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Stormfront Downunder Moderator Steelcap Boot Organizing Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) White Community Near Perth, Western Australia

On February 7th 2009, PerthNow published an article entitled "Police monitor supremacist group in Perth Hills", which chronicles an effort by patriotic white Australian activists to organize what's referred to as a PLE in the area of Perth, Western Australia. While the article uses the popular canard of "white supremacist" to describe the people, it primarily quotes a number of postings from Stormfront. It is further discussed in this specific Stormfront Downunder thread.

According to the article, a local group of patriotic Australian Whites want to set up what's called a "Pioneer Little Europe" (PLE) community in the Perth foothills. The community would only be for those who are demonstrably White. And they are urging other White racialists to join their PLE project. A detailed explanation of the PLE concept can be found HERE.

Police have been monitoring postings on the controversial Stormfront website, a white nationalist forum that features a coat of arms with a Celtic cross, surrounded by the motto "White Pride World Wide". The idea for the project was started several years ago and is promoted in Perth by a website contributor calling himself Steelcap Boot. He's also the moderator of the Stormfront Downunder subforum.

Some of his posts quoted in the article include the following:

-- "There has been a bit of international interest again over this last week from a couple of places..."

-- "Stormfronts of the Street (aka PLEs) are urgently needed now".

-- "Seize a targeted PLE area for white people today!"

He claimed that white nationalists and national socialists were becoming increasingly active in the foothills, especially in uniting Western Australian (WA) skinheads. He also said the Pioneer Little Europe concept first surfaced in 2001 to develop racially conscious white communities within existing and culturally ineffective White communities. He further explained that "A PLE occupies a targeted living area for white nationalists with different pro-white ideologies". He also stated, "It is suggested that any demand for proof about the existence of any given PLE project should be ignored ... our opponents have actually made no provision whatsoever to account for something as unusual as the PLE strategy".

Steelcap Boot, who said he is a white nationalist but had never been a skinhead, claims to have started increasing levels of pro-white legal activism, distributing literature and organising pro-white activities. In one post he claimed there had been a bbq, a couple of meetings and some international comings and going. In another he said that numerous leafleting runs were completed ... everything else is pumping along nicely.

Other contributors to the forum identified in the article include Aussieknight, who claims to be a skinhead already living in the PLE Area, anglodane, whitenproud82, ozwarrior and Knightspirit.

There's been reaction from other sources. Sen-Sgt Ray Butler of the State Security Investigation Group said: "Police have concerns for anyone espousing white supremacist views or views that are designed to drive a wedge through the community. We do not take groups such as this lightly. Community safety and security is of paramount importance".

The Ethnic Communities Council of WA is aware of the website, but its executive officer Suresh Rajan said: "These people are not a group worthy of comment. However, our position is consistent in that we opposed the proposed Muslim enclave in Rivervale only three weeks ago and we would oppose the Little Europe concept as it does not promote integration".

Opposition police spokeswoman Margaret Quirk said: "These things have the capacity and danger to extend from cyberspace into the community. We've said in the past that community safety can be under threat from these extremists. They present particular challenges to police who should be given the resources to deal with it".

A Stormfront Downunder thread in response to this PerthNow article has already been started HERE.

But if integration works so well, why are an increasing number of people attempting to escape it? What's so unnatural about Muslims wanting to group together, or Whites wanting to do likewise. The Ethnic Communities Council of WA, notwithstanding its disclaimer, seems to take greater issue with Whites organizing after this manner.

Once again, this is evidence that those who promote "diversity" actually desire "kaleidoscopic diversity" rather than "mosaic diversity". The latter term is in reference to a statement by former NYC Mayor David Dinkins, who once described his city as a "gorgeous mosaic".

Diversity is our downfall. PLE is meaningful longterm activism, slow and backbreaking at times, but with lasting effect. Imagine what we could do with Detroit if we organized at least three PLEs within the city limits.

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apollonian said...

Jew Problem Has This Irresistable, Un-deniable Component, Theologic, Which Absolutely Must Be Solved
(Apollonian, 8 Feb 09)

An interesting socio-biologic (see proposition regarding this "diversity"--'twas same basic problem in Roman Empire too, right at turn to 4th cent. when Christian heroes began to tackle the basic problem--Jew parasite disease-of-opportunity.

For differing races actually can work things out--eventually warfare "solves" problems--for a little while, anyway. Observe and consider now how white folk (in America, at least) have been dealing with and agonizing over this race problem now for AT LEAST 150 years now. We just gotta get most serious.

But for sure, the worst thing about such "diversity" problem(s) is Jews exacerbating and exploiting the situation(s). And when Jew-expulsion is exercised as solution--golly, gee--it's amazing but how things are so quickly and much-improved.

Evermore, AA, the (EASY) solution becomes clear: JEW-EXPULSION. For Jew-expulsion removes the master-minds, the leadership of the criminal-conspiracy--which is what's happening (conspiracy, again).

Of course now, u gotta take out their (Jew's) gentile close-cohorts--like the present-day "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.)--that's the complication, but even that is becoming evermore do-able.

This "Christian" problem then is analyzable and subject to improvement: (a) one must understand Christianity IS NOT against human reason; (b) IS anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13); and (c) not primarily about "love" (which is only for friends and allies--NOT Jews) to exclusion of HONESTY, the primary virtue.

Hence then, comrade AA: EVERMORE urgent strategic conclusion must be IMMEDIATE PROBLEM is JCs; Jews, are next and necessarily (and logically) ultimate targets. But it's these JCs who absolutely must be dealt with first and foremost in order to (even hope to) get anything seriously done. All patriots, including nazis and KKK comrades gotta face this most compelling strategic detail, interestingly enough.

And in order to deal with these JCs, patriots MUST have basic philosophic, analytic, and totally RATIONAL understanding of the Christian theologic problem--it's not really that difficult.

CONCLUSION: And it's not as if I'm trying to get mystical or "religious"--ON THE CONTRARY--it's actually most down-to-earth problem of compelling, most practical necessity. JCs gotta be confronted, and there's a way to do it--and it really isn't that difficult if, as I say, we just apply basic common-sense to that theologic problem/issue. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian