Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bay Area Anti-Racist Anarchist Scum Stalking The National Socialist Movement, Trying To Sabotage Their March 22nd Meeting In Richmond, California

A group of anti-racist anarchist scum infesting the San Francisco Bay Area appears to be stalking the National Socialist Movement, forcing them to continually rearrange the proposed first meeting ever of the California Bay Area Unit on the fly. This is quite similar to what happened to the EURO Conference in Memphis back in November 2008.

The meeting is described on the NSM website as follows:

On Sunday, March 22nd, the NSM California Bay Area Unit will be hosting its first official meeting at 2:30pm. The meeting will be held in the east bay area of Richmond CA. off Interstate 80. This meeting will have special guest speakers focusing on the impact of illegal immigration and multiculturalism on our white culture. Members of the NSM Southern California Unit will be in attendance speaking on their efforts at the border and the importance of actions in protecting our race and nation. You do not need to be a NSM member to attand this event.

The 2 hour meeting in Richmond is open to all comrades that have an interest in what the NSM is doing to fight for the existence of our people and future for white children. This is a family/child friendly event. Children and teens welcome if accompanied by their parents. Snacks and refreshments will be available.

However, ARA scum caught wind of it and have already begun stalking the NSM in an attempt to prevent the meeting from occurring. A group called "Anti-Authoritarian Bloc" has documented their efforts in full HERE. So far, they're bragging that they got the NSM's reservations at the Richmond Marriott cancelled. Next, when the NSM decided to use a Safeway in Orinda as an alternate staging area, the anti-racists alerted the Safeway management. Now the NSM has a third alternative, and the anti-racists found out about it and have revealed the location. One of the anti-racists revealed that he learned of the changes from the media.

The anti-racists claim they intend to show up at the NSM meeting merely to harass, although one openly plans to physically attack NSM cadre and sabotage their vehicles, while this other commenter also plans on getting physical. All intend to wear masks over their faces, either because they're cowards, or so that no one has to smell their fetid breath.

I don't want to specifically suggest how the NSM should prepare for this, because Commie ARA faggots can read this blog as well. Let it suffice to say the NSM should come prepared, and plug the leaks in their chain of command. Say nothing more to the media about the location of this event, because the ARA faggots are getting their information from the media.

I look forward to PERSONALLY dealing with ARA scum if I ever get the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I live in the Bay Area and among the human filth it produces and harbors. The ARA-types around here are pussies to the core.

If you find one of these little faggots, feel free to beat the shit out of it.

Anonymous said...

Do the NSM members in California think that White racialist politics is a picnic? This compares to the North and South armies allowing their families to watch Civil War battles from the sidelines.

apollonian said...

Most Strategic Move Is Striking At Psychologic Base--Theology
(Apollonian, 19 Mar 09)

Note as long as Jews and Judeo-conspirators keep that COUNTERFEITING conspiracy/fraud (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) working, EVERYONE ELSE IS at great disadvantage--Jews can just buy people at will.

Jews then are like a huge corporation with all the assets and all the advantages, legal, technological, and military. Just imagine if u had all the money in the world--and u had enough, not too many, but enough helpers, associates, allies, and accomplices who knew and know sufficiently how to be loyal and obedient. And note then u're fighting against stupid, thick-headed morons who are barely literate--like most gentiles and goyim. Now u know how Jews think and see things.

Thus to try to oppose Jews overtly will be extremely difficult--it's doing things the hard way. That's why the easiest, best overall way to oppose Jews is by means of Christianity, dear good comrades.

Thus Christianity, properly understood, best and most perfectly UNDER-CUTS Jews, getting at the base of the psyche--which is what one must do, Jews having every other advantage.

Thus conventional, hackneyed theology of St. Paul ("faith" and "love"), so miserably mis-understood nowadays, actually working much to advantage of Jews for all practical effect, is placed in proper context and perspective of TRUTH vs. Jew conspiracy and lies, as in Gosp. JOHN.

Control of Christian theology is where the real battle is then, Truth vs. Jew lies; reason vs. mysticism; objective vs. subjective--these are the appropriate anti-theses, all parallel with one another.

All the nazi, klan and other anti-semitic and patriot organizations and efforts are ripe for this proper theologic understanding as I present (just above, again); it's a matter of KNOWING THE ENEMY, the Jew working by means of lies, fraud, conspiracy, etc.

CONCLUSION: So I wish the brave heroes of NSM well as they surely have a most difficult road to negotiate. A serious, most rationally understood Christian pt.-of-view would make things easier, surely. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

David Drury said...

This is what the NSM's ex-organizer in Virginia had to say on his blog as I was searching the web:

Before June 2006, I was in charge of the NSM in Virginia. We had meetings that weren't disturbed. We had marches through towns in Virginia and North Carolina with no opposition. All I had to do was snap my fingers to get positive newspaper publicity. I had the ARA totally confused with brand new tactics. They had never been up against a veteran National Socialist organizer before and were baffled on what to do. That's what an political organizer is suppose to do.

Look at the NSM in Virginia now. Being chased and mocked by the ARA. They can't even have a meeting without the enemy exposing them. What a sorry bunch of losers. They are making so many mistakes I'm just sitting back shaking my head in disgust at them. What a sorry asse piece of crap they have become in Virginia and meeting at a Mexican restaurant too. WTF!!!.

From the newspapers:

The National Socialist Movement Nazis have moved their meeting and gathering point again. We have them on the run. It is now at a Chevy's in Richmond. Call Chevy's (the numbers are below). Tell them no Nazis in the Bay Area. This is from the NSM: "We are changing our location of the bay area meeting. We will meet in Richmond on the same day and time however we will host the meeting at a restaurant. I'm also going to give you a catalog of books at and bring a few books like Hitler's Political Testament written by Martin Bormann, and Positive Christianity in the Third Reich. I know what you are saying don't want unwanted attention. Blend in with the crowd. Location: Chevy`s Fresh Mex 3101 Garrity Way Richmond CA. 94806 2:30pm Sunday, March 22. Do not wear racist shirts or clothing. Do not wear uniforms. This is a Mexican restaurant. We will use the Marriott hotel parking lot as a checkpoint and gathering location because we have people arriving at the Marriott that have not been informed of the location change. Keep these locations secret. Someone let the press know about the meeting. You can arrive at either location (Marriott or Chevy`s) however our new location will be Chevy`s Fresh Mex. Marriott hotel location:

David Drury said...

Oppss. Someone sent that to me as a joke. It's not on the BOWLES BLOG. Sorry.

Anchorage Activist said...

I know what needs to be done to the ARA to cool their jets, but I still don't want to publish the idea until after the March 22nd event, simply because antis can read, too.

The problem is that the ARA has lost their fear of us because of the NSM's law-abiding tactics. The NSM must continue to use those tactics. But WNs not a part of the NSM don't have to use "law-abiding" tactics. However, such "independents" cannot be linked to the NSM.

If you catch my drift.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Today the National Socialist Movement met and formed a new unit in the Bay Area just outside of Richmond. The new unit formed will meet monthly in the Bay Area and Central California to teach the National Socialist ideology and political practices. We are accepting applications from racially aware whites that want a better future for their children and grandchildren. Todays peaceful meeting was a great success! We took in new members and enjoyed the company of our comrades in a relaxing setting.
In the days prior to the meeting we learned that some local agitators had planned on disrupting our meeting however we met with no opposition. They spent too much time chasing their own tails to be of any concern to us. The NSM California unit would like to make clear that the meeting location was changed only once due to a cancellation and that the meeting was never to be held at any mexican restaurant. The NSM has not and will not plan any meetings in any restaurant. With the formation of this new unit we will bring the National Socialist doctrine to the racially aware masses of the Bay and Central California area and invite all proud, racially aware whites to attend any of our National Socialist events.

ST. Jeff Hall
NSM of S. California

P.O.Box 51891
Riverside, CA 92517

Jeff said...

NSM in a bay area newspaper:

Anonymous said...

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