Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stephen Buttafuoco Fired From Job, Charged With Hate Crime After Playing "Allahu Akbar" Muslim Chants At Long Island Jewish Wedding

Ed. Note: Took a few days off from the TNB, Jewish supremacism, and movement drama to wage conventional political warfare on other fronts and to recharge my batteries. I get so tired of TNB and Jewish supremacism.

If there was any doubts that Jews are calling the shots in New York, those doubts should have instantly vanished this past week. As I reported on December 20th, even sunflower seeds can be characterized as anti-Semitic if the Jews don't like them.

On January 11th, 2009, the New York Post reports that a Long Island waiter who was merely committing a personal act of rebellion against his father by playing Arabic chants at a Jewish wedding on Long Island has been fired from his job as a waiter and charged with a hate crime. He may also face additional charges of disruption of a religious service. Additional story published by Newsday; discussion on Stormfront.

Stephen Buttafuoco, 23 (pictured above left), was charged with an aggravated harassment as a hate crime for allegedly blaring "Allahu akbar," Arabic for "God is great" - scaring more than 700 guests at the wedding of David and Amanda Zar, who were wrapping up the reception at the Woodbury Jewish Center at around 1 A.M. on Sunday January 4th.

Authorities claim that Buttafuoco, who was arrested on Friday January 9th, admitted he did this with the intent of disrespecting the [Jewish] religion. He was arraigned on January 10th in Nassau County District Court and released on $1,500 bail. However, Buttafuoco's lawyer, Thomas Spreer, insisted his client is not a terrorist, just a confused kid trying to rebel against his minister father. "He did a foolish and impulsive act," Spreer claimed. "He's not a radical. He didn't even know they were on the air. He feels absolutely horrendous."

And it turns out that Buttafuoco did not intend for the chants to be played over the loudspeakers. He had recorded the chanting the day before at a pro-Palestinian rally in Manhattan, and thought he was playing the recording just for a friend. Surprise, surprise - the chants ended up being played over the loudspeakers.

Nevertheless, intent didn't matter to either the authorities, who charged him nonetheless, or his employer, Morrell Caterers, which handles weddings at three Long Island temples, including the Woodbury Jewish Center. Morrell not only fired Buttafuoco on the spot, but to add insult to injury, also called the police. So they're the ones who set the criminal case in motion in the first place. Buttafuoco has now apologized for his actions.
You can tell Morrell Caterers what you think about their perfidy at the following e-mail address:

Stephen Buttafuoco is not related to the infamous Joey Buttafuoco. The father, Dan Buttafuoco, is an ex-Marine who serves as a minister at the Gateway Life Center, a Pentecostal church in Babylon, LI, and says he's a supporter of Israel. And he immediately expressed support for his son. "He was just fooling around with his friend. He didn't realize it was being echoed around the whole building," the elder Buttafuoco said outside his Suffolk County home on January 10th.

But then Dan Buttafuoco hastily bent over backwards to "make his manners" with the Jewish community. "We have nothing against any other religious background, especially the Jewish people. We love them". He also prattled on about how "mortified" he and his family are, saying, "I've been appalled by it. My wife and I are just very hurt. We're scared".

Scared of what? Scared of losing tithing revenue?

Meanwhile, the Jewish groom doesn't seem particularly nonplussed by all the hubbub. "I'm still celebrating my wedding and I really don't want to think about this," David Zar told The Post.

I can't decide who nauseates me more - the Nassau County authorities, Morrell Caterers, or Dan Buttafuoco. Are there any good guys in this deal???


Anonymous said...

Hate crime laws should only be use on a select few.(like people who insult Islam) How dare they be used here.

Anonymous said...

So the Jew Knighted States of America has made stupidity a criminal act.

It would be interesting to note how many of our laws are immoral but in harmony with Jew culture and thinking, yet contrary to the White Man’s historical thinking and culture.

Eventually as Jew culture and thinking and values become the law of the land the White Man acting as a White Man will be constantly charged with crimes and put in prison for simply acting out his instinctive and cultural characteristics.

Think of all the things that young white boys have done for at least 200 years: most are criminal now.

1- Cowboys and Indians on the school grounds with play guns and bows and arrows.
2- Playing a simple game of tag and touching someone in the wrong place.
3- Drawing a picture of Dad’s new gun.
4- Learning about the accomplishments of the Germans
5- Questioning the HolyHoax?
6- Taking gun to school and showing your buddies at lunch what you have.
7- Get mad and tell a friend he is acting like a nigger.
8- Call someone who is cheap, a cheat, and a weasel, a Jew.
9- Commenting on how so and so is good at “jewing others down” when selling something.
10- Openly discussing the black problem.

Etc Etc..

Sherwood Smith

jim hanson said...

people love jews. look at this sell out.