Friday, February 27, 2009

Los Alamitos, California Mayor Dean Grose Terrorized Into Resigning After Sending Black Businesswoman A Humorous White House Watermelon E-Mail

The Orange County Register reports that Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose will resign his office effective Monday March 2nd, 2009 after being criticized for sharing an e-mail picture depicting the White House lawn planted with watermelons under the title "No Easter egg hunt this year". Mayor Grose made the announcement on Thursday February 26th while also apologizing once again for his action. Discussion posted on Stormfront

However, this other Orange County Register story offers considerable more details - and some are rather chilling. The mayor was actually targeted with physical retaliation when someone left a smashed watermelon outside his office on Wednesday morning. Police immediately mounted extra patrols to protect the mayor both at his office and at home.

What was this "unforgivable" sin that Mayor Grose committed? Why, he poked gentle fun at Barack Obama and his administration. Problem is, he's a white man - and in Soviet America, whites are required to walk on eggs and never say anything critical about holy blacks. And that goes double now that they have one of their homies in the White House.

The original Orange County Register February 24th story lays it all out. Grose sent out an e-mail which included the picture you see posted in the upper left hand corner, a picture of the White House with watermelons scattered all over the lawn in Easter egg fashion. Ironically, the caption on the photo read "No Easter Egg hunt this year". Unfortunately for Hizzoner, one of the recipients was a black businesswoman named Keyanus Price, with whom he had previously worked on matters of mutual public interest. They both sit on the board of the Youth Center, and she often works with city officials in the community representing her employer. The two have exchanged e-mails in the past.

But all that suddenly sailed out the window the moment she received the e-mail. She decided that it was more important to be an AFRICAN at that point, and the predictable chimpfest ensued. Price was appalled. "I was horrified when I read that e-mail," Price said. "What I'm concerned about is how can this person send an e-mail out like this and think it is OK?" Being a public official made the matter worse, according to Price.

Once Grose found out about what he had touched off, he immediately sent an e-mail apology to Price, her boss and the City Council saying he did not intend to be offensive. He also called and left Price a message. "It was just poor judgment on my part, and I am deeply sorry," Grose said. "It wasn't meant to hurt her."

The council received the e-mail from Price's boss and also received a copy of the apology. Councilman Ken Stephens said he didn't receive the original e-mail. "Being totally out of the loop on this one, I think I would be speaking out of turn if I said anything about it," Stephens said. "I would think that anything like that at all would be inappropriate but, again, I haven't seen the e-mail." Calls to the other three Los Alamitos council members were not returned.

But the apology wasn't good enough for Keyanus Price. Instead, she demanded a much more abject public capitulation and humiliation, and then immediately went crying to the media. She then e-mailed Mayor Grose back, saying, "Hey, that's not nice at all. Not all black people like watermelon… you should know better than that".

Grose, bravely but naively attempting to placate Price, e-mailed her back, saying, "The way things are today, you gotta laugh every now and then. I wanna see the coloring contests".

Too late. Price said Grose's response upset her more. "As soon as I saw his response; that put me over the top because it was no big deal to him," she said. Chimpfest!

And sure enough, some civil libertarian had to get involved - but not on the side of Mayor Gose. Peter Eliasberg, the managing attorney of the local ACLU, said that while the mayor wasn't acting as a city official at the time, it doesn't mean that it was OK to send. "Even though as much as we may always think they're always public officials, they're not always public officials; it's kind of going out as a private citizen," Eliasberg said. "That doesn't mean that she doesn't have every right to demand a public apology. It seems like it was pretty offensive."

Eliasberg has been instrumental in attempting to suppress the public expression of Christianity in the past. In 2001, he pushed an ACLU lawsuit to get a cross in the Mojave Desert taken down. Despite his name, I could find no evidence that Eliasberg is Jewish.

Grose has served on the City Council since 2006, and this is his first term as mayor. He took up the leadership position in January in a 4-1 vote by his fellow council members. This triggered an interesting question from a local Los Alamitos blogger; is Grose merely resigning as mayor, or is he also resigning from the city council? This question has since been answered; Grose will resign as mayor, but remain on the city council.

Unfortunately, Grose was not prepared for the consequences of sinning against political correctness in 21st century Soviet America. Our values are so inverted that "racism" is considered more serious than abortion or even adultery. America has become unliveable for people who appreciate liberty. America truly sucks these days, and no real American has any business showing any allegiance to this country any more.


apollonian said...

ZOG-Mammon Is On Defense, Do Not Doubt
(Apollonian, 27 Feb 09)

Well AA, it all (controversy over watermelons on WhiteHouse lawn) merely indicates continuing crisis of imperial culture and rule thereof, Christian vs. Jew/Mammon; truth vs. lies.

What we need is Jew-Expulsion, and this latest controversy is just another incident working towards inevitable culminating events.

Remember then Jew enemy's WEAK POINT, nexus with "Judeo-Christian" ( and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, these hereticalists grossly vulnerable to true and real Christianity which is absolutely anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). Christ was NOT a "Jew" (Jew defined necessarily as Talmudist), don't forget.

Given that simple definition of Jew, everything follows. JCs would surely be surprised to know and understand the vast difference fm real Talmudism (ritual murder of gentile--see, and for best Talmudic expo) to what JCs understand of Old Testament, the poor, ignorant dupes.

CONCLUSION: Have u hrd latest economic news?--USA economy contracted no less than 6%--and it will get worse still, much worse according to economist Peter Schiff, for one example. ZOG-Mammon is on distinct defensive, and we HAVEN'T YET BEGUN TO FIGHT, don't doubt. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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