Friday, February 06, 2009

United Northern & Southern Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan Distribute Business Cards In Titusville, Florida; Blacks, Jews, & Hispanics Unhappy About It

The United Northern & Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan distributed business cards in the Pinetree Gardens area of Titusville, Florida earlier this week. Biased and inaccurate media stories published by MSNBC, WOFL Channel 35 in Orlando, FloridaToday, and WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando.

Residents of a Titusville apartment complex found the recruitment business cards left on their vehicles this week. Residents expressed concerns to Pinetree Gardens Homeowners Association president Danny Barfield. "We don't solicit that or agree with that. We are a multi-racial community. We ask that everybody takes care of this community," Barfield said. In addition, the complex does not permit solicitation.

The media also reports that Black, Hispanic and Jewish residents who received the cards now fear for their safety. One resident said this isn't the first time he has received a KKK card. Someone left one on his windshield weeks ago. Most residents reportedly turned the cards over to Titusville Police, while some others simply discarded them. Titusville, along Florida's east coast near Cape Canaveral, is approximately 81 percent White, 13 percent Black, and 4 percent Hispanic.

WOFL news video embedded below:

WOFL's story was biased and inaccurate. First, they represented the UNSKKKK as a "hate group". No hate was expressed on the business card. Second, they inexplicably brought the Imperial Klans of America (IKA) into the story. There is NO connection between the IKA and the UNSKKKK.

The UNSKKKK is a steadily growing organization, with a chapter in Bushnell, Florida. View this page to see where else they're active. The UNSKKKK makes an assortment of flyers available for download HERE. Their YouTube channel is available HERE.


Hooch said...

The KKK has a damaged Brand and they will always get a bad rap.

We have all seen them on the Jerry Springer type shows wearing their Halloween costumes. People immediately identify them as being ignorant, backwoods, hateful trailer trash.

Wether they are or not is a different thing. I'm also not saying that it is shameful to be poor. Trailer Trash is an image that is embedded within the public's perception which associates itself with a criminal lifestyle filled with domestic violence, drugs and always trying to get one over on another person. The same sort of image associated with a getto nigger that lives in the projects.

The KKK brand image will lend itself to the attraction of people who fit the stereotype.

apollonian said...

KKK, Nazis, Most Excellent Nascent Christian, Church Instruments
(Apollonian, 6 Feb 09)

Once again "Hooch" babbles and blathers saying very little if anything at all--"Hooch" the stupid white nigger.

So AA, once again we observe instance of agitation; of course, it isn't bad, but question is whether all that can be accomplished IS accomplished. Can we do better?--can we improve?

So what needs be done, of course, by way of analysis is (a) to focus upon the Jew problem, and then (b) upon all those gentiles who sympathize with and cooperate with Jews. Thus it's good enough to concentrate against Jews to begin.

But then we don't want to overlook conditions which lend to this Jew problem--for Jews are a disease of opportunity, never forget, who prey upon certain predicates which must be treated--like with any disease.

So to make a long analysis short, once again I urge we anti-semitic patriots advocate an active, rationalist Christianity which thus provides the positive advocacy in addition to the necessary anti-semitism.

Such positive Christianity will be (a) rationalist, (b) anti-semitic, most pointedly and up-front, and (c) emphasizing HONESTY over and above mere "love" of St. Paul. For love is only for one's own people, to a far lesser degree then to other gentile peoples who must be allied anti-semitically. Thus we emulate original Christians of Roman Empire, united against Jews.

And these three pt.s, AA, are what I urge must be emphasized most among our own white volk. For in order to attack and destroy Jew disease we must obviously remove, neutralize, and destroy "Judeo-Christian" hereticalism, for one thematic example, of course ALL HERETICALISM in addition, too.

CONCLUSION: Nazis and KKK people are most excellent CHURCH instruments, most excellent administers of proper Christian rationalism and anti-semitism. Nazis and KKK must thus properly be seen as Christian enforcers. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Phil said...

Isn't this the one of the klan group that has denounced National Socialism?

Anchorage Activist said...

Phil - I believe it is the Southern Alliance which denounced National Socialism. The UNSKKKK has established a national presence and has also conducted literature drops in New Jersey and Long Island.

Phil said...

Thanks for the correction. I wasn't sure what klan it was.

Hooch said...

"""Once again "Hooch" babbles and blathers saying very little if anything at all--"Hooch" the stupid white nigger."""

Thanks for the clarification Apollo. You have confirmed my point.

"The KKK brand image will lend itself to the attraction of people who fit the stereotype."

Anonymous said...

And who are you HOOCH?

Florida Klansman said...

We are here and we are growing everyday. Our fight is for God, Race, and Nation. We do not hate based on the color of skin. We do not condone, though, people's character. Do some research and visit our website...