Sunday, January 18, 2009

National Socialist Movement Conducts Productive Public Meeting In Springfield, Missouri; Women's Entertainment Television And CBS In Attendance

Hat tip to Newsnet14, who published this story in part first.

On January 18th, 2009, the National Socialist Movement's Springfield Unit conducted a public meeting in Springfield, Missouri that was, by all accounts, productive. Opposition showed up, but were willing to listen to the NSM message. The News-Leader's official overall count was 50 people. This event was also discussed in my January 11th post.

Principal media stories:

-- "Network to visit local pro-white meeting", Springfield News-Leader, January 17th 2009
-- "Nazi women gather at library", Springfield News-Leader, January 18th 2009
-- "Local Nazi Party Attracts Protestors And National Media", KSPR Channel 33 in Springfield with non-embeddable video, January 18th 2009.

Summary: During the past year, NSM Springfield has been meeting twice monthly at the local public library. While some criticism was directed twards the library for allowing them to use the facility, Mel Davis, the branch manager of the Springfield-Greene County Library system’s Library Station on North Kansas Expressway, deflected the criticism by saying that community rooms are open to all as long one follow the rules and regulations, and qualifies to meet there. At some point, the NSM was contacted by Women's Entertainment Television (WETV), who expressed the desire to film NSM women engaging in pro-White activism to use in an upcoming story entitled "The Secret Lives of Women". The NSM agreed, and turned the task over to their Women's Division. The filming was set for January 18th.

To prepare the community, NSM Springfield conducted an initial flyer distribution in December 2008. YouTube video of KSPR report embedded below:

As the day approached, local anti-racist opposition organized and surfaced. OzarksSpeaksOut organized primarily as a place to talk about racism and how it hurts everyone in our community. Their stated objective is for everyone to feel welcomed. Lisha Kraft, the founder of the pro-diversity website, said she does not question the other group's right to meet, and she didn't start to target them. "They claim not to be a hate group, but they do display the swastika, they are anti-diversity and they believe the white race is superior to other races," said Kraft. However, like other such groups, they don't believe that "diversity" is merely an option, but is actually a strength, in which case it assumes the characteristics of a religious cult. So they characterize opposition to forced diversity as "hate".

In the days preceding the meeting, the NSM's Cynthia Keene discussed NSM objectives and activities at length with the News-Leader. She explained, "We are the National Socialist Movement, America's Nazi Party; White Americans fighting for America. We are a nationally recognized political party, no different than the Republican, or Democratic, who believe in the Constitution in the context which it's [sic] authors intended, rather than the liberal interpretation given to us by the Supreme Court." She also explained how the Women's Division involves itself in a number of different causes, including local PTAs, the NSM Prison Outreach Program and numerous charity drives. The Prison Outreach is important because a number of inmates are there for political crimes (in which they were convicted because of their ideology moreso than their actions); they write to the inmates and link them up to outside support because sometimes their families walk away from them.

On January 17th, the meeting convened. A total of 30 NSM cadre and supporters showed up, offset by an additional 20 people who sat in the back, listening quietly. Reporters representing CBS and the Women's Entertainment Network, as well as filmmakers from France, were on hand to follow the group.

NSM leaders addressed the economy and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza. But they also talked about what they say is a need to develop pride among whites. "You look at these young people right here in front of us, and what is being shoved down their throats every day at school?" said Steven Boswell, head of the Missouri unit. "Hatred of being white. People telling them they are wrong because they are white."

Christina Drake of Jefferson City told the group that when she first joined the movement it was not very family-oriented. Now, the group does a lot with younger people, she said. But she wanted specifically to address the handful of anti-racists who were outside the library protesting the group's meeting. Some of those people came inside.

Although the anti-racists' signs say they are fighting for diversity, Drake pointed out that it is NSM that really wants diversity. "You are fighting for the mixing of the races," she said. "If all races mix, there will be no diversity." The point is, if everything is equally kaleidoscopic and tie-dyed, then there is no longer a distinction. [Ed. Note: Christina Drake hit a home run with this response. This is exactly how we should be portraying diversity.]

Discussion that followed after the speeches was civil, with some non-members conceding that the speakers made points they support about wars or the economy. But there was laughter at the suggestion that there should be a White History Day or month. One person opined that every day is white day in school.

Another person asked what the group wanted to do to Jewish people. Are they to all be sent to Israel? Group leaders reportedly wouldn't address that specific question, although the NSM's "25 points of American National Socialism" makes it clear that the group would like some people to leave. "All non-White immigration must be prevented," says point number seven. "We demand that all non-Whites currently residing in America be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to their land of origin: peacefully or by force." In addition, point number four declares that no "Jew or homosexual may be a member of the nation." [Ed. Note: The Jewish Question should not have been left dangling. Instead, the discussion should have been directed away from Jewish existence and towards Jewish supremacism. To make people Jew-wise, one must focus upon the effects of Jewish supremacism, such as how Holocaust protection has suppressed freedom of speech and caused the incarceration of Holocaust revisionists. In addition, Jewish domination of the media must be shown to have degraded our culture and promoted moral relativism.]

At the front of the room was a table with literature, though one group leader decided to remove literature that featured a racial slur on its cover.

Earlier in the day, group members cleaned up the section of highway on West Bypass that they had adopted.

NSM Member Ami Bostwick of Iowa said the effort went well, though there was one "small problem" with passers-by stopping to complain about them. The sheriff's office was on hand to help keep order, she said.

This activity on the part of the NSM has triggered a robust debate on this Stormfront thread. Noteworthy participants included NSM Commander Jeff Schoep, longtime EURO activist Ron Doggett, and April Gaede, the mother of the famed Prussian Blue twins. Doggett is generally supportive of all forms of constructive, lawful activism, while Gaede, who reports being contacted by WETV but who declined their invitation to participate in their program, is considerably more skeptical. Having been victimized by media misrepresentation herself, Gaede was understandably concerned that the NSM women would also be misrepresented by WETV. Lately, April Gaede has been taking a progressively stronger stand against misfits who use white nationalism merely as protective cover for hooliganism and parasitism, and she believes the swastika provides grist for the propaganda mills of anti-racists.


apollonian said...

Activity Wasted Without Sufficient Christian, Hence Anti-Semitic, Orientation
(Apollonian, 18 Jan 09)

Excellent coverage, AA, and as usual, u make some cogent and informative commentary.

Again, however, I want to stress how all this (media-attention, etc., over NSM activities) could and should be incorporated towards not only white pride and white orientation--but more widely to Christianity, and then specifically Christian anti-semitism, emphasizing Jew criminal control (as of Fed COUNTERFEITING--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), daily becoming evermore disastrous for USA, white folk, and indeed, all gentiles.

Thus Christian anti-semitism could and should be aimed PARTICULARLY towards "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) sympathizers and enablers of Jews, emphasizing how JCs are so utterly mis-led and mis-informed regarding Jew activity and proper Christian orientation towards such Jews--how JCs are played for such abject suckers, in all tragic truth.

CONCLUSION: For without such Christian element, I fear all this activity is going to waste. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Phil said...

I will say this straight forward. April is a dumb bitch. When the suit and tie frauds can replicate this without being "radical" then we can talk. Other wise they can eat it because no group in America in that past 40 years except the NS have gotten these numbers in the streets.

Anonymous said...

Still sucking the NSM butt I see, Is Jeff paying you?

Anonymous said...

The NSM thought their National Geographic interview was going to be excellent; but, soon realized ten minutes into the show it was a show dedicated to not portraying National Socialism positively. Christina Boswell must weigh 300 pounds. What a sight that will be to White America as Ms. Porky fills up the television screen. Her husband is a former bank robber. That will make interesting conversation on television and gain recruits (yea, right). The NSM hasn't learned that relying on the media is relying on the System. If an Idea and organization is strong enough it doesn't need to be publicity hounds like the NSM.

Anonymous said...

On the Bowles Blog there is an article how the FBI founded the NSM.

Hooch said...

The dumbing of America. It blows my mind that they even ask the question of whether or not Freedom Of Speech is legal.

It is on it's way to not being legal. It appears that the liberals are pushing hard for freedom of speech to be "conditional". This is their reasoning behind pushing the idea that the Constitution is a "living breathing document" that should change with the times to reflect present views.

Any of you liberals reading this, Piss off.

apollonian said...

Incredible Info On Various Gov.s’ Investment Funds, Revenues Therefrom
(Apollonian, 20 Jan 09)

Here’s a project: ck out this video:

The star’s name is Walt Burien who is quite an expert–yet he comes on quite honestly and unassumingly (though slightly tending to sardonic), and most of all, quite matter-of-factly.

He explains that various gov.s, state and local, have the people’s money invested, these funds then rendering profits and revenues–but which gov.s are not telling the people about. These revenues will pay for all the spending AND all the present outstanding debts.

CONCLUSION: Pt. is there’s only one way this info is really going to get out effectively, and that’s by people talking personally to other people–as on Christian-type basis. It may seem all abstract as I explain it here–that’s why u gotta see and hear Walt Burien explain it, let it sink in, and u’ll see what I mean. Take care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

White Power Losers said...

Wow, a dozen losers showed up. Get over it. 200000 showed up for Obama.

Anchorage Activist said...

To White Power Losers: One of those "losers" at Springfield is worth more than 10,000 of your "heroes" who showed up at Obongo's inauguration, where he couldn't even recite the freaking oath without stumbling over it.

I think Obongo couldn't make up his mind whether to recite the oath in English or Ebonics. LOL!

Anonymous said...

white power loser is mike burks. his sports blog is linked in that fake ara blog. white power losers, white power frauds. who is he fooling?

Bigdaddylovesyou said...

I noticed on the Bowles Blog that Karl Hand's organization made some news in SC. The NSM isn't the only organization active.

Anonymous said...

Keystone United is a far more active and productive organization than the NSM.

Anonymous said...

Keystone United are wimps. My NSM Unit in Pennsylvania makes whores out of Keystone United members. In fact, Kesstone United members are fags.

usaspyder said...

Good for you! There's more than one way to clean up America. I wish you well, and please don't get discouraged. Spyder

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment upon "road-side trash-picking" - NO the American Nazi Party DOES NOT, nor will it ever - involve itself in becoming GARBAGE MEN for ZOG, gratis. We are disgusted when we become aware of people who claim to be "Nazi's" - VOLUNTEERING to go around PICKING UP TRASH, for if they were CRIMINALS on a CHAIN-GANG. While perhaps many of these costumers "learned" this "talent" while being incarcerated, we don't know - but, even IF "re-painting ghetto housing" earned them some kind of brownie-points with the social-marxist crowd - we STILL would be firm in our belief that "sucking-up to ZOG", by being THEIR "garbagemen" no proper activity for a REVOLUTIONARY NATIONAL SOCIALIST to become involved in. What some of these costumed, right-wing reactionaries will "do" to attempt to "gain acceptance", or "fit in", in this decaying toilet bowl of a society, is beyond me. WHO IN THE HELL "WANTS" A "FANNY PAT" FROM UNCLE SAMUEL? Pathetic..............