Saturday, February 07, 2009

Making Black History: Louisiana Black Male Can't Wait On Obama, Seeks Financial Stimulus At Chase Bank In Shreveport; Now Wanted For Bank Robbery

More black history in the making. An unidentified black male in Shreveport, Louisiana decided he could no longer wait for his homie in the White House to give him some financial stimulus, so he visited the Chase Bank in the 3700 block of Greenwood Road to get his own stimulus package. And now he's wanted for bank robbery. Media stories from KSLA Channel 12 and KTBS Channel 3 (with non-embeddable video), both in Shreveport.

On Saturday February 7th, 2009 at 11:40 A.M. CST, a middle aged man entered the bank and gave a note to the teller, saying that he was armed, demanding all the money and warning not to push the alarm button. The suspect was given an undisclosed amount of money and ran from the scene. No one was hurt.

The robber is an African American male in his 40's, six feet tall and 270 pounds. He was wearing a grey and black vertically striped button down shirt with a red shirt underneath, black pants, and black dress shoes. He was also wearing glasses and an earring in his left ear. The bank upgraded from ordinary surveillance to DVD-quality surveillance; the improvement in quality is dramatic. This chump better get out of town.

Anyone in the area with any information on this suspect or this crime should call Shreveport CrimeStoppers at 318-673-7373.

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M said...

The bank upgraded to DVD quality surveillance? How is that going to help identify a nigger? Would any White person be able to pick it out of a crowd?