Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TNB Down Under: Three Blacks Mob-Assault, Rob, And Seriously Injure White Man At The Sunshine Railway Station In Melbourne, Australia

TNB occurs in Australia as it does everywhere else. Australians are outraged over a robbery and mob assault launched by three blacks against a lone White man at a railroad station in Melbourne, Australia. Primary media story published in the Melbourne Herald-Sun; additional stories published by the Sydney Daily Telegraph. Discussion taking place in the Stormfront Newslinks subforum, the Stormfront Downunder subforum, the Vanguard News Network Forum, and on Free Republic.

Detectives investigating the vicious assault say they are appalled by the level of violence, which left the 23-year-old Sunshine man with serious head injuries, even after the victim tried to hand over the backpack that appeared to be the motive behind the gang's attack. Transit detective Mark Sontag said he believed even the trio’s mates and family would not hesitate to turn them in, given the nature of the assault.

The disturbing footage shows the slightly-built youth’s head bouncing on the concrete walls of the underpass as he is kicked time and time again by three men of African appearance, even after slumping to the ground unconscious. Afterwards, one of the attackers appears to clap his hands in what appears to be a celebration of the sickening assault. “Even the perpetrators families’ would be disgusted by this,” Sen-Constable Sontag said. Removed from YouTube, the video of the attack is now available on WNTube:

According to police, the unemployed man, who has not been identified, was accosted by the perps at approximately 12:10 A.M. Australian time soon after he disembarked from a Sydenham-bound train he had originally boarded at Footscray. The victim initially tried to ignore the three attackers as they tried to engage him in conversation on the train and the platform, before surrounding him and knocking him to the ground. They briefly stopped their attack to allow an Asian couple to walk past, then they resumed the attack. They kicked him unconscious, nicked his backpack and phone, and left him for dead in the Sunshine Railway Station underpass. But one of them clapped his hands and did an NFL-style sack dance before he left.

Det Sontag said it was “unbelievable” that the trio would attempt the assault in an area under close surveillance – with several signs indicating the fact to commuters. He said authorities were confident they would track down the attackers, based on the video footage and images. Additional images of the trio on the train, which have not been released to the public, were also expected to be viewed by police. It has not yet been determined if the blacks are of African ancestry or if they are Aborigines. According to official 2007 Australian government statistics, 24% of all prisoners are "Indigenous" (defined as either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders), even though Indigenous people comprise only 2.4% of the total Australian population of just over 21.1 million. Thus it is also logical to assume that Indigenous Australians are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime.

One Australian posting on Stormfront states that this is not an isolated incident. The individual discloses that TNB is considered normal in the western suburbs of Melbourne. The major local shopping center, Highpoint, is nicknamed "Knifepoint", since the blacks in the area think they can get away with everything cause all the white do-gooders keep saying that it's not their fault. Another Australain poster states that this problem is quite common in the Sunshine/Footscray/St Albans areas of Melbourne, with black gangs frequently targeting vulnerable lone Whites.

A January 23rd post on the Melbourne Metblog decries Connex's failure to provide proper human supervision at Victoria state railway stations. They call upon the Victoria State Government to "remove the exclusiveness of premium stations at every major and have ALL stations throughout the network fitted with real human beings. They decry fake cameras that do not record and ’safe’ zones within a yellow box and an emergency red button when ALL other stations are unlit, heavily-graffittied, dirty, smelly and a magnet for trouble, bogans and gangs?

Update: On February 27th at 8:00 A.M., police arrested two men suspected in the attack. The pair, both aged 21, were arrested after police executed a search warrant at a home in Braybook in western Melbourne.

The Downundernewslinks maintains a current list of non-white attacks against whites HERE.


apollonian said...

Most Effective Video, Unquestionably
(Apollonian, 25 Feb 09)

Brilliant, most excellent video--in one respect--IMAGINE NOW HOW MANY NIGGERS ARE GOING TO DIE AS RESULT OF WHITE SCUM LIKE ME (a) seeing the video, (b) exacting revenge a million times over, never-ending. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

That video says more in 3:16 minutes than ten 1,000 word essays about the subject.

Hooch said...

Great story, and Apolo, I am glad you didn't this time decide to defend the niggers and say the underlying reason is a Jew issue.

apollonian said...

Jews Remain Key To Cultural Problems
(Apollonian, 26 Feb 09)

Fact remains, "Hooch," u brainless Jew scum, niggers by themselves are eminently easily handled in all truth--Southern states handled them quite well before "Civil War."

CONCLUSION: And fact is Jews are un-questionably the problem underlying, the only further underlying factor being the hubris of the native white population in thrall to the MAMMON God, to whom they sell their souls. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian