Friday, February 13, 2009

Northwest Nationalists Blog Editor Peter Barker Convicted Of Racial Hatred By British Judge; Other British Nationalists Skeptical Of Barker

On February 13th 2009, the Manchester Evening News (UK),, and Rochdale Online report that a far-right British nationalist has been convicted of stirring up racial hatred. Fifty-four-year-old Peter Barker of Holmes Street, Rochdale, allegedly posted a racist message on the Northwest Nationalists blog offering a £1,000 reward to anyone willing to murder a black man. Barker apparently blamed the black man for the death of his brother, and admitted a charge of stirring up racial hatred. He was given a 12-month jail sentence suspended for two years. In addition, Barker will be electronically tagged for six months and was also ordered to complete a two-year supervision requirement. He will be on an 8 P.M. to 6 A.M. curfew.

Judge Elliot Knopf told Barker at Bolton crown court that his remarks were clearly racist, saying that remarks of a racist nature can cause grave social damage. Specifically, Judge Knopf said, "You are not here to be sentenced for holding political views or for being involved in far right politics. It is clear from the reading of the notice that whatever may have been your motivation, it qualifies fully as remarks of a racist nature".

Prosecutor Bethan David said Barker created the website called North West Nationalists Blogspot in 2006 to discuss national and regional politics, after a falling-out with the British National Party (BNP) in Rochdale. Barker posted the racist message while drunk in October 2007.

Miss David said the message offered a reward to anyone willing to murder the man. It went on to offer a 'bounty for the beating' of the man using an obscene racist term. He also included an extract from a newspaper in Sheffield reporting on a court case involving the man. The post branded the man a 'beast' and a 'gorilla' and also alleged that he was a drug dealer. Personal details of the man were also revealed by Barker. Miss David said the post attracted six comments before Barker removed it within 24 hours. Three appeared to be favourable, with one saying 'no problem' but the others expressed grave concerns about its legality.

Police in Manchester received an anonymous e-mail tip-off with an attachment showing the post later that month. The e-mail alleged Barker was a 'neo Nazi'. He was arrested and admitted posting the message while drunk and claimed that the man had murdered his brother, Christopher Barker, in 2001.

Police searches of his house later revealed nationalist books and magazines, British National Party and National Front election manifestos, images and books of far right ideology and photographs showing men holding up Union Jacks with Rochdale National Front written along the front of them. A suitcase full of legal papers and reports relating to his brother's death was also found.

The court was told an investigation into the death of Barker's brother revealed no evidence to support allegations that he was murdered. A coroner recorded a verdict that he died from heroin toxicity.

Wayne Jackson, defending, said Barker's life had 'spiralled out of control' since his brother's death and added: "The chances of him blotting his copy book again in terms of court are minimal".

Analysis: While on the surface, this may initially appear to be the case of a British patriot who was unjustly railroaded, other British nationalists express far different - and much less favorable - sentiments about Barker on this Stormfront thread. Posters on Stormfront claim that Barker got a lighter sentence than others caught in the same legal predicament, and further claim it's because Barker is an informant who has connections with the British antifa publication Searchlight. They also find it odd that all three mainstream media sources who reported on this case published the full URL of the Northwest Nationalists blog in their stories, when traditionally the British media avoids that practice in order to hinder the efforts of the British public to find nationalist websites. Rochdale Online even posted a hot link to the blog.

British nationalists are also expressing the same skepticism about Barker on this VNN Forum thread. But while some may be BNP'ers anxious to get in a lick or two against Barker, one of the critics is Sid Williamson, who has no BNP connection, and who is well-known for his own activism. The GnomeWatch blog also questions Barker's bonafides. Sounds like an internal food fight for British nationalists to resolve on their own.

Nonetheless, the fact that British authorities would waste the British taxpayers' money on prosecuting the case of an online posting that was taken down almost immediately seems quite ridiculous.


apollonian said...

Exercise In Real Issues Involved In Patriotism, Etc.
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 09)

Well AA, ur post merely brings up the question/issue of worthwhile-ness of any given blog or exposition whatever. And that's why, regarding issue of depth and reality for worthwhile-ness--or just WORTH for patriots--it's good to keep in mind that basic Christian thesis of TRUTH vs. Jew lies.

For one of the things Jews like patriots to do is to get distracted/diverted--even against lower-level Jews while the big-time, master-mind Jews get away and get-by successfully.

For never forget, the large anti-theses will always be general truth vs. Jew lies; that's how Jews work--they're fundamentally liars and frauds in the first place, holding themselves as objects of God's worship of them (seriously--see,, and for best expo on Jew Talmud).

Pertinent thing then for this otherwise extremely marginal story u feature, this blog, is WHO IS BOSS AT THE TOP making things work and function in their favor?--and it's obviously Jews. For only Jews prosecute racism (which is loyalty).

And what, once again, is RACISM?--but loyalty. How can anyone be against loyalty?--and why?--how? Note then it gets down to basic issue of mental health and sanity--reason vs. insanity, this insanity then justified by MORALISM, hence hereticalism, Pelagianism, Pharisaism, subjectivism, mysticism, etc.

These aforementioned, then are the large issues which are illustrated most, I submit, by ur story/posting upon this otherwise utterly marginal occurrence in Britain, that horrid place so overcome by political-correctness and Pharisaism going by cover of "moralism."

The lesson for us patriots is we've got to link and show relation btwn all these particular instances and the large issues regarding Jew liars, frauds, criminals, conspirators, and murderers.

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Apollonian - why no mention that the guy is an idiot if indeed he did post such tangible evidence so as to be "pinched" ?
And supposedly drunk also ? Quite the soldier indeed ...

In all your flowing and repeated diatribe you continually mock the good vs. evil battle - which did your god tell you to choose ?

As to your "dependent upon criterion" statement, just where would one who professes belief in Christianity go for guidance and therein make that his criterion ?

Not a trick question, think real hard (even if it hurts)...

apollonian said...

White Niggers Get Bored, You See
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 09)

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CONCLUSION: Real issue is the battle btwn Truth and Jew lies, Jews the most organzized. Thus further issue is Western objectivity vs. Jew subjectivism/mysticism. For further expo on subjects, ck outstanding Apollonian expo at, under "commentary." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian