANTI-WHITE and anti-human. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

House Of Nation-State Infested By Jew Parasite Disease--Requires Christian Revolution, Nothing Less
(Apollonian, 15 Mar 09)

This is excellent, most topical blog-article by peerless ("United Nations...," 15 Mar 09), for sure, but we must rather consider the horrific mess we've gotten ourselves into by means of HUBRIS, our land now infested by invaders of various races, but with whom now we must and can well make common-cause against that dread Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity.

For a nation-state is like a house--it's a shelter for the people who are like the family living in the house. Thus nation-state is shelter against other races and peoples within this worldly existence of Greek Tragedy, Darwinian competition, and Hobbesian "war of all against all."

So what happened in CYCLIC history? (according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler)--thus white Christian people, suffering HUBRIS of Pharisaism-moralism (beginning in hist., for at least third wave of Pelagianism, this time rationally styled, as fm Rousseau, Kant, etc.), pretending to be "mighty-white," and addicted to false MAMMON god, allowed into it's national house that fatal Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity which proceeded to corrupt the people now addicted so hopelessly to COUNTERFEIT fraud/conspiracy (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]), masterminded by Jews and Judeo-conspirators (see and for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy).

Thus Jews and cohorts have so brilliantly taken over the land which used to belong to now hubristic, suicidal white Christians who still sit around in proverbial daze wondering what has happened.

So now to save our very lives, not to mention people and culture, we gentiles most urgently, even desperately need JEW-EXPULSION--but how can we practically work to achieve it?

Thus we must emulate original Christian patriots of early 4th cent. Only Christianity can do the necessary trick--but it must be a REVOLUTIONARY-type Christianity, especially rationalistic and absolutely ANTI-SEMITIC (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13).

For this anti-semitic revolution must most critically and directly counter-act Jews' indispensable enablers, "Christian"-styled cohorts, dupes, and suckers, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, led by traitorous "Sadduceans"-of-modern-day, all paid by Jews, deluded people taught to imagine and insist, so fatally and horrifically, "Christ was Jew" (hence Talmudist).

Thus Christianity must simply be re-oriented with proper rationalist perspective, founded in objectivity, the theology of St. Paul placed in proper context of Gosp. JOHN which then poses story of lonely human struggle of TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy.

Hence white Christians must revive and ressurect that original OBJECTIVITY (as of Aristotle), proper foundation for their original rationalist culture--rejecting that insane subjectivism in form of Pharisaism-moralism which admitted into the land those most treacherous Jew parasites, conniving conspirators, horrific criminals now ruling by means of COUNTERFEIT conspiracy, the Fed fraud, engine of Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace" as we presently observe regarding Musselmen in Iraq and Afgan.

Thus greatest ethical principle and imperative is not child's "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy) or "love" of St. Paul, such "love" now so horribly taken out of context as it is presently--but rather HONESTY, that great bulwark against Jew lies and liars (JOHN 8:44) who presently run that otherwise invincible COUNTERFEIT scam/operation to which so many are so horribly addicted.

Of course Judeo-conspirators hope to make use of the snare of United Nations (UN) "good-cop" against bad-cop "The Israel Lobby" (as by Walt-Mearsheimer, CFR-Bilderberg agents).

CONCLUSION: But Christian gentiles must never forget there's no "good" Jew (Talmudist--see,, and for best expo/ref.) anymore than there's "good psychopath," good child-molester, or good cannibal. Jew-expulsion: it's truly an idea whose time has come. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

"""So don't u see "Hoochie" the Jew, it's ur psychopathology which necessitates ur extermination."""

Thanks for the daily death threat nigger boy.

Exactly how do you feel about being a dirty little trader and backstabbing Bill when that informant talks shit about him. You just showed every single person here that you are a dirty little cockroach that can not be trusted and you would stab them in the back as well given the opportunity.

So, specifically, how do you feel about being a dirty little cockroach?

apollonian said...

"Hoochie" Jew Is So Pathetically Jew--It's Almost Sad, Funny
(Apollonian, 16 Mar 09)

"Hoochie" Jew: ur problem is who are u really kidding, shit-for-brains? That's why/how u Jews are so pathetically doomed--for u ultimately fool urselves most.

Kike: don't u see basic problem with all humanity is that HUBRIS whence they fool themselves? Thus gentiles fool themselves they can live with Jew disease like u, "Hoochie" Jew.

Soon Jews dominate the culture, Jews at head of every significant conspiracy and criminal enterprise. For yes, gentiles are corrupt no less than Jews, but Jews are the masters, Jews funding the liberals, queers, and niggers. And that's why Jew-expulsion will work to DE-CAPITATE all the various conspiracies, leaving the gentiles to be mopped-up at relative leisure.

Like I say, "Hoochie" Jew, it's INDUCTION itself which works against u: everything u do is for Jews, and u're always sure to do this in ur inimitable Jewwy manner.

Niggers couldn't do shit without Jews leading the way--and this is obvious common-sense to everyone, black, white, Jew and gentile--U FOOL NO ONE, dumbass, "Hoochie" Jew.

"Informant"?--"Hoochie" Jew, ask urself--who is it who started that rumor in first place?--it was SPLC, wasn't it? So now look who is pushing SPLC disinfo--"Hooch," the Jew, who else?

CONCLUSION: Think about it "Hoochie" Jew: everything u do screams JEW-Jew--and now what do u do?--u deny it, like a Jew; u just can't get away fm it, do u see?--u're Jew in everything u do, even when u try to deny it. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

Change everywhere you talk about Jews to the word Democrats and you will have it right.

Now, back to the question that you keep avoiding. How do you feel about being a dirty little cockroach by not having your friends back when they need it the most?

apollonian said...

"Hooch" Jew Just Continues Babbling
(Apollonian, 17 Mar 09)

"Hoochie" Jew: u fool urself again and toooooooo much (again).

For I consider I've already exposed u well and conclusively as Jew troll. People need merely ck our numerous exchanges throughout these WhiteReference blogs--like "Nebraska...," of 27 Feb, for instance.

For here are the alternatives, "Hoochie" Jew: u say root cultural problems are "liberals," "Democrats," and niggers--NOT JEWS or what I specify.

I say those u mention are all mere manifestations, the real root being Spenglerian "Decline of the West," in hubris and subjectivism, this then manipulated to ultimate disaster and culmination by Jew, Talmudic masterminds, along with various suck-alongs fm among all races, well-demonstrated in various references I give for Judeo-conspiracy--as and for such as CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy, etc.

And solution then, I say, is Jew-expulsion, de-capitating these conspiracies immediately, this by means of Christian revolution, this by means of a theologic re-awakening, esp. in honor of Gosp. JOHN, featuring TRUTH and Honesty against Jew lies and conspiracy, esp. regarding the COUNTERFEIT conspirators at the top--which counterfeiters u NEVER mention.

CONCLUSION: So people can look back at our numerous exchanges, dozens and dozens, to see who has better argument(s)--don't u think, stupid Jew puke? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Hooch said...

Over and over, dodging the question. What a pussy you are.

"Now, back to the question that you keep avoiding. How do you feel about being a dirty little cockroach by not having your friends back when they need it the most?"

You just proved again that you are willing to fuck over a friend in the most recent thread. Answer the question you sorry sack of shit, or I will make you answer it face to face in a couple of months

Anonymous said...

It's easy to follow the trail of lies and dis-info by anarchore the jew in many blogs and forums.

He is an agent provocateur or is simply a filthy kike acting on his own with and without other kikes.

anarchore the jew is also a nymshifter with no life. He plays the same dis-info games to confuse people who are waking up to the jew conspiracy of Evil too monstrous to conceive.

Sometimes anarchore mixes facts with lies or searches for a common idea to subtly mix with the lies. He has been repeatedly exposed across the net.

The days are getting short for you anarchore and Truth will expose you and all the filthy jews, zionists, and israhellis occupying our government, financial systems, and news media to the very fitting reward you are about to receive at the hands of millions of angry armed Americans. hehehe